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Iop Balancing in 2.8

By [lichen] - ANKAMA - August 29, 2012, 16:55:08
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Iops are considered one of the most balanced but they are also one of the most bland. As they are now there are very few options actually available to them. Poking with spells, jumping in to smash, throwing around some +dmg and charging your Wrath. I like that they are being given a proper role to leverage rather than just raw damage. I don't think anyone would say Iops are the most in need of a change but it needed done sooner or later.

I want to see Enutrof changes too but I guess the Overhaul Roulette (the Wheel of Nerf's less despised sibling) didn't land on them this time. tongue
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I gotta say,this is nice! Finally some more tactical spells and versatility.I already see myself isolating annoying Enis and Osas and then destroying in kolo.Iops will now be more dangerous,althou I don't like the new spell Precipitation.I mean Mutilation was one of the best power-up spells and they remove it?No more Mutilation+x2 Giger's Otk .-.
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I agree about the precipitation change multiplication is a great small buff spell i don't think it's worth trading it for anything keep multiplication and i'm on board.
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Glass cannon (from a dictionary) - Generally the term refers to any character that delivers very high attack damage but is weak in defence and dies very easy.
As I pointed many times before, Iops are not dealing any better damage than other classes can do.
Peccary blade, good daggers/staff, high CH sram's lethal attack, sacriers punishment - these are making attacking part of your proud "glass cannon" sound hillarious. Wrath is easy to turn off and cost a lot. Also Iop's spells are more close combat (not to say melee) - that's not what "glass cannons" do. They hit and run. Everybody else can run better (Enu, Cra, Sadi, Sram, Pandawa, Masqueraider, Eca, Eni - they all can add MP to themselves! Did I forget anyone?). You also made Iops to buff more than fight, so they are becoming more and more useless with every update.
They are going to still deal their not so good damage, but now they have to buff every 2nd turn.
Shorter vitality duration is what everyone except Iops aglad to see.

To let them use their target designator role you have to give them Vitality for more than 5 turns (which are going to be less).
They will have to run and buff more than attack to live, but they will have to get close to the enemy to attack...
Congratulation of making the very first unique schizophrenic class!
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[...] The new Iop's anthem - "Schizophrenic Conversations" by Staind
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I think the Iop needed some change so it can bemore diverse. I welcome change that willgive Iop strategic chance on playing pvp.
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Iop Is Dead!!!!
Why does they changed him ?!! PFFFF!!!!
Now is good!
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I think Ankama misunderstand what balance means... 10 PM undodgable and gravity state.. bravo ankama ...

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Frunupulax|2012-08-29 21:10:30
Scientiavore|2012-08-29 20:57:26

  • It seems to me that precipitation can be cast after some CC or Iop's wrath, pretty much negating the negative "no CC/Iop's Wrath" malus for the turn. I'm not sure if this was intentional or not.
I think that is by design. The main reason behind the restrictions is so the spell does not enable more easy Jump+Wrath combinations or a full turn of smacking your opponent in the face 3-5 times.
The intended use would be for situations where you leave something with really low HP where you could finish them off with juuust one more spell. And if that happens to be just after you used CC or Wrath, then sure, why not? I mean, what can you realistically squeeze in with Precipitation, maybe an extra SoI or Concentration? It's only good for the "Finisher" role the devs wanted.
Yea, that's what I figured. I don't have a problem with it either, I just needed some clarification. Thanks for your input ^^
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Revil-Nunor|2012-08-29 20:59:58
wonderous-yenthe|2012-08-29 20:51:00
Justforsell|2012-08-29 19:17:02
Well I won't complain about new changes because you won't change it back anyway, but it should be priority to make all the classes somehow balanced. You make foggernaut and then just leave it as it is? Foggernaut is almost completely useless in pvm battles unless there are 2 of them in team. They are slow,no decent buffs, no strong dmg spells, turrets either die too soon or cant reach enemies/allies .. the list go on sleep i just don't see why try to make iops more fun when there r million things to take care of first.

