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Soul Eater pets

By TheNightMayr - SUBSCRIBER - November 26, 2012, 14:09:04
So i'm leveing a soul eater pet as I grind alone. As of this moment im leveling a stone-washed borbat and it's at 7 reflect and it is almost done. What other soul eater pet would you reccomend to level with a solo lvl 103 cha sac? This is not supposed to be a practicle way to getting xp for my char just something to do to pass the time while I get small increments of xp. Also why not make a little money while im just durping around? I don't want a pet that their stats are based on what monsters I kill. EX: scaraleaf soul eater.

What do you forum goers think?
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At your level the only other easy soul eaters I can think that have single stats of are gotubby, treechster, and minifoux.
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If you can find them: Grauler, Tiwabbit Wosungree, Moowitty, Brindled Bow Wow, Solid Plissken, and Mekrab.
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