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Letter to the Community #03

By [Tot] - ADMIN - April 29, 2016, 17:00:00

Before you go ahead and explore our letter, it is important to note that no dev have been harmed for this information ... well ... officially! Here are the details on what the different teams are working on in the KROZMOZ!


Hello all,


Here we are already at the 3rd letter to the community. I don't know about you, but I get the impression time's passing incredibly fast at the moment. Is it springtime? Or maybe the end of a few huge adventures like the film?

Whatever it is, with this new letter, you might see the opposite effect, and find that time is passing slowly, because it's big.


I've already said that the purpose of this letter to the community is to keep you informed of everything that we're currently working on here at Ankama. So there's a little bit of everything and it's going to seem very long if you read it all at once .


On the animation side of things, we've finished with the DOFUS film adventure, so you'll find a little recap later on, and we're currently getting organized for projects to come.

As for the games:

The KROSMAGA team is advancing quite well. Some among you in France even got to test the alpha in recent days. On a related note, here are some of the character designs created by Xavier Houssin, Kim Ettinoff and Romain Pergod :

What do you think if we went in this artistic direction with future content for our MMOs?


The DOFUS TOUCH team is reaching the end of their marathon and we're impatient to make it available to you. What's interesting is that, with tablets being 4:3, we have the impression that DOFUS was made for them. The game is enjoying a renewed youthfulness, and I think it will be (in terms of content) one of the most complete games on tablet.

In the background, and always centered around the Krosmoz universe, we have a grand plan of attack that we're impatient to share with you. There's still lots to consider, but once we're further along, we'll tell you more. 

As for DOFUS and WAKFU, we definitely noticed that the calendar didn't really inspire you, and I understand only too well. We agree that it looks rather empty.

But know that there's lots of content that hasn't yet been detailed, and that the teams are planning on adding that progressively. For example, for DOFUS, two enormous projects are in progress. The first concerns a complete revamp of the interfaces. The more keen among you will certainly have felt that something was coming, because we asked for your opinions on the forums. We'll tell you more about that in this letter. And the other big project is transforming DOFUS into 16:9... It's a big job and it's going to take us a lot of time, but we consider it indispensable, and a way to make DOFUS feel new again.

Internally, we've had some difficulties "promising" too much out of fear of exposing ourselves to your collective wrath if we are unable to deliver, and so from your side, what you've been offered seems very light, even if that's not really the case. It's doubtless our way of explaining that isn't working, and I hope that this letter will make things a little clearer. 


In conclusion, I'd like to thank the Swiss we met at Polymanga. 1,300 people were there to see the DOFUS film. Thank you for your patience, because I know some of you were there at 2 p.m. to catch the showing at 6 p.m. What's more, the projection was really low quality: the image was too dark, the sound was rotten, and I had a lot of trouble keeping my cool when I saw the conditions our baby was being shown in... But your reactions quickly lifted our spirits along with Jean-Jacques, and I thank you so very much for your welcome. We'd like very much to come back next year.


The week after, we were in Meknès, Morocco. The ambience was completely different. What a change of scene. Frankly it was magic. I was bawling during the first projection when I found out that a large part of the children in the room had never in their lives been to the cinema before. What a magnificent gift they gave us... I'd also like to take the opportunity to thank the 20 or so players that we met. Guys, I've only got one thing to tell you: I love your sense of humor.


To wrap up, we'll be at the NonStop Festival in Barcelona on May 19th and 20th. Don't hesitate to come by and see us if you're in the area!


I wish you all happy reading.





Inter-Server Kolossium Update

A word from Simsoft

Multiple tests carried out on the Beta client were fruitful for the Inter-Server Kolossium infrastructure. In particular, the most recent version (2.34) and the large number of players in the Beta allowed us to take stock of the general state of the project's development, and correct several critical bugs.


Considering our current advancement on the ISK, we're confident in saying it will be released some time in the month of July. We're staying cautious (you should know us by now!) and so we'd prefer a progressive roll-out: just one or maybe two servers at first, in order to let us study how it works in real conditions, and the rest of the servers will come later. Which means that not everyone will get access to the ISK at the same time. But rest assured, this project is a priority for our dev team. We'll do everything we can for an efficient deployment, as quickly as possible. 


