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Inside Ankama On Air - Episode 3

By [Izmar] - ADMIN - October 12, 2011, 15:30:53


Inside Ankama On AirWelcome to episode 3 of Inside Ankama On Air! This week it's time to talk about the Kolossium, the Wakfu International Community, and a sweet new contest starting later this month! Settle in and let us be your podcasting hosts to the World of Twelve.

Le repaire de Daïgoro

Download the podcast

Hosts: Izmar, William, and Macha

Topics: Kolossium news, appointing an English Wakfu Ambassedor, an exciting new Ankama Photo contest, your questions and comments, and a lot of us giggling...

Thanks to Oamoka for sending us a link to the Pony Creator... here's our results!

Izmar PonyMacha Pony

Do you have questions you'd like to hear answered on the podcast? Maybe you'd like to send shout-out to your friends in game? Drop us an email (insideankama.en AT ankama DOT com), or better yet - leave us a voice message on Skype! More details are available at the end of the podcast. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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Score : 1383
How could I resist a chance to make a pony?

Score : 38
@Izmar Are you single ? (inside the game of course)
Score : 91
I would love to know if there will be any in-game events here on Zato soon?

PS. I really like listening to Inside Ankama on Air biggrin~

Score : 4859
Quite a long episode this time! tongue

Also I may have had a play around in the pony maker
MODAdikia|2011-10-12 16:27:06
How could I resist a chance to make a pony?

I'm going to regret this, but....

Score : 146
Can I has free pet? :3
Score : 783
Another great podcas!
About tofu thing tofu camed out frist becouse God Osamoda summoned it before there even was a tofu.=)
Score : 51
Normally, I'm not a creationist, but I will make an exception for a computer program. It would make no sense for the tofu egg to be coded into the game before the tofu. Any way I can figure it, whether they code purely alphabetically, by group [Creature comes before Item], or by category [tofu dungeon, tofus in the dungeon, drops from tofus].
Sidenote- I really liked this episode, you focused more on the game than on ponies [though i was compelled to go onto the site] and managed to not turn this into some dull and dreary news program. Great job, keep it up!

Is there an edit function in comments? If so where is it? I didn't finish my sentence and it is really bothering me. =(
Score : 11682
I can see it now... the next Dofus (after Ice Dofus)... "Tofu Dofus"!! Decreases damage by 95%, but gives +10MP!! biggrin

Score : 284
Another great podcas, ankama was missing this, good information not only about dofus, great work.biggrin

How cool would be a nofilis\ghosts dungeon? *.*
Will we will ever see wakfu tcg in english?
When will sadida have a good high lvl Str staff? (a) they could make one in frigost III.
And scince u are all old school, do u remeber when the tuturial of dofus was killing a arachnee? and u started in tainela. did u back then imagine dofus would grow this big?
I ma really enjoying playing with enu and sac in wakfu great work.

p.s.:Izmar in which server do u play:O?


AND is there any news about Dofus, The Movie and tv serie? or wakfu movie?
Score : 122

lol couldn't get the background to work ^^ i don't know what i did so this is what i get tongue
Score : 11682
How do I get a picture/image to load on here? I've tried a couple times, and seem to be doing something wrong?

Score : 113
Score : 950
Another awesome podcast. Would be great if you guys can make it even longer, most entertaining thing ever to happen to Dofus.

My favorite class will have to be the panda btw, it seems to be the most versatile in the elements and is great support. :]

Keep up the great work Izmar, William, and Macha. The diversity of your accents will keep me coming back tongue
Score : 787
First, Thanks for putting this on, it's good to have some consistent chatter about Dofus. Now I have some ideas on how to pronounce things! (Btw: Zed-red-nic if you're feeling particularly British or Zee-RedNeck if you're feeling particularly hillbilly. Just Zred-nic if you're not feeling particularly either of those)


Are there economists consulted during any Dofus development processes?

Did anything ever come of the "drop tokens" that were proposed >2 years ago as a way to deal with the statistical randomness of dofus drops? Lichen posted a long segment about how he would like you to be able to trade in (for example) N crocabulia skins for 1 crocabulia horn, or at least get a quest item good for 1/N crocabulia horns every fight.

Does anyone re-evaluate older game additions to ensure that they still make sense in the context of game updates? (Example: Do Pandala village resources(bamboo wood, rice) still need to be behind pvp-walls? Does Daggero's Lair make the kanniball dungeon completely obsolete?)
Score : 11682
I'm really at a lose on how to import my pony picture onto the forum. sad

Any help would be great. smile


[size=40]I BLAME YOU FOR THIS[/size]

(I just threw this onto Imageshack. You don't even need an account)
Score : 11682
Click here

I'm not sure if this will work or not...?

But if it does... his name is "Bad Little Pony" biggrin 
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