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2.9 New Equipment

By [lichen] - ANKAMA - December 06, 2012, 22:02:28

As some of you may already know, the DOFUS update 2.9 will be an opportunity to welcome a series of new items dedicated to high-level players.

We’re talking about no less than 7 sets composed of 3 items, in addition to 3 new single items, which bring the total of new items that are level 190 and more to 24.These items are special, because their role is to encourage players to get familiar with the concept of balancing penalties with bonuses when they equip their characters. From now on, you’ll find strange red lines added to the usually all-green list of item effects.

The most wary of you might already know that, unlike the new sets that appeared with the 2.6 update, not all these sets give AP bonuses, and there are three single items that are one-of-a-kind.

Let’s explore why this is so together.

Why the stat penalties? It’s because you hate us, right?

Now that the 190-200 level range is starting to have quite an extensive list of equippable items (with the items added in the 2.6 update, the list exceeds 70, which is more than most of the other level ranges), it’s becoming less and less justified to create items dedicated to the smallest number of players.

With the update 2.6, we had already started this balancing process with mono-element sets: we wanted to encourage players to specialize; to make sacrifices on one side to maximize their efforts on the other, instead of systematically choosing what would have given them the most bonuses in as many characteristics as possible.

This should not be interpreted as an intent to hinder those who want to build multi-elemental characters, on the contrary. Out of these 24 items new items, only one is mono-element. We simply think that allowing players to be versatile in multiple elements without any downside isn’t interesting because it becomes the default choice for all characters. It’s more relevant to ask for a sacrifice in exchange for that versatility.

Our goal with the 2.6 items was to enforce this idea of sacrifice by bringing back something that had been lost. With the 2.6 items, we wanted to make it possible for players choosing to focus on mono-element builds to gain in strength what they lost in flexibility.

With 2.9 items, we’re going a little further: in order to specialize in a particular game mode (e.g., critical hits, damage, range, or resistance) while benefiting from higher bonuses than those available with any other set the players now has to agree to sacrifice one or several secondary characteristics.

We think that these items can only have a positive influence on the game, by considerably increasing the diversity of builds, highlighting strengths and weaknesses of each character, and multiplying the number of possible item combinations. It’s becoming possible for two characters from the same class to focus on the same element, but still play in radically different ways, which is something new to the game.

Why no AP? Isn’t it bad enough that we have to give up so much to equip these sets?

You might already know that 3 of the 7 new sets don’t offer AP bonus, unlike the 2.6 sets that all give some AP. Before asking why these new sets don’t have AP bonuses, let’s talk about why the AP bonuses were added to the 2.6 sets in the first place.

By looking carefully at how high-level players equip their characters, we can easily see that having high AP for characters over level 190 is essential for many players (obviously, but we’re laying the foundation, go with it).

12 AP, the maximum, is considered the ideal number and is very hard to reach without heavy sacrifices if you don’t own an ochre Dofus or exotic smithmagic. 11 is an honorable maximum for players who want to maximize their characteristics on a budget or who like a close battle. 10 is already pitifully low for some players, and 9 is right out (according to some), at least in PvP.

To reach this amount of AP, starting from a basic score of 7AP, there are only a few options possible:

  • An AP amulet

  • An Ochre Dofus

  • An “unusual” AP item (Gelano, Professor Xa’s Cloak, Powerful Dazzling Belt, Awmigawd Band)

  • An exotic smithmagic

  • And an AP bonus set

As most high-level amulets generally give AP, it is way easier to choose to equip an AP bonus set than to find an Ochre Dofus or an exotic smithmagic, and it generally requires fewer sacrifices than a usual AP item.

Therefore, in the run to increase AP, an AP set bonus has become almost mandatory, even before Frigost, when the Sucker set was the undisputed king among sets.

Before the 2.6, except for the Sucker Set, not one set gave AP bonuses for less than 4 items. Knowing that owning an AP set was compulsory for many, we had to deal with it when we decided to put forward build personalization again instead of thinking in terms of a whole set.

2.6 AP sets allowed this.

By giving AP bonuses for 3 items, we give even more freedom to players to equip their characters as they wish, without being compelled to use an entire set of 5 items.

However, at the moment, it’s not a question of making it easier to reach 12 AP, and the constraints on reaching this max that were present previously are fine with us. We thus have to be careful not to allow players to equip 2 AP sets without asking for some sacrifices in exchange.