Mysteries & Extensions

A word from Halden

If you've wandered around Sufokia's coast, you've surely seen it: a gigantic submarine has emerged from the waters of the bay. The town's inhabitants are talking about nothing else... The Sea Council has, of course, tried to learn more. A delegation went and met the occupants of the imposing submersible. Friends or enemies? Councilor Viktoria Punkhurst remains very discreet on the subject.

Since the authorities are remaining silent, the intrepid Polly Perkin, a journalist with the Sufokia Dispatch, led an investigation... She managed to meet the captain of the submarine. Despite the rumors, he's not one of Merkator's henchmen, but a dignified (and very attractive, according to Miss Perkin) representative of the Sea People, the ancestors of the Foggernauts. This proud officer claimed to be in the service of a monarch who was impatient to meet the people on the surface.

Have the founders of Sufokia returned to the city they themselves built several centuries ago? If this information is true, it will mark the beginning of a new era for the city. Who knows what the Ancients' technomagic will help accomplish? Those that dream of exploring the last vestiges of mystery lying deep beneath the surface may soon see their dream realized... but the creatures that live in the abysses may not appreciate the intrusion into their domain.


Concept of new zone

Concept of new zone


A word from Furylaxx

You've certainly noticed that recently we've been frequently asking your opinion of the interfaces. To this end, we've created The Dofus Lab: a place for discussions around projects currently under consideration as ways of improving your gaming experience.

After several reports and multiple discussions with the team, we're happy to announce that we're breaking ground on a huge project: a total interface revision.


Our goal is to breath some new life into them, and more! We're going to work on the general ergonomics in order to make them more accessible and efficient. All while keeping the game's spirit - we won't be turning Dofus into anything that it's not currently.

We'll be reworking ALL the interfaces which, as you might imagine, will take lots of time! We're planning to release this revamp along with the release of the 16:9 version in the second trimester of 2016.


In order to do this, and to impact current production flow as little as possible, the DOFUS team has been joined by 2 ergonomists: myself and a graphic designer specializing in interfaces. And since this is the letter to the community (and we can't resist), here are the first concepts we're working on as a free and fresh gift! However, I must insist on the word "concept" because they will certainly change over time, so don't take them to be definitive.


Concept 1

Concept 2



Don't hesitate to let us know what you think about all this in The Dofus Lab! We'll use that space to show you how the project is coming along. Because yes, we'll keep asking for your opinions! We really want to work together with you on this project: know your desires, the problems you've faced, etc. We want to know everything!



A word from Jonquille

It's been about 6 months now that  DOFUS Touch  has been accessible as a closed beta, and the game is almost ready to hatch! You can play it from anywhere, anytime, and with whoever you want!


Although this closed beta took place in France, we plan to release the game in Canada at the end of May. Why Canada first? Simply because it's the country that allows us to launch two versions at once (French and English) and what's more, it will allow us to entice a lot of new players, who have never touched DOFUS, to wander the rich and fertile lands of the World of Twelve. Then, if the game functions well there, it will be available in other countries shortly. For the moment, although we're not announcing an official release date, we're still aiming for the first semester for the release in France.

Once launched in Canada, the beta will be closed. We know it will be hard - you'll have to be strong and courageous. If it becomes too difficult for you, we suggest you hide your tablet in a corner, and don't look it in the eyes. We're sure it will understand. But be sure to tell it that this will only last a few weeks and that you'll be back very soon.


Nearly 4,000 invitations were sent out for the closed beta, and we'd really like to thank the beta testers for their kindness and their involvement: the ambiance in the game was excellent, and it was thanks to you! Together, for example, we established the welcome guild system.


The leader of the beta's welcome guild, Cait Sith, can tell you more:

"When Nyom contacted me to talk to me about the welcome guild project, I was immediately interested, given that it's already a bit what I was doing when the beta started. Then throughout the discussions, tests, and observing the system in game, I really saw the potential of the welcome guilds in terms of communicating our passion to newcomers in the universe of Dofus. Thanks to various exchanges with the devs through the Community Management team, and their strong interest in creating a successful game,  we've managed to create some features exclusive to DOFUS Touch which will permit, I'm sure, seasoned players to play alongside newcomers. The principle of a welcome guild will fully make sense once the official release comes, and I'm more motivated than ever to take part in this adventure! "


Don't think that DOFUS Touch is simply a port of DOFUS to the tablet! Numerous features are exclusive to this version of the game: for example, the NPC Joris, who will accompany new players all throughout their adventures in Incarnam, the new marketplace which is accessible from anywhere thanks to a simple shortcut button, and even the character creation screen. Your tablet will shiver with pleasure, you can take our word.



