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Understand the phishing

By DeltaSiggmaPhi1899 - SUBSCRIBER - June 07, 2013, 06:11:34

Hello everybody,

This topic will have some technical words but I will try to explain them as much easily as I can.

[blockquote]Phishing, what is that?
Well a phishing website is a "fake copy" of a known website ( here) and it will show you some features that will attract your attention. For example, some player I met, let's name him "Hacker", let you know with his character that there is a website that will give you Kamas, Ogrines or Subscription for free (depends what he tells you). As a beginner, you are speechless!! You want more Kamas, Ogrines or Subscription (we are all looking for that). He gives you the web address.
Well here is the first mistake he made: ginving you the address. The website address is a fake address because it will have a subdomain address.
Let me explain...

Subdomain will be like this: let's take the example
Here you can see that the subdomain is freeogrines and that the real webdomain is the provider which is

[blockquote]When you get on the website...
Well here is what you will see: a complete copy of the website And some links that will send you to a form so you can get your price. Let's say you clicked. You are redirected to a login.php page, I mean a form that asks you for you account identification. Then you click submit.
When you click submit, it is too late, except if you change your password just after you clicked "Submit". But what happens is that they change the HTML code on the form so that when you click on the submit button, a text file is created (most of the time called log.txt), then it will write (PRINT) the information entered (INPUT) to the log.txt. This is what you can call phishing.

Attention: some players can change the website address and get a free switch to ".tk" so be careful.
Finally, you should know that if you get stolen by one of those website, the Ankama Support will probably not get anything back to you, because it is said that you should not give your account identification to anyone in any purposes.

We are at the end of this little tutorial about phishing websites and how to stay away from them. I hopw this helped you. If you need any explanation let me know in the comments. I will try to make other tutorials on other scams.

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Click here 

Either way, if someone tries to send you to a site pretending to be associated with Ankama you can report it to Support. Click here 
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I would also like to add, that because a url can contain any standard UTF character, there are several that look similar, but belong to a different language subset of UTF.

A clever phisher could get you to a URL that looks EXACTLY like the real one.

If something seems suspicious, don't click the link; type in the URL yourself.

EDIT: If you don't believe this copy this next character into google and see: о

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EDIT: If you don't believe this copy this next character into google and see: о
lol dude you freaked me out

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You are right Nerd-Tease, but I didn't wanted to go into the details but stay in the simple "stuff" so young people could understand what's happening.

And what the Ankama support forgot about phishing is how does it works technically, this is why I wanted to write that topic.
But, if you want to report any phishing sites you should go to the Ankama support website.

Thank you guys for your response.

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inb4 golden rule of the Internetz: don't click on stuff that looks to good to be true.

Prevent Phising in a nutshell: play the game as it was ment to be played.

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