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NEW Teamspeak for Dofus!

By -Revoke - SUBSCRIBER - June 07, 2014, 03:23:41
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Sackrace|2014-09-27 23:04:02
Yeah, no one goes there now because the Dofus channels were removed..

I miss your accent Gumbo. I wonder how long until someone hosts another TS server that will last for a longer time period. Now thinking about it, I think Izmar should host one and bring people through it daily, although of course only if she is willing to do it, no pressure.
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Hm, I used the server numbers and got sent to League of Legends room.

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i joined for curiosity...listened for awhile...ofc spoke and said hi...stayed in lobby ,but didnt see a room based on dofus?...think i'll stick to my skype for now and pop in now and open to meet new peeps and thanks for the oppotunity to do so smile 

nvm...guys told me dofus rooms were think ill pass....sorry but tnx again.

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Well, since it looks like there aren't any Dofus rooms on this TS any more, time to lock this thread. sad