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Where to lvl quick! need 15 levels

By ZeeZoomer May 04, 2012, 03:47:27

im 100 right now, 15 more... exp's going pretty slow. heilp!

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Kolo! smile But if you want PvM: Moon island, Bonta Chafers, Rogue temple area... Dopple temples... Wabbit island.... Frigost with a group; Kpoalas with a group... hm.


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Telling us your build,class, element will help

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Since you're leeching on Frigost you may as well stay there.

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If you have a wisdom set and currently being leeched on Frigost, I'd say carry on.

However personally I recommend leveling your character without leeching from time to time, otherwise you lose out on the experience of using your character through the levels. This is generally the reason (I think) that you get players reaching level 120+ nowadays and not knowing how to play their class or complete challenges. (Similar to the issue in World of Warcraft, where new players could choose to play Death Knight and start the game at level 50).

This is really infuriating when recruiting for a dungeon, and getting a player who doesn't know the tactic, or fails easy challenges.

- John

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