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Kolo teams statistics

By Linthesky#6762 - SUBSCRIBER - November 20, 2012, 20:17:10

i just put this here.

for last month total %74 of all my loses as random player is to sacrier+eni \ eni+feca teams.
for today - 4/7. all 3 loses are to eni+sac team. and once of 4 i eventually won

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I'll never understand why people say fecas and enis are OP ( well maybe fecas but anyways ) .
Masq + rogue + panda is definately the most OP team you'll ever see. Masq shields bombs and does damage, panda throws bombs and adds weaknesses, rogue places bombs and buffs them. Good luck beating that.

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Would be interesting to see the rest of your stats if you have them, is there a particular combo you win against a lot?

Are there certain classes that you win or lose an even amount of matches?

I guess you kolo on your sram so do you find that you lose most matches against eca's?

What classes do you have most often on your team when you win or lose?

I would keep my own stats but a) I don't do kolo much and b) I'm lazy laugh

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hmm, i'm always glad to share information. i can say that the third and forth could be xel+eni+sac and osa+sac+eni. they have extremely survivability long range and +4Ap buff. i have 0/infinity win rate aganst them =) (for last month). i just meet them pretty rare so-there was maybe just 2-3 fights(this month). they are rare probably because usually eni+sac its one man which join any random player, or someone random from guild.
i cant tell you about my wins much, because i play only random fights even if i get skilled partners - i leave them before next fight. its really hard to build a win statistics when you have always-random team.
and no special classes,maybe just iops sometimes suprise me with incredible dmg per turn after patch and rogues also )

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