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By MikuH4tsun3 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - June 14, 2013, 03:03:29

For some reason i don't see a "new topic" button anywhere on heroic server forums so i came here to post.

So, i'm looking for a bit more excitement and decided to play heroic server dofus but i don't want to play alone.
Therefore, i'm looking for a friend who is fairly active to play with me.
The player must be fairly active (i'm on pretty much every weekday past 5pm usually to whenever i want, and literally whenever i want on weekends). I play around 20-40 hours a week (very active gamer).
I'm starting completely new, in fact i have never played heroic server before. I know there are lame ass pkers and stuff but whatever, ill get past it and try to enjoy the game with the thrill of permanent death.

Anyway, looking for a group of friends to play with me on heroic server, Subscribed of course.

I am not subscribed yet as I have nobody right now. But once I find even one friend to play with, i can subscribe at literally Any moment. Ready to play whenever!

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