It wasn’t a problem with sets of 4 items and more because there are enough combinations possible to create a conflict between the two equipped set; but the points of possible overlap are much fewer with sets of 3 items. Thus, the more we add AP bonuses to sets that only contain a few items, the harder it becomes to create them while staying balanced, and eventually, the concessions required to add these bonuses wind up seeming irrelevant in the end.

We think that there are now enough AP sets to allow players to get to their preferred level of AP without feeling limited in the way they equip or by the specialization they choose.

That’s why we believed it would be ok to create some sets with version 2.9 that didn’t offer an AP bonus. These sets have their bonuses elsewhere: they have some bonuses that can be equal to an AP bonus; it’s not a major concern when combined with other sets that give AP; and these sets could make it possible to have viable builds that are intentionally capped at less than 12 AP.

To support this last point, three new unusual AP items make their entrance with the 2.9 update.

So why add the AP items then? Just to tease us?

The 3 single items added with this update (the Cushtycloak, the Slothful Slippers, and the Shabby Shoes) that all give an AP bonus, usually reserved for amulets.  

However, with the objective of not facilitating too much the access to 12AP, these items have an AP condition <12, which means that they become unequippable if the players who use them try to reach 12 AP while wearing them. It makes them powerful items (less powerful than other equivalent items without AP though) while making sure it’s not possible to reach the maximum AP without a sacrifice.

Several items like these have recently been added: the Awmigawd Band (AP<11) and Professor Xa’s Cloak (MP<6) to name but a few famous examples. We wanted to renew the experience that was welcomed so happily by many players in version 2.6.

These items have the advantage of reaching a good AP score very easily with a single item, leaving the other slots available and thus allowing more character personalization.

They also are a very good way to slightly reduce the gap between wealthy players and casual players or players who don’t want to focus on maging their equipment: these very affordable items are a very good way to equip characters in an effective and cheap way compared to an Ochre Dofus or an exotic AP smithmage.

And above all, they combine very well with the AP-less sets of 2.9, making the loss of AP sets even more acceptable.

Why bi-element? You did this out of revenge because an omni character called your mom fat, right?

Always with the questions, this one! Ok, ok, it’s not a bad question, let’s explore the issue.

The bi-element mode is a very attractive game mode in DOFUS. It’s a perfect tradeoff between the mono-element build (which we made more interesting and easier to access in 2.6) and the multi-element build with 3 elements or more which usually means choosing not to focus on a character’s strength and requires a large amount of spell points. 

This is a mode naturally sought by epic-level players and we thought that increasing the number of equipment possibilities for these players was an interesting perspective that also allows us to reach many more people, despite the specificity of these items’ bonuses.

Regarding the set that specializes in resistances, it was highly requested by players who like to tank. We therefore took the opportunity of version 2.9 to bring it into the game.

I think that’s all for this devblog. If you still don’t understand our position on these items and what we’d like to do with them all this, I don’t have much else to say!

In any case, we hope these items will bring some novelty to our epic-level players’ equipment and that we’ll see new game tactics appear as a result of them being added, especially tactics that were too rare or simply impossible to play before so far.
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New bi-element sets are rather mandatory when there's nothing already present at endgame equal to them. For some classes, this is highlighted by the poor selection available for int/cha builds (quite a few builds end up stuck with a minotot amulet at endgame because there's very little that compares), and the total lack of an int/agi set after tengu snowfoux.

Personally levels 140-200 are where the focus on gear needs to be. 1-139 already has dozens to hundreds of sets available, and unless you're an extremely casual player, you wont be experiencing many of those sets for longer than a month or three.

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This set look over resis D=

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Score : 2


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For all the "over resist" there is also all the "minus damage" on that set.

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There should be more bi-elemental sets available. Specially 190-200 str/int and int/agi.

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I still dont get the -critical dmg and -critical hits and stuff....D:

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ThaSilentG|2012-12-06 22:25:53
I still dont get the -critical dmg and -critical hits and stuff....D:
+/-crit damage = +/- damage that only applies to critical hits. A leek pie on a 0 intel character hits 1 (1-2?) at level 1. with +50 damage, and -10 critical damage, leek pie does 51 damage on a normal hit and 41 damage on a critical hit. -Crits is obvious: -1 critical hit negates +1 critical hit.
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Nice to see that there is going to be more sets for Bi-Elements. I love mixing and matching sets and good to see that there will be other ways for me to gain a little AP without spending all of my kamas.

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It'll be nice to see people my level wearing something other than CB set. However, I'm more concerned with class balancing than new crap at my level. Its just something to spend more money on so I can not be at all comparable to pandas or iops.

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I heard they changed some things around with the items.

