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what does "bump" mean?

By #Nilithak#6051 May 28, 2006, 21:38:16

what does bump mean? people keep saying "bump", in posts..

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Bumping a topic simply means raising it to the top of the list. (A lesser-known definition of "bump" is "to boost or raise"). People post just "bump" when they have nothing to actually say. (Any message will actually bump the topic; there's nothing special about the word).

Generally, bumping a topic without adding anything constructive to it is considered bad form.

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basicaly its a way of keeping the thread alive or just somthing u post when u have nothing to say

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No, it's an English word, not an acronym. It doesn't "stand" for anything, any more than any other word in the English language does. I already explained what it means.

I always found it silly, since it doesn't actually bring up the post, it brings up the whole topic. The abbreviation should be BUMT (Bring Up My Topic), or, more accurately, "BUTT-WPIEM" (Bring Up This Topic, Which Probably Isn't Even Mine) wink

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The "bring up my post" thing came after "bump" was already widely used.

Aaanyway, as facinating as this little slice of internet history is, let's not have a discussion about it on this forum, please.

I hope that answered your questions. Thread closed. smile


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