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Character Personalization

By [Izmar] - ADMIN - November 22, 2012, 17:30:00
Those of you who have suffered through our eternal Facebook and forum teasers already suspect that we have been working on a new option for personalizing a character’s face and hairstyle. The news is out, and this devblog will fill in the missing details!

With update 2.9, players will have several new options of character personalization at their disposal. More faces for more personal expression and more originality!

To be very precise, we have 4 new faces per class and per gender, each with two versions (a “kind” one and a “badass” one). This brings the total number of different faces for DOFUS characters to 240 (compared to 30 today).

Although it’s not possible to modify the eyes, the mouth, the haircut or the size of the eyebrows independently (for inevitable technical reasons), Rumo, the artist behind all these new faces, made sure that each one of them was unique. He thoroughly bones up his hairdressing books, make-up guides, and peered into his colleagues’ looks to bring you a wide range of styles!

Without further delay, we present to you, some new DOFUS character faces:


These new faces will be available in the character creation interface as soon as the 2.9 version is implemented.

But now, you’re wondering… “But, are you kidding? You’ve totally left aside existing characters. We have to use the same old boring faces we’ve had for years and years?”

Well no, of course we didn’t forget you. How could we? A new Face Personalization Ogrine service is about to be released. For 700 Ogrines (same price as the color change service), you’ll have the possibility to change the face of your character whenever you want!

And this is when you argue… “I can’t believe it! Again you guys are making us drool over the coolest features, but we can’t use it without feeding Ankama’s enteral lust for money by buying Ogrines?!”

Well no, you won’t be forced to use your Ogrines to enjoy new faces. We’re going to trigger an automatic free face change for all DOFUS accounts and characters after the 2.9 update is released. The first time you connect a character after the update, you’ll be escorted to the new personalization interface and you’ll have the choice to either keep your current face or use one of the new ones.

After making this first free face choice however, all future modifications will have to be made using the Ogrine service, so choose your free style very carefully!

Will we be able to test this during the Beta ?

Yes, of course, you will be able to discover all this very, very, very soon on the test server. With access to the beta, in addition to the gallery that we have given you above, you will be able to test your new mug with your colors, and make sure you’re happy with it before making your final choice on the live server.

However, the Character Personalization feature will not be available during the first week of the Beta test, you will need to wait for a patch the following week. A few of the classes won’t be ready the day that the Beta server opens, and our art team friends want to refine this all the way!

Do you have something to add ?

Beyond the additional choices of customization of your character, this head’s overhaul paves the way for another revolution! For many moons now collector of all kinds of hats have noticed that there are some display problems with hats on certain characters. Sometimes you’ll see a fringe of hair poking out, or a there’s a hood that’s misaligned to the character’s face… In other word, graphic issue that destroy your dashing look!

The root of this issue was that we had to place those hats on a unique skeleton common to all classes, which meant that some hats were unable to be perfectly aligned to every character.

With this overhaul, we’ve spoiled ourselves by instituting a case-by-case system, with the possibly to shift the hat position on a specific class without any side effects for the others. We can thus be rightfully joyful at the idea of every classes being as dashing as their counterpart with any hats, be they old or new! As an aside, if you notice that a hat is misplaced on your character head after the update, do not hesitate to report it on the forum, after 2.9 is released, this can easily be corrected.

Read this article on the devblog. 

First Ankama intervention
Ounce|2012-11-22 18:02:11
Nice I appreciate the info Izmar. I'm curious though do you any idea when we can expect the 2.9 update?

There's not an exact date yet, but it will be in December of 2012.
See message in context
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Score : 2
Finally after all these years!
Score : 2093
Haha Im interested in the looks for male srams since they've been stuck in a hoodie forever ;D
Something cool, maybe some different body builds will come later on, Ive always wondered about this since NPCs have various body types like sac at temple or alchemist enus

Score : 499
Nice I appreciate the info Izmar. I'm curious though do you have any idea when we can expect the 2.9 update?
Score : 3119
LOL @ osa's hairdo laugh 
Score : 10986
Nice update, still no hat/cape hide option? A little bummed about that one.
Score : 452
mariachiaragoretti|2012-11-22 18:05:35
LOL @ osa's hairdo laugh
Save me Pandiwan Kenobi, you are my only hope.

Glad to finally see a small preview of Female Iop and Xelor. Also, news about hats finally fitting makes me happy. >w
Score : 3119
Princess Leia indeed! laugh 
Ounce|2012-11-22 18:02:11
Nice I appreciate the info Izmar. I'm curious though do you any idea when we can expect the 2.9 update?

There's not an exact date yet, but it will be in December of 2012.
Score : 452
Izmar|2012-11-22 18:45:12
Ounce|2012-11-22 18:02:11
Nice I appreciate the info Izmar. I'm curious though do you any idea when we can expect the 2.9 update?

There's not an exact date yet, but it will be in December of 2012.

w00t! Glad to hear we can expect it sometime before the end of the world! (hopefully) happy 
Score : 3
Score : 422
when will 2.9 be released?
Score : 220
Can't wait to take a look at the rest of the new faces/hairstyles! Nice add, Ankama!! I'm already loving this update (at least what you've revealed so far)!!!
Score : 145
O YEA me want a princess leia haircut WOOF WOOF

gorloquo|2012-11-22 17:53:48
Finally after all these years!
lol dude you created your acc this month
Score : 3506
I like the look of this, however my only cripe is that it's kind of difficult to see your characters hair most of the time anyway.
Score : 404
When there is coming an event where you have to dress as a movie character again,
I'm pretty sure there's going to be al hell lot of Princess Leia's
Score : 9
This is really good as it makes the game more personal to each individual and stops things getting boringsmile

On another note does anyone know when kwissmas island opens this year cos i cant wait to play it again and get some points on my slayhound
Score : 13
Yey biggrin They finally did it biggrin
Score : 6
Very cool! May the force be with you...
Score : 213
This sounds like a splendid improvement! I especially like the idea of being able to choose between a kind or an angry face. I have always found it very disturbing that most male characters look angry and most female characters look bimboesque. Personally, I don't like angry faces, but a female character that looks like a fierce warrior might be better than what we have now.
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