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MULTIMEN: TRANK takes the fall for you

By #[Nerodos] - ADMIN - January 28, 2014, 11:00:00

The Multiman freely available for testing this week in DOFUS is TRANK. As the "Earth" brother-in-arms, he takes root on the battlefield, in the front line, preventing your opponents from getting to you. And if they don't understand that they cannot pass... they'll end up pushing daisies! Discover everything you need to know about Trank before testing him in-game!

Trank takes the damage without ever biting the dust. His favorite position? On the front line! And if he's not there right in the beginning, that's not even an issue: by using this "Earth" Sidekick's spells wisely, you'll be able to teleport him (thanks to "Spin") or swap places with an opponent (Trank's take on "Uproot"-ing).

But it's when he is in contact with his opponent that Trank unveils his true potential. Like an actual "tank", he gets in the way of your opponents to prevent them from getting to you and your allies. Using "Sylvan Attraction", he not only takes roots, becoming impossible to move, but also pulls in opponents around him! "Keep your friends close... and your enemies even closer!"

Once they're close, his opponents are trapped: "Marbus Fractus" will prevent them from moving by reducing their dodge...

His survival potential is without peer: his tanking abilities and vitality are superior to those of other sidekicks, he can reinforce his resistance and steal life from his opponents.

And we tell you he'll get the stick in your stead, he just has to cast "Protective Bark" to receive all direct damage an ally should have taken, and heal him for each hit landed!

In order to obtain Trank as your sidekick forever, you just have to get to 1000 achievement points.

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I understand the ones who need to be bought... But Trank and Krobax? Everyone already has them and if they give a damn, they already know their skills and all that. - I bet these were posted last year on the french site.

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yea but there ppls dont have 500+ achi so they need to try it

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