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Undoing vandalism on the Dofus Wiki.

By Revil-Nunor#1176 February 22, 2014, 08:28:29

There has been a recent trend of petty vandalism on the Wiki over the last few days and I wanted to make sure that people know how to undo minor vandalism on a Wiki page if you see it.

Basically, anyone can undo vandalism on a wiki page in two simple steps. If you see a vandalized page you simply go to the green Edit button in the top left hand corner:

then click on the little arrow on the right side to bring down a list of options:

Click on the history tab (note that you will not see all of these options, and that is normal because some of the features are limited to admins)

The history tab will bring up a page like this:

As you can see Patsquare and Danielfalzeon both vandalized the page, one by removing all the content and the other by adding useless information to part of the page. Gravestorm reverted the first one (which we will ignore because reverting requires rollback rights which are generally not available) and simply focus on the "undo" command which is available to all users.

When you click on the Undo button you will get a screen like this:

Then you simply double check that you are removing the vandalism and hit the publish button and the page should be back to normal. If the page has been severely vandalized and you get a message about conflicting edits or the vandal keeps re-doing the vandalism after you undo it then don't worry about it, you can simply leave one of the admins a message on our talk pages and we will handle it.

Remember, if you use the wiki then consider helping the wiki by adding to it. If you learn a new strategy then add it to the page of the monster in question, if you see vandalism then undo it, the wiki is only as good as the community around it.

And to anyone who wants to be a smartass and vandalize the Wiki: you can face sanctions as severe as IP bans that can run up to 365 days and all edits are double checked by an admin, so you will be caught and you will be punished. So think twice before causing someone else to have to spend time undoing your mess instead of helping the Wiki get better.
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Just want to give props for your efforts. (and other contributors)

It's much appreciated.

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Awesome, ty for this little guide and for the rest of the work you do on the wiki wub It really is the best place for help with almost anything related to dofus.

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Thank you smile 

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I honestly never knew there was a reset under edit, glad to see there's a way to edit more info to keep it useful

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I corrected a bunch the other night.

If these people have so much free time, maybe they should find a game to play? wink 

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Just undid a few more, thanks Phil, relayed the IP to you.

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I recently made edits to the wiki, so I hope you didn't undo my contributions!

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The only edits that are reverted or undone are ones that are either erroneous, blatant vandalism, or spam bots.

This is an example of an edit that isn't helpful and is undone:

And this is a helpful edit, which isn't changed at all:

Additionally, it is recommended to create an account if you edit the Wiki, as it both allows you to avoid the filters that protect the Wiki and will get you the benefit of the doubt if you should make a questionable edit. Anonymous editors are given less leeway than people who put themselves behind an account.
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