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By ZenSaken - SUBSCRIBER - July 17, 2011, 13:31:22

everyday i play dofus i face some frustrating problem,however It seems other people are content , I'm lost to say the least
i recently started searching for a new place to level and seen a decent mob with 2 kilibriss , i only had 1 turn the entire battle which ended in death, there is no defense against turn stealing, i think something should be done about the cooldown of that skill
i have max jewelmagus and have tried a few other professions which i eventually gave up, i am unable to correct stats on rings and amulets , am i wrong in thinking that jewelmagus is to improve stats, im not talking about overmaging but simply correcting below average stats after creation, stats are reduced with a success even, for instance -3 prospecting for 1 wisdom, what is the point? is maging a broken profession?
mining seemed promising but the mining spots are very crowded and the spawn time is mind numbing

alchemy is simply useless outside of making elemental and raid potions, it seems baking bread is the true source of healing in the game, atleast they could add rare items for each variety of alchemy resource, i looked through market and i seen a good bit of potions that cant be created, alchemists really could use a few nice recipes!
shoemaker seemed appealing with items like powerful dazzling belt, but majority of the recipes take boar leather which was near impossible to gather due to the billion bot archers streaming through the boar areas, why not add a few more items to take the place of boar leather

i have around 520 wisdom and 470 agility and it seems very difficult to steal ap, but the ecaflip dopple had me at 0 ap for over 3 turns , the healer dopple can hit hard and have multiple healing summons ,healing spells and can gain ap, maybe all players should be healers, a sadida can gain 10 mp and spawn a legion of summons which steal mp , but does a sadida need tons of wisdom to do so? I use my hammer most of the time because my skills are weak, i cant reset my stats but considering the soft caps on stats why even bother, I would happily trade ap stealing skills for more damage, a healing spell or a summon that actually does somethingI am tired of getting knocked down in every attempt i make, fighting hours for worthless items while guild percs collect, please overlook my spelling and grammar, believe me im aware of it..freely imagine the correct punctuation

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Some mobs just shouldn't be taken on solo (example is snailmets, unless your a panda) for everyone else it could be a quick death.

No, that's how magus is right now, it's not broken. If you are 100 jewelmagus and still can't mage up a ring/ammy, your doing something wrong.

Mining is OK, try lumberjacking, that will bore you to tears..

Alchemy is mainly used for energy, recall and bonta/brak potions. Agreed it could use something to give it a boost.

Shoemaker and Tailor are two very resource-intensive profs, don't bother unless you have either the patience to gather the mats, or the kamas to burn for buying matts.

I'm pretty sure the eca spell that takes AP does not factor in Wisdom, if the spell crits, the AP is guaranteed to be taken.
I'm guessing your a Xelor? Focus on using Dial and Loss of Motivation to bring down the dopples AP-resist, then your spells should be much more effective.
The legion of summons the Sadi spawns I assume is the Ultra-powerful. It works in the same way you should be working, targeting your MP-resist where you should be targeting the Sadi's AP-resist. The sadi does not need a ton of wisdom for the doll to be effective.
If damage is what your after then choose a damage class. Xelor was never intended to be a walking damage machine. Also if the summon your referring to is Dial, it does it job perfectly, supporting the Xelor with his AP-draining.

Maybe the Xelor class just is not for you, judging from your expectations of it.

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I disagree with the alchemist rant. IMO, alchemist is much more convenient than Farmer/Baker combo.

1) L100 alchemist is basically L100 Farmer/Baker combined into one profession, saving you an extra slot for another profession.

2) You gather the ingredients and are able to make potions right away, where as with farmer/baker, you have to crush the cereals into flour.

3) Alchemy has the best NRG restore potions. Period.

4) 7-slot+ potions heal more than 7-slot+ breads (Gutrot (+551-650HP) vs. Frosteez Bread (+301-350HP & +31-40NRG)) As a bonus, ALL potions are 1 pod where as most breads are not.

5) Pet improvement potions as well has form, color, and speech change potions (wefweshing, larval healing, mmHmmHmm, respectively)

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