Just so you know by taking dmg spells of Iops you took another potential 972 damage Iops could deal per turn :/ while being on 12 ap base. I know there will be variety of attacks now but weren't iops made to deal massive dmg ? How exactly will you make the dmg go up now when you even make the spell precipitation unable to combine with weaps/wrath. This will only lead to annoyed players and unbalanced classes. Way to go...

So just be a bit reasonable and make classes balanced first before trying to balance it in places that don't need it.
Do you even know how much it sucks to have 2 Foggernauts in a team?

Have you been in a group with two good foggernauts?
I have been and IMO it sucks to have to, because of the Turrets, also, I'd like to state that I had 2 Foggernauts from the same element in my team so.

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HuguitoDofus|2012-08-29 22:49:34
I think Ankama misunderstand what balance means... 10 PM undodgable and gravity state.. bravo ankama ...

It is a locking spell used to focus fire on 1 target. The Iop also suffers Gravity and -10 MP....

Besides all one needs is release or an ally that can push.

"Duel" is my fave...almost tied is Pouch...of the new spells.
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Finally, my level 19x iop will be fun to play. smile I even went pure wis/int instead of pure strength because I became bored of str iop after 170 levels of it. Will the damage still be much more variable than it is for agi and intel spells? For example, Sword of Iop has such variable damage that it's only useful for AoE attacks.

What options does iop have that allow for non-linear attacks? Right now, there are none besides Strength Storm which I think should be given adjustable range ;D

Also, to SaskeNator: one class at a time ;D

So Iop vs. Iop basically means that no wraths are going to happen. And already, it's hard enough (it is impossible, actually) to wrath anyone unless they can't count to 4.
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im a lvl 134 iop and this update will take my mace hammer hits from 892 a swing down to 762 sounds supercool looooool
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HuguitoDofus|2012-08-29 22:49:34
I think Ankama misunderstand what balance means... 10 PM undodgable and gravity state.. bravo ankama ...

Yeah that spell is alot over the top... I really dislike the idea of undodgeable MP removal.
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Each update gets worse, you've wrathed a good game...
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Power: the spell bonus has been increased, with a shorter duration. The objective is to provide a bonus to damages in a wayto make its casting significant, all the while offering a shorter duration to the spell.

WTF?! 150 damage% to all elements its not significant? Are you kidding me? I hope the new power will increase the spell and the weapon too.

I don't linke the new mutilation, In my opinion the old mutilation is the best power up for an earth iop. Is it necessary to change? :X

I'm an iop and I dont like very well this update. Well, I'm waiting for the beta
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we are all annoyed by losing the old mutilation, but i never used divine sword as a team buff before, and will be useing it from now on, with the update and the increse in the divine swords +damage you are probley looking at+60dam a turn for four turns so its pretty decent ,on top of the boost to the power spell but for a shorter duration
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Making the dumbest class to play strategic..<_< 
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Muniamx|2012-08-29 19:19:55
ilarigh|2012-08-29 19:14:55
Oh, wrath is ready the next turn. Jumps + duel. Oh... So now its 2 turns keeping the iop away from wrathing.

You do realize a simple pushback or sideway push would lock him out of your range? Duel + Wrath only works if you somehow got stuck with no way to pushback the Iop.
But what if the new spell "Friction" can still pull the target back to the Iop? In the example, the Iop managed to pull the target from 5 tiles away (assuming 4 cast of Friction)... I wonder how many AP cost to cast friction though, they might not have enough AP to cast Wrath in that case.
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If I have already reset from wisdom to strength (around lvl 100) and I don't get all of my invested points back I will be pissed. Your changing the class so much that people may not want to be the type of iop they are anymore. I invest points in Increase and friction doesn't really seem like it is that great of a spell, especially for the strength type attacks witch don't have that great of a range anyway. So if someone is like lvl 150 and they want to switch after hearing this and they can't because they only got invested points from the changed spells back I think you may be getting a lot of complaints.
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wow that's dumb completely changing the class and probably which element half of people are going to want to change to but no magic orb just another dumb idea of ankama of course