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[Contest] Submissions for Eat My Fanart!

By #[Izmar] - ADMIN - February 17, 2011, 18:28:12

This topic is reserved for submission of Eat My Fanart! contest entries for the International, UK, and Dutch communities. All other posts will be deleted without warning. Please post all comments about the contest or the entries in this thread: Click here

To participate this contest, follow these simple steps:

  1. Bake and decorate a delicious confection in the shape of an item, monster, character, etc from DOFUS (see example below)
  2. Take photo of your masterpiece
  3. Take second photo of your masterpiece being enjoyed by you (and anyone else you want to share with)
  4. Post both photos in this thread.
  5. Optional step: Send samples of your creation to Ankama HQ for... certification. Yeah, that's it... "certification"... wink

That's all there is to it. We want to see your magical kitchen creations, and we want to see them in action! Where should you eat a Vulbis Dofus cookie? When you're running away from a bully and need extra MP? Would you give your little sister a gobball-shaped cake for her birthday party? Take a photo and show us!

And why are we asking you to do silly things with cookie dough and icing? What better reason than fabulous prizes?

    [*]5 First Place Winners will win a free weekend pass to Ankama Convention #6 - those who cannot attend can have their two goodie bags (one Rogue and one Masqueraider) shipped to their home address. (please indicate your preference with your entry)
  • 15 Second Place Winners will win a free Solid Plissken pet

Have a question about how this is all going to work? Check the contest rules for more information. Want to comment on one of the contest entries? Please use the news thread. Want to discuss how much you love pie or debate the possible existence/non-existence of cake? The Off-Topic section is this way.This contest ends February 24th, 2011 at 10 am. Good luck and happy baking!

[size=1]Yes my minons, do my bidding! Bring me birdseed![/size]
[size=1]Photo credit : Yrona
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A few quick clarifications:

Pre-made foods re-labeled as Dofus items are right out - can't buy a wheel of cheese and say "This is a Clakoss." However, baking a cake and icing it to look like a Clackoss is perfectly ok.

The intended medium of this contest is baked goods and desserts - cookies, cakes, cupcakes, etc. Not beverages or entrees. This means that, e.g., one cannot pour some dessert wine into a special bottle and call it a Recall Potion (at least, not for this contest). Recall potions cupcakes would be perfect. =)

While baked goods are the focus, other desserts are ok - for example, carved dessert fruits, jello shapes, or even ice-cream sculpture would be acceptable.

When photographing a project being enjoyed or consumed, it's not required to disclose one's identity. However, we want to see your creation "in action," so take whatever steps are necessary (may we suggest Masqueraider cosplay?)

Score : 984

This thread told me to move the submission to another thread, and that other thread told me move the sub mission here.
so this is a thumb nail my full submission is on the other thread,

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Score : 377

OK heres My entry:
based on:

Click here%28pet%29
This is Waimundo the Tiwabbit!

We had some trouble deciding to you know... cut him up....

But in the end it worked out biggrin

Sometimes i wonder if my roommate needs a stick with a piece of cake tied onto it XD
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Score : 273
Izmar|2011-02-17 18:28:12
This topic is reserved for submission of Eat My Fanart! contest entries for the International, UK, and Dutch communities. All other posts will be deleted without warning.

  So, ignoring all other confusion, here is my submission as per Izmar's opening comments.

The miner in the picture is Feldz Paffe, and will happily transport you all over random mines on the Dofus mainland for the modest sum of 50 kamas.  He has also been known to drop you off under the bowels of Brakmar, allowing you to sneak into the Brak rat dungeon, or to complete any of the quests needed there.
Work in Progress:


Final Result:


The jelly tots on the wall are supposed to be dolomite, copper, bronze, gold and silicate that can all be found in Dofus' mines.  Everything is edible, except for the googly eyes, and I'll give the lit candle a miss too.  My son was more than happy to test out the ingredients as I was making it, as well as the final result. 
A Sorry End (Tasty though)

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Score : 498

I'm not a great chef, but its amazing what you can hold together with cocktails sticks and using jam as glue.  OK, so here's my entry, made with sponge, jam, strawberry jelly, ready to roll icing and no common sense at all.


