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Share your Fansite or Guide here!

By #[Izmar] - ADMIN - September 15, 2015, 12:11:56

Have you made something wonderful that needs to be shared with the Dofus community? Share a link to it here and it could be posted to The Big List in the sky. 

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The site made by Rewyt and Bec for the Italian community Click here
Guides and tools for the players. Give it a look.

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Hi Izmar,

Wow i did not notice this announcement until a friend of mine encourage me to post here!

At this moment me and my friends are working together on small project that is to translate some question related to Kamas Making from various Dofus related site and official forum into our blog.

This project stem from the lack of experiences among beginner players in Dofus itself. I often leech newbies at Kanigloo and when we have some chit chat, i notice those who are new to the game really got no idea how to consistently make Kamas for themselves. I always repeat the same advice to those newbies.

Although the blog content still really low for now, the content and guide there could give some neat ideas to those whom in need. We going to update almost everyday or whenever we found good and worth information related to Kamas making.

We are doing some modification to the word of question itself or else Google will slap our blog lol.

Both of us not sure how long this project will last, we find some pleasure doing this charity works.

Here are the link:

Dofus Discussion

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I started a Discord chat server for Dofus. I would be happy if you (and Izmar -- nudge) would join, as I have been bringing new players from another (inferior, in my opinion) MMORPG. Discord offers voice and text chat.

Please invite all your server friends!

Invitation Link: Click here 

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Well, over the years I made a couple fanarts.

Click here

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