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Softcap Standardization

By [lichen] - ANKAMA - August 13, 2015, 16:00:00
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If you read the thing, you would know characters will get a reset.

"Softcaps will be automatically changed when characters log in once update 2.30 is released. Characters will be able to reset their characteristic points."

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Where is the promised crit damage increase? Why was AoN nerfed by over 30% when we were told that off element spells would be getting a 20% to 25% nerf? Why were only the crit rates of some spells changed(mostly str main attacks)?

You're not making "exotic" builds more viable here, you're killing them.

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Amazing change.

Sacrier will be glad,

Some Chance/Agi enis were too Overpowered duo to the fact that hey were hitting alot on Motolov state, Enis have been for years a really hard class to beat, and now they are getting some necessary nerfs.

About the exotic builds being more versatile I find this a little bit tricky, It seems some classes are being affected in this part.

Maybe some math will demonstrate it, At least the case of iops and cras

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I have come bak from the beta and honestly my ecas dammage has been reduced consistently. I tried putting all sats into agi and cha and int to compensate for the base dammage debuff but dammage output wasnt as high as before. Honestly, the base dammage nerf was quite high to be countered by the better soft caps without ruining the chars vit.

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Yup, looks like str or int ecas will be the only real options from now on, since most of the commonly used str skills received a huge crit chance buff while bluff is still at 5%, with now reduced damage. Also, going strength means you will be able to invest a ton of points into vit after getting 300 in str.

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It's hard to completely describe how i feel about the 2.30 update, my biggest irritation at the moment is the base damage decrease for certain off builds. A lot of people are saying that even if they stat all points into their off build they aren't hitting as much as they used too, which is counter intuitive to what this update is trying to do.

From what i could ascertain from the devblog the devs are trying to reward players for putting char points into their off builds; but how can this be so if the chars are hitting less then they were even if they are fully stat'd than pre 2.30? In all honesty I think they should readjust the base damage decrease's so that people are rewarded for putting all their char points into a stat; so chars come off hitting harder if they are completely stated compared to a pure vit char. That way pure vit chars would still hit less, while fully stat'd chars would be "glass cannons" like the devs want.

With the way the damage decreases are the exotic builds(omni and hybrid) are suffering more then they should be. I remember going omni just to not be limited and having versatility, and for a while the devs actually pushed and focused on hybridization (how they created gear and synergies with sets, synergies with spells, etc.); but with the way 2.30 is going i may be forced to go back to being mono-elemental, which of course is a reduction on game play. I foresee a lot of people going the mono-elemental way if the damage reductions stay the same; chars going back to their traditional roles and elements: str/eca, str/iop, int/eni etc.

I feel as if in a way the 2.30 update contradicts what the devs have been working towards for years, which is from what I've been able to deduce is Diversity and versatility.

TLDR; They need to readjust the damage decreases so its more rewarding for fully stated chars post 2.30 launch.

Edit: if i wasn't clear on my post pls let me know and ill do my best to explain if questions are asked smile

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Nerfing good chars, while leaving OP Elios like they are... screw logic. Just made omni Cra, Eca, and str/int Iop. So I'm done. If you want ppl to stop playing this game just close the servers.

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What ever you decide to finalize Ankama there's no doubt there's a lot of disappointment for some with this one. It's unfortunate you have found the need to nerf Xelors “Again”. I think one buff per turn is very drastic that's just my personal opinion for an eight/nine buff total. I doubt we'll ever see the maximum buff again in PVP which is probably what we need. If you're absolutely certain this is the way you want to move Xelors I'd like to suggest lifting the first turn ban on Mummification, Temporal Paradox, Rewind & Teleportation. Removing the heat from hand puts a lot more focus on the Xelor since people wont be so intended on killing the hand immediately. Hand bought us some time, no pun intended. I'd like to also suggest reducing the turn cool down on a none frag teleportation giving the Xelor more mobility and taking this “Buff Hand Win” mentality away. I'd love to see a more mobile flighty Xelor like I feel you had Intended to design at the start. I sense that if my Xelor were more mobile I'd be encouraged to pick another element other than the master element strength. I can see the scenario of teleporting in reducing some AP and doing some damage then teleporting out. I don't see that being too over powered since we have Eliotrope doing huge amounts of damage from across the way. I think it's a start at taking Xelor in the rite direction would love to know if any other Xelors like this idea?

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when the update comming?

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i homestly agree that this update is taking dofus back to the times were mono elementing was a must and stopping most ppl from having a more versetile gameplay where strategy is a key part and not just hardcore dammage output. The dammage reduction on bluf and a non improved crit dammage bonus is kind of making ecas a mist be str char and iops strengthstorm is a similar example

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Hello All,

I wanted to wait the release before posting any consideration on the 2.30 softcap standardization update. At first because I do think that a changing its necessary. The game have been deeply modified since his first release, and an higher versatility in Character developing becomes necessary. Personally I would add a further characteristic for omni-builds (as % power) which can be employed to increase all the elements hits stats without affecting secondary abilities (as maximum pods, Prospecting, Initiative or lock/dodge).

However I have tried the new changing. And I think that you have completely missed the role of each class. You cannot compare pure damages class (Iops and Ecaflips) with map manipulators ones (As Cras and Enutrofs). You cannot think to hit such a big decrease in their damages without affecting the role of these characters in fight.

I do suggest you to reflect deeply on these changes, and consider, if you want to keep going in this direction, soonish a total revamp of pure damages classes, which from now on won't be anyomore that.

Thanks a lot


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Why nerf agility Iops they are already suffering.

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Agility Iops are already the weakest build of the three, so why are you making them even weaker?

You're nerfing a build that needed propping up. Ridiculous.

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Welp, I guess I'm not coming back. Agility iop was already bad but I used it because I am a half decent player. Agility iop is not versatile, it only has 1 spell, that's why it had high damage, this reduction in damage and vitality just kills an already bad build whose only advantage was people not knowing how to play against it very well and getting punished if they positioned themselves badly by getting hit with a strong aoe spell.

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Air Iops have Divine Sword, Celestial Sword, and Sword of Judgement. Didn't realize that three and one were now the same number.

Divine Sword didn't actually get a damage reduction (it's still 21~23 at level 6), just a reduction in its crit rate. Sword of Judgement's base Air damage was dropped by only five points (from 25~33 to 20~28 at level 6). Celestial Sword's Level 6 was dropped only 7 points, from 43~47 to 36~40 (which is still about the same damage as Sword of Iop, which is 37~41 at level 6). And since Agility is now easier to get than ever, that means the first is more powerful than ever, while the others should wind up about the same as they were before.

... also, this change was made more than two months ago. Why didn't you talk about it then, rather than stumbling in months after the fact and only now deciding to complain? As I said when the beta test started (nearly three months ago now), "this is why this beta test is going to be very, very important for anyone whose stats have been affected by this. To help ensure that those numbers are right, and that your damage hasn't been severely decreased by the changes."

So have you actually done the testing, or did you just look at the forums, make assumptions, and flounced off without even giving the new stat caps a try?

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