Full 2.9 item changes:

* Aermyne Cape: added +summons
* Aermyne Staff: reduced damage, removes 1AP on hit now
* Henual Hammer: str/int requirements are now both 400, two-handed, slightly reduced damage
* Oshimo Set: AP set bonus instead of MP
* Oshimo Hat: increased +ch
* Oshimo Amulet: added prospecting
* Oshimo Boots: added +ch
* Nevark Cape, Amulet, and Belt: critical hit penalty removed, critical hit damage penalty increased, amulet and cape have added prospecting
* Théodoran Ax Amulet: added +ch and prospecting, reduced +summons
* Théodoran Ax Cape : added +ch
* Padgref Hat: added prospecting
* Hel Munster Hat: added dodge penalty
* Hel Munster Cape and Amulet: increased dodge penalty

Credit goes to Melii (Locy) For the Info She Found I Believe:

Henual Set- Int/Str- Lvl 197

Spoiler 172 Vitality
34 Strength
38 Intelligence
35 Wisdom
15 Neutral Damage
15 Earth Damage
14 Fire Damage
8 Neutral Resistance
12 Resistance Earth
8 Fire Resistance
7 Dodge
-6 MP Reduction
8 Critical Resistance

Spoiler 264 Vitality
48 Strength
43 ​​Intelligence
37 Wisdom
3 Crits
1 PO
11 Neutral Damage
15 Damage Earth
12 Fire Damage
19 Prospecting
6 % Earth Resistance
6 Resistance Neutral
8 Water Resistant
9 Dodge
-7 PM Removing
-13 Critical Resistance

Hammer (195)- 5 AP, 1-Handed
13 to 21 (earth damage)
19-29 (Fire damage)
6-8 (Steal Neutral )

229 Vitality
48 Strength
56 Intelligence
34 Wisdom
2 Range
8 Neutral Damage
8 Earth Damage
10 Fire Damage
5 Heals
18 Prospecting
5 % Fire Resistance
5 % Air resistance
11 Dodge
-10 MP Reduction
-12 Critical Resistance

Condition :> 300 Intelligence;> 300 Force.
Info: 5 AP, 1/40 CC 1/40 EC; 4 Crit Bonus

Set Bonus
2 items : 20 Strength, 20 Intelligence, 1 Range, 5 Dodge
3 items : 40 Strength, 40 Intelligence, 1 Range, 10 Dodge, 1 MP

Hel Munster Set (Water / Air, Level 198)

Helmet (198)-
Spoiler 278/285 Vitality
67/75 Chance
66/75 Agility
31/39 Wisdom
5 Crits
2 Summons
12/13 Water Damage
11/13 Air Damage
11/15 Exploration
-338/-395 Initiative
14/15 Fire Resistance
-4/-6 Dodge AP
4/5 Dodge MP
17/18 Critical Resistance
12/14 Pushback Damage

Cape (197)
Spoiler 310 Vitality
65 Chance
66 Agility
29 Wisdom
3 Crits
1 Range
11 Water Damage
9 Air Damage
-392 Initiative
5 % Neutral resistance
6 % Water resistance
6 % Air resistance
6 Lock
-7 Dodge
-4 Evade AP
11 Critical Resistance

Amulet (196)-
Spoiler 267 Vitality
64 Chance
69 Agility
34 Wisdom
3 Crits
1 PA
12 Water Damage
12 Damage Air
12 Prospecting
-281 Initiative
14 Earth resistance
-7 Dodge
-4 Evade AP
6 Lock
14 Critical Resistance
15 Pushback Resistance

Set Bonus
2 objects: 1Range, 5 Resistance critical, 20 Agility, 20 Luck
3 objects: 1Range, 10 Resistance critical, 40 Agility, 40 Chance, 1 AP

Nomarrow Set (Fire / Air, Level 198)

Helmet (198)-
Spoiler 131 Vitality
54 Intelligence
53 Agility
35 Wisdom
1 Range
6 Crits
10 fire damage
9 Air Damage
6 Heals
449 Initiative
6 % Air resistance
6 % Earth Resistance
12 Water Resistant
-7 Lock
-5 Dodge PM
11 Critical Damage

Ring (197)-
89 Vitality
42 Intelligence
44 Agility
32 Wisdom
4 Crits
1 Range
1 Summon
7 Fire Damage
5 Air Damage
6 % Water Resistant
8 Earth Resistance
9 Air Resistance
-6 Lock
-4 Evade PM
9 Crit Damage

