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By holylance - SUBSCRIBER - August 11, 2012, 07:58:53

So we all now that the number of drops in a dungeon is restricted in a dungeon depending on how many people your group consist of. I have recently realized that when running dungeons that consist of 5 characters including an enutrof, my fifth character which has the lowest prospecting usually does not drop anything. Im assuming this is because the max number of drop rolls i can get is 5 and by the time the character with the lowest prospecting gets a chance at the drop rolls they have been used by my other four characters and the living chest. Can anyone confirm this, cause if so I think I will replace my enutrof, as drops was the main reason i got him and i feel that another character that has better chance dmg would be better suited for my team. Im thinking of chance rogue (or agil/chance hybrid since it seems like a viable build) or chance panda (please give your opinions, current team; int cra, int eni, sac, str sram), thank you any for replies.

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Most, if not all, boss drops were set to infinite. So if you have 5+chest then you can drop 6, but of course your prospecting still has effects on this. If you're dropping less than you should is because your prospection is low, not because you have an extra character.

But if you do wanna drop enu, I suggest you go with panda instead of rogue.

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