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Harebourg is counting against you!

By [Izmar] - ADMIN - March 21, 2013, 23:15:00
Count Harebourg’s clock is ticking against you… And what’s coming for you isn’t pretty: over 25 new monsters to defeat throughout 5 dungeons! Four of these places are dominated by Harebourg’s henchmen, the first Supa-Vilains! What’s wrong? You seem petrified… Get prepared for the worse now!


Count Harebourg’s got the most vile and strongest allies: Sylargh the handyman, Klime the shoemaker, Nileza the alchemist, and Missiz Freezz the smithmagus!


Only a few of you will be able to compete with these horsemen of the Apocalypse!

Especially since they themselves will be well-guarded by hordes of monsters, sometimes enraged, sometimes… freezing! Discover them all!


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That -res -.- .. Tell us the HP =D
Score : 965
Yay! We are getting closer to Frigost 3! This is exciting and I'm looking forward to facing Missiz Freezz.

Looked through the new up-dated content on the Frigost site again and the monsters look awesome.
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this is awesome. cant wait to see ice dofus stats and how to get it ph34r 
Score : 965
ejrocks|2013-03-21 23:20:53
That -res -.- .. Tell us the HP =D
The resists are listed on the site along with the AP and MP. Click here to see.

What is not listed are the spells and the health points of each monster, but we can be assured that these monsters will have a healthy amount of HP.
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I hope with the updated changes coming and my character changes that I'll be apart of those able to handy these things. Can't wait til they're here.

Score : 3418
Looking good =)
I adore the animation Cold Blood from Missez Freezz.

Will take a while before I can fight them though!
Score : 104
Potbellion reminds me of the fat heartless from Kingdom Hearts.
Score : 2093
I'm particularly keen on the Karkanik or whatever it's called. I would so love to have my cra look like that ;D

Score : 930
Does this mean frigost 3 is coming in 2.11?
Score : 27230
As you already know, in the 2.11 update, we are opening the doors to Frigost III and Count Harebourg's castle! This expansion will have five new dungeons just waiting for adventurers like you to explore them, along with new sets and dozens of new pieces of equipment.

Click here
Score : -11
is there a reason why ankama's theme is so childish and stupid? i like the mechanics of the game but hate the fact i feel like im playing in a two year old's fantasy land.
Score : 3819
seems amazing, finaly monsters that doesn't have weard resist but just normal biggrin 
Score : 530
Score : 475
Can't wait to get stuck in tongue 
Score : 21
Ermahgurddddd biggrin So excited!

I'm going to be travelling overseas for 6 months and won't get to see! ;A;
Because I am dying to find out the real story behind Frigost (is Harebourg really bad? What are the stories with his henchpeople? etc), can someone please put screen shots of any info they get when it's released on the forum? Or put some of the stuff on youtube? (Can't wait to see inside the castle... the concept art looks so cool. And see Harebourg!)
My enternal gratitude to those who do film/screen shot. :3
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Thejaydawg|2013-03-22 05:26:34
is there a reason why ankama's theme is so childish and stupid? i like the mechanics of the game but hate the fact i feel like im playing in a two year old's fantasy land.
It's not "childish", it's comedic - specifically, darkly comedic. Its bright colors and cheerful character designs cover a harsher truth.

It's set in a world where horrific things happen to good people just because the laws of nature think it'd be funny. It's a world where cosmic powers are literally out to get you, from the Twelve (who are themselves not the only major gods, just the ones who have the most interest in the planet the game takes place on) right down to each of the Meridia.

Read some of the lore. It's not nice at all. It's filled with death, betrayal, and tragedy. And it's all played for laughs.

If that's your idea of a childish two-year-old fantasy land, you had a very dark childhood.
Score : 3
well i already know i cant get that far in frig so this is pointless to me
Score : 1206
now i'm psyched about completing the frig dungeons >biggrin
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