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[Contest] Break Up With a Boss

By #[Izmar] - ADMIN - February 10, 2015, 12:08:46

Bosses are a huge part of every adventurer's life in Dofus. Their dungeons can be confusing, their damage can be devastating, their loot drops inexplicable, in short, they indirectly control the destinies of nearly everyone in the World of Twelve. Today, we're going to let you take some of that control back by hitting the bosses where it hurts the most... their feelings.

Write a poem to your favorite (or least favorite) boss, telling them that it's over, telling them that you won't put up with this abusive relationship any more, telling them 10 things you hate about them, whatever it takes to vent your feelings about your broken heart in poetic form.

Please keep your poems below 50 lines (just for the sake of our judges' sanity)! The poem that the judges like best will net its author a complete Piggy Paupe Set, as well as an Oafbloke Shield.

One entry per account and per person. Group entries aren't permitted. Duplicate entries will be discarded. Entries must be in English. Entries containing obscenity, profanity, racism, sexism, homophobia, or other forms of harassment will be disqualified. However, you may insult the bosses (that's sort of the point). You have until 10 am (Pacific Standard Time) on Monday, February 16, 2015 to submit your entry.

You may also enter on Facebook
First Ankama intervention

Wow, I'm so sorry, I asked the person who was going to give out the prizes to post the winner (as I was going to be out of the offices on the day they said they'd do it) and I didn't see that they NEVER POSTED ANYTHING OR GAVE OUT THE REWARDS!

SO. Extremely belated congrats to our winner: Solidify and his ode to the Royal Gobbal!

You'll soon receive your reward on your account.

My apologies!!

See message in context
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problems loading sent mine to facebook tongue 

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Wow I was getting excited at the thought of an event that would cause people to fight specific dungeons all day or something.
But then I read "Write a poem"

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Well, as long as the picture of my recently favorite boss is out there, I don't need to have much of fantasy there, do I?

I also apologize in advance for any rhyme or rhythm broken for English is not my native language and I could barely speak it. I double checked everything though.

* * *

It was a lethal blunder from the start.
You hated me so much, you pushed so hard,
You wanted me so very very dead,
Headbutting me with your enormous head.

The love and war are pretty much the same.
We danced. You suffered greatly. What a shame.

I couldn't live a single day apart.
We danced once more. I stabbed you through your heart.

Yet all my efforts seem to go to vain
Whenever I am back you're there again
Again the dancing, crying out aloud,
The goo all over your disgusting snout...

dramatic pause (it's drama, or a what?)

These evenings, honey, I'm with you a lot.
The case, however... I would rather NOT.

Lets break the loop of our sickly love!
Lets stop, oh big COCHON, I've had enough!
Lets have a deal, my pinkly sausage friend:

You lay THE EGG.
I go away.

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The Sheepish King

9 years ago I heard your name, whispered in a hallowed tone.
A young Osa, I sought strength and fame, and listened as my friend bemoaned,
“Feed me some bread! Give me some beer!” The Sram looked desolate and bleak.
“Tainela, lad, you must steer clear!” he gasped as he pushed on to speak.

He feared what dwelt inside that land, in fields vast and dungeons deep.
Treasure? Riches? Power Grand? What secrets did The Cradle keep?
Later did I come to know, though I wished it wasn’t true,
That while foul monsters did there grow, the foulest monster there was you.

When we locked eyes, I fell in love. Your visage there so old and noble –
The beard below, the crown above – your base renown was aptly global!
You lured me to your inner lair; surrounded me with all your friends.
And though it was a short affair, that is not where our story ends.

My tofu was soon torn apart, abolished by your callous spell.
He died, and with him died my heart. I came. I saw. And soon I fell.
But soon thereafter, I arose, and with me new resolved was steeled.
I’d take your kingdom by the nose! Ransack dungeon, rock, and field!

Without respite, for days and days I trained without regard for health.
I learned new spells that would amaze and purchased gear with newfound wealth.
I blasted down your dungeon walls. I slayed your friends with strength divine.
And through your hoarse and hateful calls, I knew at last that you were mine.

Oh joyous days - our love so fresh! The times were filled with endless fun.
You gave me love (also your flesh)! My kamas surged with every run.
Alas,although our time was fair, our close relationship soon staled.
No longer was the challenge there. Your once proud power now had failed!

My crackler could now rend your skin. My wyrmling scorched your shoddy throne.
But I needn’t summon just to win – I could defeat you on my own.
It’s sad to say, my dearest friend, as long as I have known you,
But it is here our bond will end. Because I had just outgrown you.

Perhaps one day you’ll again find some weak and foolish lad like me.
But we are through – our love resigned – and no more are we meant to be
So sit upon your regal chair, your vapid throne of stone and cobble.
And brandish all your august flair, you mighty king, you Royal Gobball.

