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Aermyne server

By AvArise12 November 27, 2012, 11:07:59
Hello. Recently started to play on the server Aermyne. Whether Russian players on the server / guild?
Or maybe there is a separate forum for this server?
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Aermyne is a server for the Italian, German, Dutch, and (mostly) Portuguese communities. There may be a couple of Russian players there, but I doubt there's enough for a guild.

In any event, you might try asking on one of the Aermyne forums. This one is in English. There's also forums in Dutch and German. (Note that the Community Manager for Aermyne is not Izmar, but Mark-E, the German CCM, though he speaks English well)
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Theres also English players.
Hello! As Aermyne is not an English-community server, I'm going to close this thread. Schmendrick's post above contains links to various language forums for the Aermyne server =)