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Are Ankama getting rid of alignments in Dofus?

By Mitisukai - SUBSCRIBER - November 28, 2012, 18:27:39
So theres a rumour flying around that Ankama are planning to get rid of alignments, meaning they're removing ranks and alignment levels, orders etc.
Is this true?
Can a MOD confirm this?

Source of rumour: Click here

Quote by Revil-Nunor: "If they supposedly plan to eventually get rid of ranks(and alignments maybe?) then why continue to improve them?"

Because it isn't a fact, suggestions won't hurt.

Quote by Revil-Nunor: "Anakama quoted: 'We are aware that there are many fans of 1 vs1 PvP in DOFUS, and we will continue to take this style of play into consideration for future class balancing, but we have shifted our priority to balancing and improving team play; this is the game plan that we want to pursue for the foreseeable future.'
Based on that, I don't see ornaments or titles being created for solo pvp ranks.
If they were going to give ornaments for anything, wouldn't it makes sense to have it be tied to the Kolossium?

And since alignments seem to be interlinked with 1v1, I don't see that happening either.

(Quote messed up I can't help it)
...Group PvP?
Prism fights?
They can easily edit the alignments to group based PvP, I fail to see how this means they're removing them.
So no, my suggestion on improving them was not pointless as it isn't a fact but a possibility.
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I don't understand how Revil reaches that conclusion. Ankama balancing team PvP over 1-on-1 PvP doesn't mean that you can't have aligned team-based PvP. In fact, that's what Prism battles are supposed to be.

A moderator wouldn't be able to confirm or deny it anyway, because moderators are volunteers with minor who help out with the forums, not employees who determine or are even involved in game updates.

... and I don't understand why you're having one conversation in two threads. Why not just keep this to the original thread, instead of linking this topic to that one and that topic to this one?
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As I told you in the Ankabox message, Ankama has never come out and said that they will get rid of them, but that isn't their style. It is merely my opinion based on what I how I have seen Ankama behave in the past and my own observations about the current state of alignments and single player PvP on Solar.

That being said, based on their devblog where they acknowledge that people still like 1 v 1, but stated that they have no plans to improve it going forward, and the fact that Ankama does nothing but cut it down by removing all the rewards and not allowing shields to be used in the group pvp sysem gives credence to the theory that it is being phased out gradually. Even Ankama's grand tournament, The Goultarminator, is a group PvP event which doesn't allow shields.

As for alignments, what bonuses do they currently give now that are still relevant besides prism teleportation? The markets are merged so there is no benefit to being part of the dominant alignment that "owns" the markets, on Solar that used to be Bonta but now that the markets are merged everyone just went Brakmarian because they control the prisms. It seems like many people are just neutral with one Brakmarian character to teleport their characters to the dungeons and the majority of the Bontarians that I run into on Solar now are just twinked PvP alts created by people who are bored. They could move them to support group PvP, that would be a valid move and one that I did not consider, but in my eyes they will always be indelibly linked to 1 v 1 PvP and all the drama that it has and still does cause.

If you have a differing opinion on 1 v 1 PvP, or want to post suggestions for Ornaments, don't let me stop you.

@Schmendrick: On Solar, Brakmar has owned every prism continuously for the last few years with the exception of a few days where Bontarians took a few prisms and then immediately lost them to a horde of Brakmarian players. I think that the notion of Prism warfare is as outdated as Head Hunter at this point because many of the people, on Solar at least, who liked to participate in them are gone or have moved on to other things.
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