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Im no good with poems and Im not very good in English but I have to say this:

Oh my devastating enemy
why are you so strong
Your name is Nileza not rock Lee
but maybe Im wrong

I cant find a way for my team
to kill you but I need
maybe I need to create a steam
or maybe I need to call
The assassin creed
But they cost a lot of kamas ...

The end

Well I warned Im not good in English

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Love the entries so far smile An ode to Klime, truly my least favorite dungeon! laugh

My dearest Klime,
I haven't the time!
Your glyphs they disappear,
Your dumple, my greatest fear,

I cower from the leatherball,
Health is fading, I must make a call,
Coney, living bag, come to my side!
Now is my chance! I mustn't hide.

The Iop thinks she’s beaten him,
However she went out on a limb,
POOF, into dust, and now she is gone!
For she chose the wrong cell to end on!

The enemy, laughing, and having good fun,
Standing on the map there is but only one,
He jousts, he leaps, he raises his sword,
The warriors, now graves, wish their dignity restored.

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I will give some love to dungeon that everyone has faced it! First time making a poem and i aint english dude so go easy one me biggrin

Rumours were told
Rumours were heard
About a flower
that couldn't be tamed

The flowers were wild
The flowers were famished
They were every farmers nightmare
And nobody could ever tame it (2x)

Many adventurers have failed
Some were eaten
Some were buried under the brambles
And some just fled away.

Besides the flower was not alone
IT had various loyal minions
From slow to quick
From small to big
And different colours they were

If you look from the distance
They might look innocent
But the greatest fear they are
And the wariors realized.

They tried to be brave
They tried to help the poor people
But none of them got back
With a trophy of the famished flower

The flowers were wild
The flowers were famished
They were every farmers nightmare
And nobody could ever tame it (2x)

So the wariors unite
And face the flowers all together
The flowers crumbles in fear
And farmers are happy once again.

Hope you liked it, sorry if something was grammaticly incorect wink 

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Bulb Cavern

I entered the Cave
tense and excited
I was alone, i was not united

The beginning was easy
The soulcapture was close
But then i saw it and i Froze

Two pressureplates
One Hero
But entry only for those with a friend
not those with zero.
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An Ode to my least favourite, well most hated Frigost 3 Boss and his cursed monsters.

* * * *

Demonic Roses are red,
Horror Grawns are blue,
My hate of you is surely true.

The way you learn,
and analyse my turn,
makes my heated blood churn and churn.

From your Mechanical Bots,
Which deal damage shots,
My death count has become lots and lots.

With that dumb look on your face,
I am forced to run back in haste,
or your rusty bots damage I will taste.

Your contraptions become worn,
my equipment now torn,
I yell a cry into this giant horn.

From your fellow Bosses,
I had many many losses,
But with you it's from unknown causes.

So now 50 times I say,
each 50 times I pray,
that you I would finally slay.

So you this dungeon's host,
the one I've chosen to roast,
is you Sylargh, only you...

I hate you the most.


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My darkest Lord Crow, my cowardly foe,
I won't be around your place anymore.
I gave it some thought and wrote so you'd know.
Your library is a terrible bore.
Hand delivery, it would seem, would be
A more appropriate approach to this;
Of course, in that would be an irony
And not a moment's sanity or bliss.
A single minute more I cannot waste
On groping my way through your ill-lit den,
Which smells too strongly of paper and paste,
Worried I'm somewhere I've already been!
I'm certain this missive will find you well;
Why not? Your minions do your dirty work
While you're ensconced behind your feathered shell,
Probably wearing a psychopath's smirk
As weapons clash loudly and spells explode,
And creatures die screaming, and you just hide---
It's caused my patience to quickly erode,
Until it's something I cannot abide.
And so, Lord Crow, it's time you truly know
How pointless, how foolish, inane and lame
Are the ways you shun your visage to show,
And now, I've decided, I'll do the same:
No more will I traipse your gloomy abode,
No more will I fight your vanguard of twits!
If you would face me, come out to the road,
So that we can hack each other to bits.

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Ehem whats happened? its already 17 february..

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You have to give them a chance to read all the entries and choose their winner. It is only the 17th after all. Give them a few days.

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so who won? i havent seen anything here or on facebook?

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Yeah it starts me to bother that she forgot about the contest

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We are eager to know biggrin 

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Wow, I'm so sorry, I asked the person who was going to give out the prizes to post the winner (as I was going to be out of the offices on the day they said they'd do it) and I didn't see that they NEVER POSTED ANYTHING OR GAVE OUT THE REWARDS!

SO. Extremely belated congrats to our winner: Solidify and his ode to the Royal Gobbal!

You'll soon receive your reward on your account.

My apologies!!

Score : 47

Oh wow, this is nice news! I didn't even see the gift icon until now. I'm very grateful for the prize and glad that the poem may have brought some smiles. Thanks for taking the time to read it!

Thanks, Izmar! Might as well show off the duds:

Finally living the dream of integrating into porcine society.

And the Oafblocke Shield, which I can now cower behind stylishly.

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