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Meet the Krosmaster Sacrier

By [Izmar] - ADMIN - November 22, 2012, 11:00:00
A word of advice: if you see a Sacrier during a fight and they're not on your side, don't make them see red! Meet the berzerkers of Krosmaster Arena!

Fun fact - did you know that to relax after a hard day of fighting, most Sacriers like to relax in a nice hot bath... a blood bath, naturally!

We have now revealed to you all of the collectable figurines in the upcoming DOFUS and WAKFU inter-game expansion! The first match bell will be ringing soon, be ready!

But before then, don't forget to greet the fighters that change their opponents to blood type KO: the Sacriers!
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Score : 475
Anyway, can't wait to try the Krosmaster, it looks awesome! Rules are a bit overwhelming at first.
Score : 3819
when is krosmaster coming out?
Score : 404
looking forward for it!!
Score : 559
Die hard sac here, if I were to play on this game, it would have to be a sac biggrin

Score : 3
I do not undertand it well. I think that Krosmaster will apear when all figures will apear and we are waiting for 3 more. Am I right?
Score : 118
new character in krosmaster? it looks good smile
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