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Quest "Renewable Energy"

By mariachiaragoretti - SUBSCRIBER - November 18, 2014, 00:05:00

I have tried that fight a couple of times and always died.
I haven't tried since the update though.

Has that quest been modified or there are still three waves of monsters attacking a solo player? mellow

If it's still the same I'm afraid I cannot finish that quest... anybody else stuck there?
Or someone with a good advice for that three waves fight?

PS: I'm using an int osa (lvl 200)

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Is this in Xelorium?

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well, the fight got updated once, you now have to fight 3 waves, but 2 monsters in the first wave and then 1 monster in the 2nd and 3rd wave. I did this quest with a lvl 200 sac/panda/eni/iop/eca and I'm stuck with a lvl 200 masq and a lvl 110 iop/eni/cra/enu (though the 110 chars have to fight lvl 125 monsters:/) the key is staying ranged from them. something else you could try is doing it with a better modifier (although I don't know what the current modifier on solar is) I know there is a modifier where you get 66% dmg sustained if you're farther than 5 cells away from an ally (which isn't very usefull in groups but great for solo fights) and 10% vit restored if you a monster receives pushback damage close to you. Tomorrow the extended turns for dimension are (hopefully this time) applied so the modifiers might change more often even on solar.

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Score : 3798

Yes, sorry I forgot to write the quest is in Xelorium.

Thank you Captain-Gale for the answer happy 

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Score : 27360

It appears she is playing on Rosal, not Solar.

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Did you manage to do this?

We had to get a str set and buy an Ethnologist Wand for my gf's int Osa to do this. It's just a horrible fight for int Osas.

For reference, the set was:
Broucey Set
Ethnologist Wand
AP Bearb Band
Freez Hat
Cloak of a Thousand Excuses
Eroclite Amulet
Eme Plum Mount

Ochre, Turq, Dolm, Crimson, Eme, Major Maniac

Strategy was basically Whip from far away and spam summons, particularly Boar, to soak up damage and push back. Careful when the Chunko gets close, as he may coop your summons from a low range and get close to you quickly.

The 2nd fight was much easier, since the Krosmoglob has a lot of life. It's hard to keep Chunko away from it, but you can Leash it back.

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Score : 3798

I still couldn't do it...
I will try with a strength set but I doubt I will manage and yeah I agree... horrible fight for us int Osas sad 

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Score : 1736
Japahn|2014-11-25 04:56:14
The 2nd fight was much easier, since the Krosmoglob has a lot of life. It's hard to keep Chunko away from it, but you can Leash it back.
Does that actually work? I figured it was one of those fights that ends if the npc dies.
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For a Osa lvl 200.

I changed the build for strength, used Broucey set and Ethnologist Wand as suggested by Japahn, with two attempts I won.
Now, anyone know any strategy to a lvl 152 Masqueraider?

I tried a few things, but so far it seems impossible!

Some missions that Ankama has recently created are stupidly ridiculous. It seems that they don't test. We are dependent on modifiers what makes the quest unfeasible for days.

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