A word from the team

Following the content published to the calendar, we'd like to reassure you of two things: first of all, we're working on lots of features and content this year which isn't yet on the calendar, and also, as the Community Managers have confirmed, we're updating it regularly.

We'd like to continue to communicate and converse with you even more, and the calendar, like the letter to the community, is one of the new ways that we can restore that link that we seem to have lost through the years. If there are other formats which would interest you, please let us know in the comments!


Now, let's move on to more serious things like the new features and content we've started working on. 


Adjustable Level System


What's that?

It's the ability of a player to virtually reduce the level of their character in order to take part in certain activities, all while gaining rewards adapted to the character's real level.

For example, a level 120 character could do a level 60 dungeon by lowering themselves to level 60, and gain rewards adapted to level 120: experience, money allowing them to get equipment, etc.


What's the objective?

First of all, the Adjustable Level will let you create your own challenges, no matter the actual level of your character, using all of the game's content. The Adjustable Level system will intrinsically change the current perception of player progression: from now on, the more you increase your level, you simply have access to more content, instead of just the high-level content.

​The Adjustable Level System will also be a solid base for several future functionalities, revolving around three primary themes:

  • Mutual assistance: play with your friends, no matter their level, while continuing to advance your character,

  • Matchmaking: by welcoming more players into the system and grouping them naturally, the matchmaking systems will function much better,

  • Competition: the Adjustable Level system will bring a competitive aspect to all of the games content while being fair to all players, irrespective of their levels.


In short, it's a new central functionality which will offer numerous perspectives for the future of the WAKFU MMO!




In parallel with Adjustable Levels, we're also working on an enormous project for WAKFU: a complete revamp of the start of the game and its ergonomics.



Welcoming new players is something of prime importance, and it's been a long time since we've readapted the beginning of the game to our needs, and to the modifications which have taken place these last years. And Incarnam, which is the first area our new players discover, is a little lacking in ambiance, appeal, fun, Wakfu... and something to give a real "whoa" effect in the first few minutes of play.


Concept of Incarnam mob


In a few words:

That's why we're starting by updating the feel of Incarnam. Our objectives for this revamp are:
  • Slowly and gently learn the game mechanics which can sometimes be complex.

  • Introduce the game's ambiance and its unique graphical style.

  • Anchor the game in the Krosmoz transmedia universe.

  • Bring an epic touch, which was missing in the old Incarnam.


The plot of Incarnam will be handled by a transmedia character and will revolve around the notions of Wakfu and Stasis - the mysterious energies at the heart of the Krosmoz. In the same vein, we also want to reintroduce Ogrest fairly quickly, from the beginning of the game...


Concept of Wakfu environment

Concept of Stasis environment


Don't worry if this content doesn't appear in the game in the coming days - it's going to take us some time to be able to deliver content in line with what we have in mind, but we hope that this first bit of information will help you wait.





A word from Tot

In terms of scheduling, we'd like to have KROSMAGA finished in 3 months, then follow with 2-3 months of open beta and start the pc, mac and tablet versions right after. Put simply, Krosmaga will be released soon!

We've tried to simplify the game while adding even more depth. The gods and their spells have been reworked in order to accelerate matches and to offer more variety. There's now around 3 game principles per god: 

  • Iop: charge mechanisms/initiative/armor and attack buffs


  • Ecaflip: heads or tails/six-sided die (random damage)/combos linked to Bow Meows


  • Cra: long-range shooting/blast spells/direct attacks on the Dofus



  • Eniripsa: heals/control/characteristic changes



  • Sacrier: sacrifice/placement/fury



  • Sram: Traps/+2 mechanics linked to discard


  • Sadida: Everything depends on the management of seeds which will allow the creation of dolls or bushes. The bushes, once placed on the field, will allow you to summon your Sadidas directly on them rather than onto the starting cell. 


