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Goultarminator Training Tournament

By Elusial#7076 - SUBSCRIBER - July 12, 2010, 21:02:06

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  • Fyorl
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  • Wantz
  • fire-spider
As promised I will be organising a tournament to help us get in shape for the coming Goultarminator. I want this to be an opportunity for people to experiment with team formations and also to scout out possible talent that may have gone unnoticed. Further to that, as the tournament progresses, I hope this will become an opportunity for people to practise fighting alongside their possible team-mates in the Goultarminator.

There are a few things I want to stress before I get into the technical details of the tournament. Firstly, because this tournament is aimed at us finding potential teams and practicing for the main event, it will be a little different to most tournaments. Teams will be fixed at the beginning but, once the knockout stages are reached I will be allowing teams to swap and trade players between other teams and between those teams which have already been knocked out. This will be mediated by me but is subject to each of the teams concerned coming to an agreement. Since this is for the benefit of the whole server, I'd like to ask everyone to be gracious in this matter. Secondly, since the actual winning team isn't really as important as the information we gain from the process, there will be no real prize for the winners. I was considering offering a set of four pac-tiger shields to the winners but felt this may make people more concerned with winning and less concerned with trying out the best combinations and testing players' abilities.

Finally, I would ask those of you who are reading this and feel you don't stand a chance here/have too poor gear/are too low level to reconsider and offer to join a team. Even if you have absolutely no intention of participating in the Goultarminator, your participation in this tournament may give some of our other players the practice they need to perform well in the main event. The more participation we have, the better this will work.

I will try to make the rules of the tournament as close to the actual Goultarminator's as possible.

(Since the fights will be challenges, the random starting positions will be activated and so it probably doesn't matter hugely what maps we choose and each fight may be a bit unfair because of it. It's not something I have any power over so we'll just have to deal with it. That being said, if anyone has reasons why we should/shouldn't choose a map or if we need more maps then let me know and I will change things.)
  • Koalak Breeder Village Zaap
  • Port Madrestam Zaap
  • Crackler Mountain Zaap
  • The Millicluster Zaap
  1. Four players per team, no repeated classes.
  2. Each team may nominate up to four substitutes who may be swapped in and out any time before any battle as long as the resulting team does not contain any repeated classes.
  3. Summoning of Chaferfu and Arachnee are banned during any fight.
  4. Each player's gear may only have a maximum of 1 AP, 1 MP and 2 range overmages.
  5. There is no time limit on each match.
  6. A flawless victory (none dead) is worth 50 points and your point score for the victory decreases by 10 points for each team-member you lose.
  7. A crushing victory is awarded in the event a team defeats their opponent in under 10 minutes, this is rewarded by 20 extra points.
  8. [*] Resurrected characters still count as having been killed for the purpose of point score.The first stage of the tournament will consist of a league stage whereby each team will fight every other team in the league. There may be no trading of players between teams at this stage. The top 8 teams at the end of the league will go through to the knockout stages. Before this stage begins and before each progression in this stage teams may trade and swap players between any other team that has participated. A team may also choose to swap one of its members (or subs) with a player who has not participated in the tournament yet.

    The team that wins the knockout stages is declared winner of the tournament. Again, there is no prize planned, people are welcome to donate something to a prize fund and I may decide to include it but, if the general consensus is (as I believe) that prizes will shift the focus from the true purpose of the tournament, I reserve the right to refuse to allow prizes.

    As for the practicalities, since I'd like the majority of this tournament completed before the qualifications begin (at the start of August) and well before the actual Goultarminator starts, there may be several fights per day depending on the participation. I will personally try to referee each fight but I have RL duties that I must attend to and there may simply be too many fights on at once. Because of this I'd like to ask people to volunteer to be referees to fights. The only real condition is that you are able to record the fight as, at the end, I would like a database of all the fight videos available so people can analyse them. You may be a referee and still participate in a team but you may not referee your own fight. I will also be asking moderators to help referee matches.

    Please post any questions and requests to form teams here, I'd like to keep all the discussion in one place. I will regularly update this post with the relevant information for quick reference.

    If you have formed a team and would like to compete, please choose one person from your team to post here in the following format:
    Team Name:
    Main members: Player1, Player2, Player3, Player4
    Substitutes: Sub1, Sub2, Sub3, Sub4

    The deadline for submissions is Saturday, 17th of July at 23:59 GMT.
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