Spoiler 111 Vitality
54 Intelligence
52 Agility
45 Wisdom
4 Crits
1 MP
6 Fire Damage
6 Damage Air
12 Heals
2 Summons
7 % Neutral resistance
6 % Fire Resistance
-7 Lock
-5 PM Dodge
18 Critical Damage
14 Pushback Damage

Set Bonus
2 items : 6 Crit Damage, 4 Crits, 20 Agility, 20 Intelligence
3 items : 12 Crit Damage, 8 crits, 20 Agility, 20 Intelligence, 1 AP

Oshimo Set (Earth / Water, Level 199)

Hat (198)-
256 Vitality
35 Strenght
40 Chance
36 Wisdom
1 Crit
-1 Range
15 Neutral Damage
11 Damage Earth
14 Water Damage
19 Prospecting
445 Initiative
12 Lock
7 Removing AP
9 Critical Resistance

Amulet (197)-
266 Vitality
41 Force
50 Chance
23 Wisdom
4 Crits
1 AP
-1 Range
11 Neutral Damage
11 Damage Earth
10 Water Damage
234 Initiative
16 Neutral resistance
9 Tackle
10 Removing AP
19 Pushback Dmg

Boots (199)
334 Vitality
34 Str
48 Chance
37 Wis
-1 Range
1 MP
8 Neutral Damage
8 Earth Damage
12 Cha Damage
363 Initiative
9% Resistance Fire
9 Lock
8 AP Reduction

Set Bonus
2 items: 5 Lock, 20 strength, 20 Chance, 200 Initiative
3 Items: 10 Lock, 40 Strength, 40 Chance, 400 Initiative, 1 AP
1 0
Score : 54

Antyklime Ax Set (Fire / Water Level 198)Cape (198)Spoiler
382 Vitality 40 Intelligence 48 Chance 37 Wisdom 1 Range 11 Fire Damage 11 Damage Water 11 Heals 269 Initiative 4 Dodge AP-20 Critical Damage 8 % Resistances Earth 8 Resistors Earth

Ammulet (193)-Spoiler
334 Vitality 38 Intelligence 38 Chance 31 Wisdom 1 AP2 Summons10 Damage Fire 9 Water Damage 14 Heals13 Resistances Neutral 12 Resistors Air 6 Dodge-11 Critical Damage

Boots (195)-Spoiler
336 Vitality44 Intelligence45 Chance32 Wis1 PM12 Dommages Int8 Dommages Cha10 Heals13 Prospection7 % Resistances Air-20 Dommages Critiques13 Dommages Pushback

Set Bonus2 items : 20 Intelligence, 20 Chance, 100 Vitality, 5 Heals3 items : 40 Intelligence, 40 Chance, 200 Vitality, 10 Heals, 1AP

Aermyne Set (Resistance, level 198)Hat (198)-Spoiler
377 Vitality 46 Wisdom -14 Neutral Damage -12 Earth Damage -15 Fire Damage -12 Water Damage -11 Damage Air 20 Prospecting 7 % Neutral Resistance 10 % Fire Resistance 7 % Air resistance 5 Removing AP 16 Pushback Resistance

Cloak (196)-Spoiler 316 Vitality 44 Wisdom -13 Neutral Damage -13 Earth Damage-14 Fire Damage -14 Water Damage -11 Damage Air 18 Heals 464 Initiative 8 % Neutral Resistance 8 % Earth Resistance 9 % Water Resistant

Staff (194) 4 AP, 2 HandedSpoiler 10 to 16 (Neutral Damage ) 10-16 (Neutral Damage ) 327 Vitality -79 Strength -95 Intelligence -79 Cha -83 Agility 37 Wisdom 4 Crits 1 Range12 Prospecting 10 % Earth Resistance9 % Fire Resistance 8 % Water Resistance 10 % Air resistance 8 Lock4 Dodge AP-13 Crit Damage
Condition : NoneInfo : 4 AP, 1/50 CC 1/50 EC; 5 Crit Damage, 2 Handed

Set Bonus2 items : 100 Vitalie, 10 Resistances Crit, 15 Lock, 20 Resistances Push 3 items : 200 Vitality, 20 Resistance Crit, 30 Lock, 40 Resistance Push, 1 AP

Nevark's Set (Str/Agi) (196)
Cape (196)Spoiler
309 Vitality36 Strenght49 Agility29 Wisdom-6 Critical Hits20 Neutral Damage20 Earth Damage18 Agi Damage6% Strength Resistance6% Int Resitance8 Dodge4 MP Resistance-9 Critical Damage