  • Xelor: Dial/reducing and increasing card costs 


The advantages of the game in its current version:


  • We've gained quite a lot in terms of comprehension and readability, all while allowing more interesting and, above all, varied tactical decisions. Now, we once again need to examine it in the context of real matches, and to refine and perfect the balance before opening wide the doors. 


  • We've added a special concept concerning around 30 cards. It concerns the most rare type: "infinite". They represent the heros of the Krosmoz at different points in their lives (you could, for example, see the same character at different ages).


These cards have 9 levels which develop in accordance with the actions taken during the match. With each new level reached, you'll receive a "gift". 



  • We've also added an extensive collection system. Between ourselves, we call it the "Panini album" and now that we think about it, we're not quite sure what other name could describe it better. There are, throughout this collection, around 300 rewards which are divided into 5 categories.


  • We're also re-examining the character designs and class animations to make them even greater. 


Here are some examples of the new characters. The idea here is that these designs serve as references for DOFUS and WAKFU, whether that's for their upcoming content or their next zone or class revamps. 




  • Our tests on tablets are progressing well and the first results are pretty promising.


  • In comparison with what we tested in the first alpha, we're also revising all of the interfaces. What do you think?


Selection Interface

In-game interface



The disadvantages of the game in its current version:

  • Currently, the game progresses quite well while the players have numerous cards and create their decks, but is rather troublesome when one's just starting out with very few cards. The matches drag on... We need to work on this part in order to make the entire game more interesting, from start to finish.


  • The gods and their grand death animations cause freezes on tablets. We might have to replace the gods with just a simple medallion or icon. It breaks our hearts, but we'll see - maybe the devs will be able to manage a miracle! 


Here's what you'll have when the game is released:

  • 8 gods planned at the start 


  • 450 cards to play and collect spread across 5 levels of rarity: common/uncommon/rare/Krosmic/Infinite


  • A chat system and a friends list to let you launch direct challenges


  • 300 rewards for the album spread across 5 different categories:
    • "Puzzle" cards: they let you complete a poster. When you complete the entire illustration, you win a reward.

    • "BG" cards: they'll let you get little texts that describe the universe and its characters.

    • "Video" cards: these offer excerpts of our animated series.

    • "Treasure" cards: rarer and harder to obtain, they'll offer numerous surprises (boosters, kamas, exp...)

    • "Character" cards: these are the rarest cards. These will offer new exclusive cards to play. 


And then?

Because we're still going to keep a few things for the end of the year, after the release of the game, we're planning to... you'll see! wink





About Duel Pack 3

Since its announcement, some of you are waiting eagerly for Duel Pack 3, containing both Anathar and the Justice Knight. However, its release has been delayed time and time again. How come? This pack was the last one produced in our old factory, and due to production troubles, we have been unable to getting our hands on it. The situation could resolve itself in a couple of days or a couple of months…


We cannot give you a definite date of release yet: it will insert itself into our planning whenever it will be ready. But as soon as we catch a glimpse of Duel Pack 3, you will be the first one to know! 

Krosmaster Arena 2.0 and Season 4

These two upcoming products have also received their fair share of attention from the community. Are they stuck in the factory, too? Not at all! However, when Krosmaster Arena 2.0 was pre-released in France, some players have reported quality issues on certain figurines. As a result, we have taken extra care to recalibrate and improve our figurine-making process for all of our future releases.

Without giving you a precise release date (we all know how tricky those are for Krosmaster!), these two should be released during summer. They will be followed by a new Season 4 tournament kit, with its share of new prizes.


I feel like you still want more… Well, how about a good, old-fashioned spoiler? We have noticed that the Sphincter Cell has caught the attention of many players, especially with a partial spoiler of his turtle-summons floating around. Therefore… 


Online Game

Updates have been calmer on the online game since the tablet release. As a matter of fact, the Krosmaster team is currently a hand to the Krosmaga team, and will assist them until the game’s release. This has, of course, slowed down the progress on new updates.

Slowed down, but not completely stopped, as the new update will include Krosmaster Arena’s 2.0 rules set! Season 4 and Duel Pack 3’s figurines are also being worked on, in order to release them as close to their physical counterpart as possible. 



