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Improvements to the Professions System in 2.29

By [lichen] - ANKAMA - May 07, 2015, 16:30:00
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Question concerning the 'Elbow Grease' achievement: one of the requirements to get it is to get three professions to lvl 100. My main has Farmer, Baker and Hunter maxed out. Farmer and Baker will be merged in 2.29, so does that mean I'll lose the achievement?

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You won't lose any achievement.

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Nerodos|2015-05-07 19:57:09
Ounce|2015-05-07 19:52:27
Wait so if a player is leveled to 100 in swordsmith now, after this update he will be 200 in all the blacksmith professions (dagger,hammer, etc)?

Yes and no. There will only be one Blacksmith Profession, regrouping all the five old ones. But he will be level 200 in that one.

Hate to have to be that guy but doesn't this seem kinda unfair? Could you give Tailor, Jeweler, and Shoemaker the same treatment and merge them into one gear crafting profession? Since you're giving away free max professions and all. =P
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Thank you Nerodos. Please let me know when you have more information.

Will there be any additional differentiation for HP recovery items? The difference between Bread, Fish and Meat is ... minimal. I have read a bunch of excellent ideas to diversify the options, has Ankama considered implementing HP recovery, temporary statistic boost, monster avoidance, new warp, XP / PP boost, etc. to increase variance and profession utility?

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sounds like this will result in nothing but spare lvl 100 tokens, on accounts you only have 1 character on.
punishment to multi-accounters making it untradable and lvl related at the same time.

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What will happen with the hunter profession Weapons especially the weapons that have been maged with 'hunting weapon' on them???

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Hunting weapons will still need to be equipped during a fight in order to acquire meat.

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I dont see any information about Tailor/Shoemaker/Jeweller.. I have all three with maguses so what will be my new proffesion

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Not all professions will be grouped together with others. If you can't see a profession on the list of fused professions, then it will stay on its lonesome.

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So I have still same 6 proffesions.. Can i still take other proffesion on this account?

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When will be version 2.29? I want to know that I bought p2p and had 200 lvl instead of 60lvl.
Sorry google translator

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Amele-san|2015-05-07 21:09:15
So I have still same 6 proffesions.. Can i still take other proffesion on this account?

Yes. Any character can have all professions.

@ChloeMoretz: We're doing our best to have Update 2.29 released in June.
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Okay, so those of us who spread professions across accounts will have to stick with it that way then, or will it be possible to open a ticket with support to have the profession rune moved as long as all the account info (name, address, email, server, etc.) is the same? I created some accounts just for professions. I would prefer not to have to have them now that I can put them all on one.

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That's another particular something I'll have to ask about. I'm not even sure Support will be able to move Runes across accounts.

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Tell them I will send them a personalized thank you card and some chocolates!

I know it's last minute for changes, but maybe the rune could also contain the originating accounts email (hidden of course) and not be linked, but only be used by an account that has the same email on it. Or something along those lines?

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What if my current proffesion got more xp than what it needs for lvl 100 will i lose the extra after lvl 100 or do i get it all in the rune?

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The runes can't go over level 200, which the new maximum profession level.

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When is 2.29

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If my fisherman profession is lvl 100 but my fishmonger profession is lvl 70, what happens when the professions fuse? Does that make me lvl 170 or 200?

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It'll be 200, since 100 Fisherman by itself will become a level 200 Fishwhatevertheycallit. The extra 70 levels of Fishmonger won't have any additional effect.

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