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When is a Kitsou not a Kitsou?

By zekie - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - April 18, 2006, 16:17:55

When it doesn't drop what all the other Kitsou's drop.... Nufeu I'm talking about.

Kitsou Nae drop Air artifacts, Nakwa drop Water, Nere drop earth.... so why do Nufeu not drop Fire artifacts? It makes no sense at all that they don't and is totally unfair for people wanting Fire artifacts but cannot get groups to fight against Firefouxes. It's not as if Nufeu are *that* easy to kill either, or to find sometimes.

I have spoken to quite a few people about this who wanted Fire artifacts, none of whom have ever had a fire artifact drop from one of these and they don't understand why they don't drop them either. My own thoughts is that it has to be either a bug, or they simply forgot to make them drop artifacts. I submitted a ticket about it but have yet to receive a response about it.

Has anyone ever dropped a fire artifact from these (maybe it got changed in an update, I don't know)? Does it have a pp lock (which I doubt as I have hunted in groups for nufeu)? And if it does, why make it so much harder to get fire ones than to get any/all of the other artifacts (of which I have dropped many while hunting solo)?

It really is so frustrating to be an Int based character sometimes...

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INT-Charas have almost no weapons to use (unless you take the risk of reforging one at 5% success), waaay harder time to find good equips, deal less damage, get no extra-pods for stats... so what makes you think the devs would let us get drops we need as easy as STR-charas??

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