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Inside Ankama On Air – Episode 1

By #Zidrune September 28, 2011, 18:41:19

Inside Ankama is back, and this time, we’re going On Air with a new Podcast series! This weekly podcast will bring you a quick and quirky quorum of quips and queries about the latest Ankama news!

Click here to listen to the episode

This week on the podcast we have Izmar hosting with Macha and Guillermo riding shotgun as we look at what’s new and current for DOFUS and WAKFU.

In addition to meeting our hosts, we’ll also talk about the DOFUS 2.4.0 update and how it relates to your pets; Guillermo will have the latest MCM news and some special announcements; and Macha wants to invite you to a unique WAKFU event!

Do you have questions you'd like to hear asked on the podcast, or maybe a shout-out to your friends in game? Send us a message via email (insideankama.en AT ankama DOT com), or better yet! Leave us a voice message on Skype! More details are available at the end of the podcast. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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Kudos! I love this, and look forward to these podcasts.

Thanks Izmar, Macha, and Guillermo!

Would it be possible for the community to submit questions to be discussed on the podcast? It would be cool to have a short segment of the podcast dedicated to answering a player question, sort of ESPN style.

Edit: Nvm. Izmar added the last bit after my post. That answers my question. Thanks again Izmar.

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I'd like to hear some news about how the dubbing is going on Wakfu: the series. It's up to it's 2nd season and still no english dub.

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This is cool ..... i wud like to hear next time something about new episode of Frigost if possibel.Thx!!

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This is definitely a good thing. The podcasts are informative and honestly, just fun. Thanks everyone.

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Brilliant podcast! Can't wait for more!

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Women... on the internet? BLASPHEMY!
Just kidding! biggrin
Very good broadcast! Can't wait to hear more!

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This is very nice, gratz to you all smile

My favourite pet is
Pink Dragoone Ghost u.u

oh well biggrin


mehr Bier :O????

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I don't remember much of the content of this podcast, I was just hypnotized by the voices. I want Izmar to read me bedtime stories every night and I can't describe Guillermo's accent without using the word "hot". laugh

Anyway, very nice start. Looking forward to more podcasts!

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this is great ^^ this needs to stay :3

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Izmar's voice is magical nuff said

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Fantastic stuff! Definitely made my night as work more bearable, had me grinning anyway listening to the three of you! Looking forward to the Expo and future pod casts!

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MP3 Download in case anyone wants it on their ipod etc. Let me know if this isn't okay.
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Macha sounds like he's from India :]

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I'm a "she" and I'm definitely not from India biggrin 

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Would love to have the podcast available as a download so I can listen to it when I'm away from my computer, or the ability to pause the playback and return to it later.

The new pet feed option in 2.4 is great for feeding up one or two pets, especially 'skinny' pets I've taken out of my bank or off my mount, but it still isn't a patch on DofusPocket. I have a large menagerie, as I hate killing pets, so usually feed up the ones I collect from dungeons. With DofusPocket I can feed 100 bwaks in seconds, and I can feed them whilst being away from my computer, plus see a timer so I can monitor exactly when the next feed is due. The lastest in-game feed option still doesn't let me feed multiple pets at once and it also doesn't 'cycle' the fed pets around in my inventory like the normal 'equip pet, change to feed tab, drag food to pet, equip next hungry pet, fed pet moves to bottom of inventory screen'.

*Nudges Izmar to nudge the devs again re. making DofusPocket Shika compatible.*

Favourite pets... Black Dragoone (for the hovering animation), Gupin (for cuteness).

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Bit late to start sorting a dofus costume D:!


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Guillermo sound like Apu from the simpsons ^^

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I think you mixed up masha with guillermo (william) xD

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