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By Woxy2 - SUBSCRIBER - November 09, 2015, 19:22:20

As a level 91 I find it quite hard to level up using Kolossium because the matchmaking is so awful, I know this is probably because I'm a lower level and this game is mainly higher levels now but come on, surely even the losing team should earn some xp in my opinion, either that or the matchmaking should be improved. I'm trying to get to level 100 and it's kinda hard for me to find a group now for some reason to even leech off on Rosal so Kolossium seems like a good idea, but when I'm level 91 and my allies are level 130+ and all enemies are also 130+, how exactly is that supposed to work?

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To be honest kolo is a little crap in terms of rewards... I only play cuz of the pvp option and I love pvp lol. But I hate the fact I only get 60 odd kolossokens per match if I win it, like it isn't even worth the time, I could spend it crafting for more money even in the long run. I just love the pvp though so I won't stop but I think there would be more people kolossing if they had the incentive to. Matchmaking would greatly improve since more people over a wide spectrum of levels would sign up. But kolo as it is is not worth anyones time (unless you're a lv 200).

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