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By Elusial#7076 - SUBSCRIBER - July 02, 2008, 23:02:46

Is this support ticket material or am I just crazy?

I got aggressed by an enu. In the first turn I ran up to him and cast burning glyph followed by immunity as I was standing on my own glyph.

On his turn he took the damage and ran off, casting living bag, some sort of buff and clumsiness. On my turn, I reduced damage by 7220 and then got killed by my glyph. I very much doubt my glyph did enough damage to get past immunity so how in the nine hells did this happen? I clearly wasn't unbewitched as I wouldn't have reduced anything.

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You must have had around 722 intelligence, based on the damage reduction. In all probability, the enutrof increased your intelligence with a spell called Greed, which can make your intelligence go up by as much as 200 points.

Clumsiness shouldn't have mattered any, I think. Just reduces your movement.

The maximum that burning glyph can do on a critical hit is 51 damage. Even with 1000 intelligence the damage would be a mere 561.

So yeah, something is probably wrong. Send them a report ticket and ask if there's any way such high damage could result from burning glyph.

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Yeah I did think the damage was a little excessive. I wish I'd made a screenshot of it now but they shouldn't need one. After all, what possible reason could I have to lie about it? Thanks for the help. I was just making sure it wasn't an obscure game mechanic I've never noticed before I ran off to tell the support.

I lost a few honour points and some kamas for getting out of jail but it wasn't a major inconvenience. Hopefully they can fix the bug.

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I just tried to submit a big report but I can't get any farther than the 'Select Department' step. You'll see why:

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I thought you were only suppose to go to jail for aggressing a neutral in a neutral area and losing.

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New PvP system in place.. maybe it also includes that if you were aggressed by an enemy in enemy territory you get sent to jail.

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