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PVP Etiquette

By Uchi-koma July 20, 2009, 19:53:41

I've recently come back to Dofus following a 9 month break and I must say, I'm happy with the way most things are going. But it seems that the hardcore PVP'ers I left behind are now replaced with players that complain, constantly. These players don't think twice about spamming the trade/recruitment chat, calling anyone that aggro's them a "noob".

When I left for my break 9 months ago, there was a general understanding that if your wings are active, then thats consent enough for anything. Your not forced to play with your wings active and if you was attacked by a group of 5 players, then tough luck. Take the beating, dust yourself off and group up for some revenge. It wasn't always fair, but it was fun. Everyone was friendly, even in a loss, you would get the old "good game" and "well done".

Now it seems players with their wings out expect you to ask them first and stick to 1vs1, regardless of class weaknesses or lvl difference. I would understand if a 1vs1 was pre-arranged. That's cool. But if you want courtesy in PVP, I'd suggest to sticking to duels. The losing player(s) only ever give out abuse.

What the hell happened?

Obviously, this is only from my experiance. I would love to hear what everyone else has to say on the subject smile

Kyorak biggrin

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1.27 is what happened.

Pvp-ing has been made soooo profitable (strokens...) that everyone has decided to have a go...

The reason that people get angry when you aggress them, is, assuming you have had roughly the same experiences as me, because they were in a hunt. Now I agree, they should have their wings down, however this causes them to lose a lot of honour, which they simply cannot afford to lose (No technical reason, but rank 5 looks so much better than rank 4).

1.27 sucks D:

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