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Coming soon: DOFUS Mag Kwismas Pack

By [Izmar] - ADMIN - December 17, 2012, 10:00:00
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Hi, this is Izmar. Just to let you know, I would much rather be making some events right now, but instead, I have to write this news. That being said, this pack we'll be offering soon does actually sound pretty cool (at least in my opinion), so take a look, see what you think.

After the last few weeks of marketing-heavy news and hype, maybe like me you're feeling kind of over-saturated on the "great galloping gobballs, let's get pumped up about something new!" type of news article. So if it's ok with you guys, I'm going to be a little more low-key about this new DOFUS Mag Kwismas Pack.

The banner above has pictures of the stuff you can get in the Kwismas pack when it's released. It'll include DOFUS Mag #4, naturally. It will also have set based on a cartoon from the mid 80's that's a goofy kind of cute (I had to look up the series, I'd never heard of it before, but it's about alien dinosaurs, that's usually a good start).

There'll also be a downloadable paper toy diagram. It's supposed to be a Blodz Uker in a mud puddle. To me, it looks a little bit like a the Lethargarians from the animated version of the Phantom Tollbooth, which I find amusing. Might be fun to try to put that together.

The best part of the pack (in my humble opinion) is clearly the new /write emote. It's the same emote that'll be given to the writers of the player guides for free in recognition of their effort and writing talent. It's a neat emote because it has a static post at the end with your character sitting with a scroll in hand, as if they're contemplating their literary output.

When the pack is released there'll be more information, like the price and more about the contents of Dofus Mag #4. What do you guys think, does this seem like something interesting to you?
First Ankama intervention
MyTokenGuild|2012-12-18 15:19:06
ok so you wrote the news article and it's finished. Now get back to making some events please. I want to have a good time in game either looking silly as some Kwismas Island monster (skin me as Father Whupper) or killing some boss monster for a special prize of kamas, kwismas presents or some candy (or maybe all three). Keep up the good work Izmar! BTW Happy Kwismas to Troyle too! Any vacation time for you guys in France? If so, when will you be back having fun in game?

I'll be announcing the return of a classic event tomorrow!

And yep, both Troyle and I will be on vacation for Kwismas starting December 21. We'll see you all again after the new year! <3
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Score : 190
Looks good and i like the emote smile
Score : 144
I love things like these. Don't like entering the competitions and gives us a chance to get the prizes smile
Score : 6
Hmmm smile looks good
Score : 404
When the pack is released there'll be more information, like the price and more about the contents of Dofus Mag #4. What do you guys think, does this seem like something interesting to you?
Yes! But is the price higher??
Score : 117
Sounds awesome will have to get it. biggrin
Score : 118
Extreme I will buy it wink
Score : 15
This is so COOOL !
Score : 8
ill buy it 2
Score : 77
2000 OG?
Score : 1169
monkeyballslondon|2012-12-17 18:07:57
2000 OG?
Hopefully.... But I doubt it very much.
Score : 777
Expect a 4000+ogrine price, lads.
Score : 2
What's up?
I can't "log in"!
Score : 36
Sounds awesome and expensive.
Score : 18
how many ?
Score : 445
I saw the emerald and was like biggrinDDDDDDD
thn i read it....
Score : 508
Cool !
Score : 44
i like the Diploset + Emote , nothing else
Score : 280
yeah, with one month sub, gear, AND their little printable paper thingy, plus the mag, gonna be in the 5000 Ogrine range

the emote excites me, the geat, meh, but other than that no... the mags are good reading on my phone later =)
Score : 39
it would probably be released the 25th of december , if we sttill live by then... tongue
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