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[Contest] Al Howin Costume Ball

By #[Izmar] - ADMIN - October 23, 2015, 16:00:00
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Hello and good luck to all smile
This is Elaiza my character dressed (transformed) as a treechnid biggrin

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Arachnee set! Sram not included.

Image with no text

Modeled after a real costume I wore when I was like, 10. Would provide pics, if they existed.
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Man, we've had so many great entries so far! Keep it up!

Minor point of interest, I was looking through the entries in the previous Halloween Costume contest and I noticed that quite a large number of the Halloween sets that people suggested have made their way into the game in one form or another... just something to keep in mind when you're drawing! wink 

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Shaun of the Chafers, based on the movie Shaun of the Dead from Edgar Wright.

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I won't have time to finish it before the deadline, so I will submit it now, as is.
Based on Captain Davy Jones.

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I love that one! ohmy 

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Makutu|2015-11-01 21:18:28
I won't have time to finish it before the deadline, so I will submit it now, as is.
Based on Captain Davy Jones.

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The quality of some of this fanart is unbelievable. I am surprised that the artist said that the drawing based on Captain Davy Jones was unfinished. It's amazing in detail. would love to have that hat in game to sail the Asse Sea and buckle some swash!

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Fabulous entries so far, but I've got a question:
How are we distinguishing between the illustration/drawing category and the digital manip/photo collage?

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Personally I'd say Hrin, kivispl, Ruinana, AwakeW, rafkaprofas, and enduroppal (me) used photoshop, according to Izmar's definition since they took "a screenshot of a character without any equipment and using photo-editing software to add a costume to that screenshot."

Giga-Biga-Bowser, Karma41, QueenofChaos27, Neal-Mercury and Irenica submitted classic drawings. Capslock and Makutu created drawings with Photoshop, which I'd still put into the classic drawing section, IMHO.

I dunno about Lamuleaterry's entry. If I'm not mistaken this is a screenshot of a Wakfu character wearing the vampire set and he drew the girl coming out of the ring.

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Yosh ! happy

enduroppal|2015-11-02 09:10:48
I dunno about Lamuleaterry's entry. If I'm not mistaken this is a screenshot of a Wakfu character wearing the vampire set and he drew the girl coming out of the ring.

Well, I understand ur doubts ! It's a mix in fact, a drawing on a character (generated on Dofus Tools, we can recognize an Osamodas's face). This drawing is obviously inspired of Vampyro, from Wakfu yes.

Chay, your participation is so awesome ! Congratulations, I'm in love wub 
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Score : 3757

Aaah, alright. Makes sense then, Lamuleaterry. smile 

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Here's my entry for the contest. I was inspired by Dofus 3 monsters (harrogant, leatherball and snowdew). I put it on an ecaflip

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Wow, the harrogant mask looks really scary and amazing ^^

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This is a project I been working on in school for a 2 weeks. Its a 3D model made in Maya.
This is not nessesarly made for this contest, but I wanted to post it for the costume sake of it. I don't see this as a part of the competition since it wasn't made for that in the first place.
I posted it because this is afterall a costume ''contest'' and I felt the cape, hat and staff in this is something id love to see
(The characters body and style is inspirered by dofus)
(Lets say she is a stylized feca xD)

If the mods feel this is irrelevant to the thread, feel free to remove it happy
Otherwise happy halloween~
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I'm not an artist but I had fun doing these haha , since Solar is dead and I had nothing to do xD
(Drew the Set then I realized after reading the rules I had to draw a Character wearing it so I tried to draw one xD *I'm glad I didn't have to draw the eyes , the feet ... oh shi... the hands , such abomination D:*)

Anyways ! Felt like the Solaris Set should have a counter part ;D

The Lunaris Set

The Derrota (Amulet)
~ Upon wearing this medallion , you can hear whispers from the people around you "That pairs well with the Voodoo Masks , so-not-Zaap-sitting-with-us-on-Wednesdays."

Lunaris Ring (Ring)
~ This ring is said to give the bearer the ability to tell jokes like that of an Iop - leaving the enemies stunned and confused ... while leaving your allies sitting in the corner dying of embarrassment in your stead .

Lunaris Shield (Shield)
~ This shield will absorb the moonlight and cause your character to glow bright in the middle of a team battle , which translates to "Focus me!"... you did a great job of being a Sacrier for the team.

Lunaris Mask (Hat)
~ This mask provides protection from being bullied due to the size of your forehead , it also doubles as a blinding light in the middle of the night , but even so it won't change the fact that your forehead is big and still provides a blinding light when the sun shines on it .
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I'm afraid, my sram died once too often - so she decided to haunt innocent DOFUS-players. Here comes the spooky OKADAS-Set!
It could be a 3-piece coming with a Okadas-Helmet, the Ghastly Knightdress and the Countdown-Modem as amulet.

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Score : 52

Hello everyone! smileI didn’t have much time lately because of school, exams and so on and the past few days I finally managed to complete my drawing. This is why I’m posting it at the last moment. Anyways I hope you like it ^^.
I introduce you the Visor set (or Vissor)I drew the set on a cra. It contains a hat (Visor mask), an amulet (Visor necklace), a cape (Visor cape), boots (Visor boots) and a pet (Optivisor).

I really enjoyed doing my entry for this competition! Even though it’s not a perfect drawing I hope you will like the idea of it ^^.
Greetings ~ happy 
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Score : 332

Penguin Hero Set ^^ .....Cape, Amulet and Hat

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