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what do u use AGI for??

By Sambo-uk October 22, 2007, 12:37:54

make enermy stay with you so he/she wont move?
or u can move away when he is next to you?

what do u use AGI for??

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Well, people use for agi attacks such as, Assault, and cest sword
and some just use it for dodge locking

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Shinro has the idea. It's also used for Critical hitting more often, and Agility-based attacks.

Dodge-lock, is when you have enough enough Agility, to make the target, unable to move--Dodge lock.

  • Cato
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even so, what so good to build a AGI sac??

if i put all point to agi then use wind attack?
i am using all vit sac and have 4 times more hp then others in same lv
and have no problem solo a group of trees around lv 80

if i do agi build, does it means i get low hp? and will i have a hard time combine the use of dancing sword?
after dancing sword.... at lease -50 my hp average
so i will be close to dead?

any AGI build Sac please tell me your experience

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Agility sacriers are good against pvp and to lock boss monsters in fight so they dont move.

As a sacrier, put all points into vit and scroll agility using scrolls.

Having a agility sacrier means less damage but great in pvp fights.

High level sacriers , especially agility are needed in boss fights to lock monsters in place so they dont move, example, moon boss.

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