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Here comes success! 2.9 is live!

By [Izmar] - ADMIN - December 11, 2012, 18:00:00
Devtracker News
A brilliant lady once said that "Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence." So it is with great hope and confidence that we offer up to you version 2.9 of DOFUS, complete with a new achievements system to help you push yourself further and higher!

The release of 2.9 also means that our beloved Kwismas Island is back, here for you to enjoy for the rest of the year! And of course, there's also a whole pack of Kwismas-related achievements that you can unlock to help keep the sweet memories of Kwismas alive all year. There's not many days left in the year, so tromp over to 8, -6 and speak with Hector Kwismas to be sent to the land of presents and snowballs and delight.

And it just wouldn’t be a 2.9 update news article if we didn’t mention that Krosmaster Arena is now active and available to play. If the thrill of crushing players from across the servers of DOFUS and WAKFU doesn’t tweak your sugarplums, there’s also a collection of adorable figurines that you can drop and redeem for scrolls, items, or just for cute company in your inventory. Check out the Krosmaster devblog to read about all the non-PvP features that Krosmaster is bringing to you.
There’s so much to explore and enjoy in 2.9, so we’ll let you get to it, but if you start to feel lost, remember that the 2.9 update page is available to be your guide. Refer to it often!
First Ankama intervention
Nerfhearder|2012-12-11 23:18:46
It would be oh so nice if Ankama would talk to us about the Mac update glitch. Otherwise the forum is nothing but an echo chamber.mellow

Information about the Mac problems have been centralized on the Problems and Solutions forum (click the link to see the most recent update).
See message in context
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i can't update, do I need to download something else first or?
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There seems to be a bug of some sort at your code for the download at Mac computers... so can't download =((
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are u serious, we only have mac computers? do u know when it's going to fix?
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Is the face change service for 700 ogrines live yet? I made a super poor choice on my eni's face and she looks really ugly now, but when I go to Dofus Services it appears that the face change service is broken, and it just takes me to a 404 page.
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Fisherman in dofus have no future, no one wants inky veils, they only buy other new HL equipment
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Is this what passes for success? Each client is running at nearly double cpu and ram usage as before, there have been error scripts popping up all morning and im now taking a break to write this after what is probably my 9th full client crash of the day! I understand the devs were a bit rushed with getting 2.9 up today, but with errors and general disdain aplenty 2.9 is shaping up to be anything but a success without a few more tweaks. The interface needs more options to disable some of these new "features" at least so they don't spam me every time i zaap or kill a mob. and loading a bank with 500+ items while the client tries to fetch average prices that i cant disable being processed? Forget it.

This is an SOS folks
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Upon updating my Mac for the 2.9 version, it says there is a file missing and stops. Will we be emailed when this is fixed, or do we just have to perpetually relog? There is no access.
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sadMac bug?
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The second Eni face choice is bugged in game, it shows the old hair underneath the new one!
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Hi, I LOVE the new update (there are millions of great things today) BUT can you PLEASE remove the red "blush" from the faces of the female Srams? It look absolutely horrible on every color of Sram except "human skin color" and I guess red... Blue face with red in the middle? Totally midnight-black with red blushing nose and cheeks? Yuck... it looks like they have a cold or maybe a worse disease. I anted to pick an unmasked Sram girl, but not if that red stuff is going to be there sad
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oueledheddou 11 December 2012 - 20:05
Fisherman in dofus have no future, no one wants inky veils, they only buy other new HL equipment

I'll take that inky veil if you don't want it :O. BTW I love the new update !
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oueledheddou|2012-12-11 20:05:05
Fisherman in dofus have no future, no one wants inky veils, they only buy other new HL equipment
Sir, I do have to disagree with you.

Inky Veils are still one of the most popular cloaks in the game. My team alone has three of them. ;c
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Mac bug, needs to be fixed fast ! sad Can't update
Score : 105
Yup errors even when loading spouse and after fights or killing mobs these come up as null.
Score : 40
i cant update the updater doesnt work.. ughhh sooo frustrating
anyone know of this?
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1null has definately won the day
Score : 36
Heh, mine has no errors at all! Just refuses to even launch the game. Had to delete and reinstall for it to update properly, and now it won't go from the updater to the game, just holds up for a second, then jumps back to whatever program I had running last.

mac osx 10.5.8, 2006 macbook, 2.0ghz core duo, 2gb ram.
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My UPlauncher keeps updating why?
Score : 2
My uplauncher keeps on updating too..
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