A word from Dewit

I’ve seen quite a bit of anxious messages around the internet lately, all about Krosmaster’s future. It’s true that our releases have been more spread out, we give out spoilers less frequently, and the game has slowed down recently…


I want to say it clear and loud for everyone: no, Krosmaster is not dying. There is absolutely no talks of shutting down operations and leave our players in the dust. The truth is that the second half of 2015 was a rough one for us, forcing us to reorganize ourselves deeply, and it’s only after months that we were able to stabilize and get back to our work for the future of the game.


We still have the will and the heart to continue, to bring you the products that were previously announced and even more releases afterwards, to widen Krosmaster’s array of possibilities. I totally understand that the wait is getting long, but it will be worth it in the end!


In the meantime, I’m sure we can find you bits of snippets of the future to show you…






News from the front:


The color war rages on and despite the floods of paint, the Tactile Wars team is working relentlessly on improving the game.


Several updates are coming in the approaching weeks. The first, planned for two weeks from now, will contain elements that many of you have demanded, like daily gifts, several ways to obtain collectable cards, and the highly-anticipated "solvent", which will let you change colors and join a new army.


The second update will be just like its content: huge and in several parts! It will deal with one of the functionalities the players have been waiting for most: bosses. These mechanical monsters, made of cannons, missiles, mine-launchers, super-rifles, and other marvels of engineering, will be your ultimate defense against invaders.

Each player will be able to construct their own boss by assembling them from parts and then developing them to make them even more unique.


Boss Kit

Boss final form


Expect epic challenges - defeating a boss will be no easy task!

Dear Generals, peace is passé! Continue to represent your colors proudly and expect to be surprised by all the new features coming in Tactile Wars.



Thank you for reaching this far. We would like to hear what you think about our updates and future plans, so comment away!

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Thanks for all the work put into these project ! Continue on that path

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Tot|2016-04-29 17:00:00

The DOFUS TOUCH team is reaching the end of their marathon and we're impatient to make it available to you. What's interesting is that, with tablets being 4:3, we have the impression that DOFUS was made for them. The game is enjoying a renewed youthfulness, and I think it will be (in terms of content) one of the most complete games on tablet.

It is truth, the games for tablet are weak the dofus will be a miracle for tablets.

Tot|2016-04-29 17:00:00

Our goal is to breath some new life into them, and more! We're going to work on the general ergonomics in order to make them more accessible and efficient. All while keeping the game's spirit - we won't be turning Dofus into anything that it's not currently.

Ankama needed to have thought about this in the transition 1.29 to 2.0

Tot|2016-04-29 17:00:00
If it becomes too difficult for you, we suggest you hide your tablet in a corner, and don't look it in the eyes. We're sure it will understand. But be sure to tell it that this will only last a few weeks and that you'll be back very soon

Hahahaha poor tablet...
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It would be better in the release in Canada was treated as an open beta, allowing the devs and team to work with real world exposure to the game Goultine purchases etc. And once the game is ready for international release Canadians that played the game and or purchased goultines get a "thank you pack" and the amount of goultines they purchased in the beta.
In most ways this will be fairer, considering Canada will be part of the international server, and it could be a month until the rest of the world gets to play ( using Canadian IP address aside ). Some hard core players could do a lot in a month and could quite possibly dominate a server
otherwise overly hyped that it's finally almost out biggrin 

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I take it this level adjustment thing is purely for Wakfu? I would love that kind of thing in Dofus tbh.

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The osamodas with arachnees and tattoos?! ohmy

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I love most of these new character designs. But please don't make the male Sadi look so stupidly cutsie. Maybe more in line of the old 1.29 designs. The current heads are already too cutsie. Don't need to turn them into girl toys.

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Score : 4064

Hm.. I'll keep my eye on this..

Might get me back into Wakfu at some point.'t keep a reliable sub to make use of the changes sadly.

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It might be a silly question but will Dofus Touch be available on iPhones or is it restricted to tablets only?

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Thanks for sharing! happy

For the character designs and your question about the future art direction, I have a few comments. Unfortunately, I strongly dislike the character designs of the females posing with swords. Please, please don't make the character designs in Dofus even more sexist than they already are. I appreciate that they look less childlike than the current Dofus characters, but both the clothing and the pose are worthless for a fighter. Unless you're planning to make the male characters look like they're posing half-nude for a gay magazine, please treat the female characters with more respect too.