Belt (195)Spoiler
282 Vitality 42 Strength 39 Agility 46 Wisdom -8 Critical Hits 1 Range 19 Neutral Damage 19 Damage Earth 16 Air Damage 12 % Resistances Neutral 14 Dodge -8 Crit DamageClick here
343 Vitality 58 Strength 46 Agility 30 Wisdom -6 Critical Hits 1 AP 23 Neutral Damage 22 Damage Earth 24 Air Damage 12 Damage Water 6 PM Evasion -20 Critical Damage
(Note: The 2nd item is Sewer Keeper Legs)

Set Bonus2 items : 20 Strength, 20 Agility, Dodge 4 PM, 6 Dodge 3 items : 40 Strength, 40 Agility, Dodge 8 PM, 12 Dodge, 1 MP

Single Items
Thermal Cloak (198)- Required Quest to Equip: 'A mine of Information', High Power & Damage, -VitSpoiler Title: Trouffion des Neige (Idk what english translation is, but there's a title called "Ice Soulja" might be it)-257/-270 Vitality 44/46 Wisdom 78/89 Power 1 Range 16/17 Neutral Damage 16/18 Earth Damage 19 Fire Damage 16/18 Water Damage 16/19 Damage Air 376/391 Initiative 12 / 13 Lock 7 Dodge AP 16/17 Pushback Damage Condition: Quest "A mine of Information" completed
(Note: The green leather is a quest reward for the quest 'A mine of Information' given by Lou Bricant in Frigost Town Hall

Emar slippers (Level 196) Int/Agi, AP & MPSpoiler 299 Vitality31 Inteligence 38 Agility 33 Wisdom 1 AP 1 MP 7 Fire Damage 8 Air Damage 4 Heals 7 % Resistances Air -6 Dodge 4 Withdrawal PMCondition: Less than 12 AP

Sabots Minables (lvl 196) Str, AP, MPSpoiler 259 Vitality 47 Strength 37 Wisdom 1 AP 1 MP -1 Range 11 Neutral Damage 8 Damage Earth 9 Prospecting 7 % Water Resistance7 % Air Resistance 10 Resistance Earth 8 Dodge Condition: AP less than 12
Cape Matelassée (Lvl 196) Cha, Agi, APSpoiler
218 Vitality 32 Chance 42 Agility 38 Wisdom 1 AP 9 Water Damage 9 Air Damage 13 Prospecting 4 % Resistors Neutral 6 % Earth Resistance 6 % Fire Resistance 4 Dodge 4 Removing PA 9 Critical Damage -7 Critical Resistance Condition: AP less than 12

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i know what that is buti mean, why are those added
why would you want minus critical hits
or minus critical damage..
D: u wanna hit more, not hit less..

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Score : 508

Not surprised that this happened, in fact it still happened as last time. But this time, I didn't spend my Almotokens or whatever they're called.
Buy pebbles an just sell them? That is not what is important, I am not interested in wealth, PvP, or Power as some of you call it... just merely interested in content, added areas an monsters...
As far as equips go, my post Armored Set reigns supreme; even if it gives 0 Build bonus.

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all i want to know when is krismas island opening board now need it opening

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Score : 27358
natstar1983|2012-12-10 02:50:52
all i want to know when is krismas island opening board now need it opening
It should be on Tuesday with the release of version 2.9.
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There's a problem with these sets and their penalties. The penalties are too harsh for the given stats on most of the sets. The stats are the same as items without the penalties, so why would I use these?

The Henual Set has the same stats as the Soft Oak set, and it's 50 levels higher. The stats from each item are basically the same, maybe a few stats higher. It even has the same lackluster set bonus. The only major differences are 1) It's 3 pieces, 2) It gives dodge, 3) It gives negative MP Reduction, 4) It gives negative Critical Resistance.

The Hel Munster Set looks more like what all the other sets should look like. The stats are worthwhie for the sacrifice brought by it (Initiative loss, Dodge loss and AP Dodge loss). It also gives a nice amount of the prized Critical Resistance. It also happens to give an ap. Looks like a Xelor kind of set to me.

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These will probably go the way of the Hail and Sleet sets in a hurry as I can't really see any upside to using these. These are kinda like Satisfaction rings/boots... but for 190s.

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I have a 11 point spell including ocher dofus exo to one more set of one pa pa -. - "not so they left embarren

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hello I have a question ;s

my patch for dofus 2.9 just don't start.. what now?

weh i logg in i got fate error 0X4 something with server.

i live in belgium, please help me

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