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[Contest] Dofus Doodle Day

By #[Izmar] - ADMIN - February 05, 2015, 12:13:43
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Nice, I add my doodle :
2.27 trending at the moment

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I am not certain that my entry is valid, since all of my characters are on the ever-troublesome Aermyne. However, if there's a chance that my entry can benefit the cause, I'm in. Epilepsy is a big deal. Let's help out!
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Score : 683

Also Aermyne, but worth the cause!

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Score : 5025

I looked through all the Dofus stuff I've done recently, and none of it could be called a "doodle", or I'd already posted it elsewhere, so I whipped something up. I haven't drawn a Xelor for ages.
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Score : 1350

(( i just readed only 1 submission ;v; oops.. well.. Just see this as some inspiration i suppose :'D since i rlly want to doodle something new for this... * smashes head against keyboard * sometimes im rlly stupid xD ))

I made this like a while ago :'D since i am too lazy to draw atm.. but this is one of my favourite ;v; since its actualy one of my fav otps //shots
i might make a dofus doodle later :'D but not now though, so i hope this is enough.. else i will just throw this cute grimdark (( that is my name of my sacrier ;v; she's my fav character ;v; on dofus and my oldest)
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So much love in the air...
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Welp, I guess today is tomorrow so... my little participation :') For my girlfriend, she really needs to watch that series. Really. So much I want to talk and... and I can't because she hasn't finished them and "No Kushi thats spoiler". Meh...

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Those are all amazing drawings. I suck at doing art. :/

I'll donate a couple euros, too.

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Unfortunately, I don't have a decent camera to hand, but i wanted to take part too.. so have a crappy web-cam version of a startled dragoturkey anyway
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yoli-chan|2015-02-06 00:09:10
Nice idea!

I doodle my thoughts on the 2.27 update.
OMG! If this doesn't win ^^ I will draw something too just because of this :3
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Well, Sadidas and their update are in the spotlight, yeah, so why not?

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Why do I feel like so many of these, while exceptional, are much more than doodles?

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I'm afraid my doodles from work today are also sadi-themed.. they've been on my mind since I can't play on beta!
(I removed my other doodles cause it's one per entry.. if you're curious
Click here for the others. tongue)

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Ninja sram with an extremely long light saber vs invisible gobball. Best art in history ....

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So here is my sram ;v; monokuro yaay
( This is how i doodle xD.. Chibi styl!:'D and no clean lines nor clean colouring xD but the adorableness goes trough the roof :'D ))

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Score : 1220

wanted to add my doodle of my cra...but wont upload sad


woohooo finaly...a doodle of my char :p
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Sorry I'm late (I didn't know about this contest) but can I leave my old doodle here? ;-;

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Thank you all for your great doodles! We have a total of 30 doodles submitted (31 if I count Nero's, which, for the purpose of donating, I will). This puts us at $15.50 to donate to Epilepsy Action. But, since that's just a little paltry for me, I'm going to do this instead. I'm going to chip in a little extra of my own and up the amount to $30 (USD) which comes out to about £20 (GBP). Annnnnd here we go!

And now, what you're really here to find out... who won? =D

Since we had so many entries, I'm going to crown some extra winners; although I can only give out one /paint emote, I hope this little extra token will let you know that you're appreciated!

So, our grand winner is: Organis! You'll receive the new Paintbrush item that allows a character to use the /paint emote when 2.27 goes live. Please Ankabox me if you also want to have the emote on the beta server while you're waiting for the 2.27 release!

And our runners-up, in no particular order:

  • CheckThisOrLife
  • SilverhandII
  • Kushen
  • Nostaliga
  • EmoGirl15x
  • Lucca123
  • ogichious
  • Yoli-chan
  • tatti-sieni
  • Neal-Mercury

Runners-up will receive a code for that they can use to redeem their prize in their Ankabox later today!

Congrats to everyone who won, and thanks to everyone who participated, you helped give money to epilepsy research and education. <3