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Determining Dodgelock

By #[Izmar] - ADMIN - March 17, 2011, 17:54:21
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I claim this "the biggest failure of ankama in all times"

since 6/6/2006 ive been playing, and this update has done quite a mess in tactics, Royal Pinguin was easy, not to mention Tengu Snowfoux u_u

why ankama? why you keep screwing the game for PvM gamers, if you want to improve PvP go to Dofus Arena, keep Dofus 2.0 for real players

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I'd say the best part of this update is being able to predict our chances of a successful dodge. It used to get really annoying not knowing if I could dodge or not.
Although the fact that there will always be a penalty for dodging is rather annoying.
Nonetheless, some people seem to be over-reacting. It in no way screws up the game completely. I find this update very useful. It also adds strategy to the game (such as the decision to risk moving closer to an enemy or not)

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