Jellieth Dimension
The writing icing kept sliding off the jelly, it was a case of get it on, and take the photo before it all slid off.  And in the final shot, the royal jelly had definitely started to sag a bit.
And finally me eating it...

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Score : 802

my Entry.
Im no Cake Boss, but Piwi Hat-Cake Ftw?

So, I got offline early today and started my cake and made a mess of the kitchen all in the name of dofus.
      This is a Maderia cake with buttercream Iceing...Yum


Thats the finished product
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Score : 201

My submission is a Gobball rice cake thing.

and here's me devouring its soft backside:
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Score : 5082

Here's the cake mixture before mixing (just proving I made it from scratch):

Here are the cakes prior to cooking:

Here are the cakes post cooking (I made a lot more than I needed...):

Here's the cake post decoration from the front(ish):

I decorated it with dried apricot for the wings, beak and crest, chocolate chips for the eyes and lots of very yellow (home-made) icing for the colour. The reason it doesn't look the same shape as the cakes shown above is because I used two, stuck together with jam (which I didn't make).
Here's the cake post decoration from the side:

Here's me attempting to eat it without dropping it on the floor:

Here's me feeling sick after eating all that icing, and posting this entry:

Oh, just noticed something in the first post: If I happen to win a goody bag, there's no way I could get to the convention, so it'd have to be sent to my home address.
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Score : 70

This is my Gobbal
Eating my Gobbal
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Score : 386

Weeeelll... This is SUPPOSED to be Crocabulia, made out of cake, ice-cream and strawberries. Yum.
It looks like adventurers got to him, beat the living tar out of him, skinned him then stuffed him... with strawberries.
Made this from scratch all by myself! Pretty darn proud of it too, my FIRST 3-D (if you can all it that) cake. Anyways, it was delicious.
Wish you could have been there to taste it.

Don't mind the face, I really did love it xD
I was skeptical at first, but it turned out WONDERFULICIOUSLY!
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Score : 2302

The title of my entry is "SCAMMER TRADE!"

Click here

^ that link is a VIDEO on youtube, I can't find where to change the name of the link.
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Score : 384

Maged to Perfection

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Score : 549

And for my submission I proudly present the Woyal Wa Wabbits Cawwot Cwake:

Some Dofus cookies I made too (what exactly happens when you bring the 6 of them together?):

Bring on the nomz:

The cake was a huge hit with all the guys I live with too. Very delicious.
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Score : 2954

A wee little arachnotron.

Before Nutella

Click here

After Nutella

Click here

After best mate cracked a joke, mid chew...

Click here

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Score : 15

my plissken skin entry xD its not green due to lack of resources...

was yummy i made it and devoured it myself Yo Peace!
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Score : 39

My entry featuring, a gobball, gobblys, mush mush, and a lot of tofus!

I made the gobball's out of rice cereal mixed with chocolate, with mini cupcakes as the legs. I used icing to make the eyes and horns.
I made the tofus using cupcakes then covering them with lemon butter cream icing. I used marshmallows coved in butter cream to make the wings.
The mush mush's i made with cupcakes and icing.

And finally me eating was very nice despite all the icing. I might need more tofus to help me get to the convention as i won't be able to make it.
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Score : 5

That supposed to be paddock but it isn't look like it should o_o'

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Score : 131
And this boys and girls, is odd looking dough, ready to make a royal gobbal ;D
Bless it, went abit weird but its cute xD ^^
A veiry tasty looking cake, and its mixture, and inside filling tongue

Zeeee finished product biggrin

And this is a royal gobbal with a mustash.... i left my bf alone with the stuff for one second xD Oh yes and a black gobbly looking weird.
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Score : 7507

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