The other image is better in that way, but while there is diversity in the figures of the male characters, all the female characters have exactly the same body type. Why not give the female characters the same diversity? Iop females could be very muscular, some other class perhaps tall and slim (including chest), another cute and short, and so on. And why do all the females wear bikinis and short skirts? I think the fair thing would be to give each class the same level of clothing to both genders, so if the male is fully clothed, the female is fully clothed too, and if the female wears only a bikini, the male only wears a loincloth, and so on. I would also really like to see a greater diversity in skin colour, with more shades of brown in particular, and maybe a few fantasy colours (isn't the Wakfu osamodas blue?).

I'm very curious and a little worried about the total interface revision. I don't know if this is included in that category, but one of the biggest improvements possible would be to allow travel between maps via keyboard shortcuts, and a general reduction of the need to use a pointing device.

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Score : 245

I agree with Fallonmel, I see the advantages of only releasing the game Canda first, but it seems unfair on the rest of the community. A month, or perhaps longer until the International community (the French will probably get it before them) gets to play the game seems unfair. The main attraction for many players to Dofus Touch is that its going to be a fresh and equal start for everyone. Now the Canadian community are getting a head start on the game. The idea suggested by Fallonmel seems to me to be more fair. This way the Canadian community is rewarded for their efforts, but won't give them an unfair advantage over the game.

I hope you take this advice on board, many players have been waiting a long time for Dofus Touch and I'd hate to start playing this great game already feeling let down by Ankama.

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mendezstyle|2016-04-30 09:03:54
It might be a silly question but will Dofus Touch be available on iPhones or is it restricted to tablets only?
Only for tablets sorry sad
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I see a couple comments on "new character models" but I don't see anything like that. From what it looks like, the character designs on there are for a totally different game, no?

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fallonmel|2016-04-30 13:30:59
mendezstyle|2016-04-30 09:03:54
It might be a silly question but will Dofus Touch be available on iPhones or is it restricted to tablets only?
Only for tablets sorry sad
That's a pity, thanks for answering. smile 
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NEW SEASON OF WAKFU finally biggrin


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pirotekno|2016-04-30 17:33:39
I see a couple comments on "new character models" but I don't see anything like that. From what it looks like, the character designs on there are for a totally different game, no?

It's for Krosmaga, but underneath it says "What do you think if we went in this artistic direction with future content for our MMOs?" And that's what we're replying to.
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What do you think if we went in this artistic direction with future content for our MMOs?

Uhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!????
Naked Osa who has her ******** and ****** only covered only by small tatoes, not a single piece of clothing, not even a leaf or w.e. ? Srs ? sad
1 -3
Score : 90

Oh I didn't see that it was an actual question (the artistic direction)

Why would you sacrifice so much detail on what you've already made for yourself (in reference of Dofus and Wakfu) in turn to mobile graphics. I'm not even questioning the models or taste-- putting this type of visuals in any of the MMOs or even other 'real games' after Dofus and Wakfu would look like you're deliberately lowering your standards :/

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Here are some examples of the new characters. The idea here is that these designs serve as references for DOFUS and WAKFU, whether that's for their upcoming content or their next zone or class revamps.

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ....
What will Osa do? Attack with her tatoes? And be even more visible naked? ph34r
Not that the other classes would look any more glamorous either, if these "designs (that) serve as reference for DOFUS and WAKFU" become reality ig sad
I might have a severe form of artistic blindness, but seriously, I fail to see why would be the need for these "things" to get into games and replace the actual designs for classes? huh
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Score : 7464

I personally love these small toons, the animations have so much character! Love the bright colours and the poses. I don't see how these would be pulled off in dofus though (especially with the model diversity I saw?), given the flash constraints that have been mentioned many times in the past.

And +1 Bohemia, I'd like to add how great it would be to see the female toons in game given some more clothing/build diversity? Looking at the male vs female concepts for Krosmaga there, the female concepts almost seem like the same base with different colours/clothing, while the male ones are all different sizes, with itty bitty xelor, super buff iop, paunchy sadida, etc. Even just female srams made of bones (pls), or more than a handful of classes wearing something more substantial than a modified bikini, would be sick.

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