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Prospecting and the Lurgi/Sarapox

By demonfoxassassin#2001 - SUBSCRIBER - January 13, 2015, 19:39:25

After looking at the bestiary in-game, I couldn't help but notice that Prospecting increases your chances of catching the Lurgi and the Sarapox.

Despite how quick and easy it is for a person get rid of either one, I would like to know a few things:

  1. Does Prospecting actually affect your chances of catching either one?
If so:
  1. Is there a reason for Prospecting increasing your chances of catching a disease? (Why?)
  2. Will the Devs possibly change it to where it (the Lurgi and Sarapox) has a rate that stays the same, regardless of the amount of Prospecting a character has?

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Well it "drops" as an item that immediately applies a status effect to your character. If prospecting seems to affect Lurgi/Sarapox I'm sure it affects the chance for followers such as the Cromagunk and Boar follower pets as well.

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I'm quite certain Prospecting increases your chance of dropping the Lurgi/Pox effect, like other roleplay buffs. This is because they chose to use the dropping mechanic to give it to players.
I don't see this changing any time soon, but I guess it's possible that they change it. It would have to be obtained a different way though, or changed to a really high droprate-like the 'Mastogob Blood Sample' that is needed to temporarily cure it.

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I assume that Ankama is indirectly encouraging people to complete the illness quest to be permanently cured from those effects.
Or Ankama has another logic: the more prospecting you have, the greedier you are, that's why they punish you, haha.

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