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New Osa Class Spell

By Elusial#7076 - SUBSCRIBER - August 24, 2008, 19:33:56

I mean really Ankama, that's just lazy. You want Osas to be more useful in groups so you give them a spell that clearly belongs to Eniripsas? Admittedly, there's a tenuous connection to summoning as the Osa technically counts as the 'summoner' of the deceased player but let's be honest, the spell has Eniripsa written all over it. I mean, when I first started playing Dofus I was surprised when I saw that Eniripsas didn't have a resurrection spell - in most of the games I've played the healer class almost always has a spell like that.

I'm not saying they should give the spell to Eniripsas as that would probably entail some balance issues, I'm just saying it doesn't belong with Osas. Maybe if the resurrection was restricted to summoned monsters - that would fit perfectly. It could even be made pretty powerful like having it ignore the summoning limit and allow the Osa to resurrect opponents' summons onto his own team. It wouldn't make the Osa amazingly more useful in groups but there are a quite a few monsters it would be brilliant for (I could see Osas being recruited for a bunch more dungeon runs).

Or, ignoring the resurrection theme altogether there are several other spell ideas that could be used to make Osas more desirable in groups.

Obviously I haven't thought the spell modifications through so there's no need to pick it apart - that would be besides the point. The point is that this spell does not belong to Osas. I would let it slide if Eniripsas didn't exist as then it would probably fit best with Osas but that's obviously not the case.

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I agree.

It's going to be weird how osas will soon be able to revive allies whist the healing class of this game doesn't have anything like that. I mean, no matter what way you look at it a resurrection spell of allies is going to be a pritty powerful spell. If you were going to give osa a resurrection spell I would do it so it only works on summons; but I can also see the technical problems with that cause summons disseaper when they're killed, whist if an ally dies, there's still the little slot of where his/her picture once was.

I have nothing against Osa - they're still in my 3 favourite classes. But osas having a resurrection spell whist enis don't have anything like that a bit too much me think. ¬_¬

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I'm a Osa, yes it be a really powerful and cool spell to have but it doesn't at all fit this class. I mean, im happy we're getting it but it perfectly fit eni's. Osa are resonably a weak class, so having this spell will actually make us more useful in group fights because its always Osa'a who get kicked out drops cause of our summons which lag the game.

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I'm a proud Osamodas but I agree that the concept of having a 'Resurrection Spell' is a bit far fetched for an Osamodas to do but, theres really nothing else an Osamodas could have for a special spell. Just reviving your Summons or an enemies Summons is just a stupid idea, to be honest.

An Eniripsa heals. If the body has disappeared from the fight, theres nothing to heal. While Osamodas summon things that are not on the field, so why can't they summon their dead allies. Logically, the theme is more suitable to Osamodas than to Eniripsa's. I'm not saying I like the idea of the spell but I'd rather you know that it fits Osamodas more than Eniripsa's.

For a special spell, I'd say, a Summon that heals you, it just has that purpose, it wouldn't be copious amounts of health but thats what the Osamodas are missing. I mean come on, you can summon great big mounds of rocks but you can't summon something to heal you.

Thats what I want, a healing Summon.

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It fits if you consider it as summoning the person back to (temporary) life. The name of the spell clearly says that you're bringing them back as a zombie dependent on you to keep them animated (since they die again if the summoner dies - this means they have to protect you). not using holy magic to bring them back to full life and health.

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Often group PvP battles revolve around killing the opposing team's eni or wis xelor or unbewitcher.

An organised attack will be able to ensure the eni follows the osa with at most one defender getting a chance to rekill the resurrected player in between.
If that defender doesn't have a suitable AoE or non-LOS attack, the attacking team can even shield the corpse with living attackers. Or range rape that defender. All of this could be planned many turns in advance because the turn order is fixed...

Fecas could pull the same trick with Immunity.

I estimate that this will make defending 30-100% harder. No class should be able to influence a battle this much.

This uber spell is proposed along with much more powerful summons, new ally-buffing abilities which will be 2nd best in the game.. for a class which is already overpowered in PvP and especially small group PvM. Move over wis xelors, osas are the new uber class which everyone will resent...

It occurs to me that Ankama might be determining the need for rebalancing not on how powerful the classes are but merely how popular the classes are, especially at high levels... a truly screwed-up way of doing it.

Interestingly, on Wakfu, xelors have the ability to change the turn order.

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Personally I'm pleased about this new spell. Although I'll probably keep it as a secondary spell (As if it follows the other class spells I won't be able to use it while mounted :/) I do agree with it being for Osas. Now that's not just me being biased due to me being an Osa, I've long felt that a secondary healing class was needed. Eni's are great and all, but I find it annoying that for pretty much any high dungeon needs an Eni. I like the idea of mixing up Osas spells a bit, as it means then that there can be more variation in groups. Having this new spell will hopefully do that, Enis still have greater heals, but Osas have a whole range of spells. Though whether I switch to a 'Buff' rather than 'Battle' Osa is dependant on how effective the spells are on allies (That said most of my buffs are 6 anyway).

Also I think it's about time summons were made more powerful. Aside from the lovely Vitality Osa, what other build is gonna use Tofu? It's also not like it's win win for us anyway. They're cutting Crackler's Agility, I always use it as a dodge locker. Now I'm gonna have to substitute it fot Gobball tongue. They're cutting Magus' psuhback to 1 (Though it does take MP) meaning I'll need Boar/Release for Pushback now. Overall I'm gonna need to start scrolling my spell points if I'm gonna cover all areas that atm I can cover with my current pre update summons. On a final note I don't see how Osas are overpowered atm in PvP. Maybe that's just me and my odd build, but I can't see them being too powerful.

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Agree that enis are (extremely) overpowered at high (epic) level. But that's no reason to unbalance the game even further by making a class ridiculously overpowered. Osas are already overpowered because only a few classes can kill them and because they can level really fast.

They need some kind of dungeon-friendly buff but should be nerfed elsewhere to compensate.

It's common for spells to become redundant although it's cool when they can become useful to some build.

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I do think that Osas need buffing as they're rather easy to beat in PvP and people don't want them in PvM as their summons extend the length of the battle (this is in general of course). However I think Ankama have just been lazy and given them a spell that will undoubtedly make them more desirable in groups but doesn't belong to their class.

I don't think that reviving your own or enemies' summons is a stupid idea at all. Firstly, if it ignores the summon limit it means you can have a bunch of normal summons (up to your limit) plus another load of undead ones. Also, if it turns dead enemies' summons to your side it would be incredibly powerful. Certain ghosts can summon in very powerful allies and there are also plenty of boss monsters with summons that would be great to turn against them (Soft Oak anyone?).

Also, I mentioned originally that the idea that the Osa 'summons' back the person from the dead is a tenuous link at best. Summoning takes something from somewhere and brings it to you, that's pretty much the definition of summoning. Raising someone from the dead is not summoning, it involves imbuing their corpse with some form of life. Eniripsas are the only class that could justifiably have that power.

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Discussions on modifications on BETA 1.25 belongs to the Test Server board.

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