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Background: The Sufokian Abyss 1/3

By #[Izmar] - ADMIN - May 26, 2016, 16:00:00

The depths of the Asse Sea are overflowing with strange creatures. Starfish, Crabs, Mumussels and Snappers of a thousand colors inhabit the beaches of the Amaknian continent and elsewhere. But it seems that there are still some surprises in store for the people of the World of Twelve…

Only recently, a sea-faring contraption appeared on the outskirts of Sufokia Bay. Where did it come from? What is it doing here? And who (or what!) is at its controls? The mystery lingers, and anxiety weighs. Giles Vern, the master of the Oktapodas Temple and spiritual guide for the Foggernauts, Viktoria Punkhurst and Ferdi McGellan plan to shed light on this dark business…


"Hmmm… As surely as Snappers suffocating on a riverbank move more than ones swimming in the water, this contraption looks to me as if it came from the sea…"


Ferdi McGellan's insight didn't escape Viktoria. In charge of managing the Council of Sufokia, the young woman had a ringside seat when the gigantic submarine emerged from the sea. She's Giles Vern's little protégée, yet she's nothing like him: energetic and determined, she prefers action over thinking.


"Indeed." Viktoria rolled her eyes and turned toward Giles, both amused and dismayed.


 "We must get the members of the Sea Council together. Together, we'll determine the procedure to follow, the precautions to take, and will put in place the means necessary against a possible attack from the sea."


"Calm, my dear Ferdi, calm…"


Unlike his old friend, Giles seemed unfazed. 


"With all due respect, don't you think it would be preferable to act quickly and simply go see what's happening… in there?" said Viktoria.


Carried away by his thoughts, Ferdi McGellan had stopped paying attention to the young girl's words.


 "After which we'll debate who – and it'll no doubt be me – is going to go into the contraption. Supposing that nothing comes out of it before then, of course. We're not safe from any threat, whether it be from the seas, from another continent, or I don't know where! Maybe another planet!"


"Ferdi, I think that…"


"Because everything points to it being a submarine, but maybe it's actually a camouflaged vessel from the Shustuft Crust!


"Ferdi! Are you listening to me?" Viktoria raised her voice.


 "Oooh, the demons would be quite capable of doing that… Let's think about this properly before acting rashly; it's vital, as the safety of all Sufokians is in question, and…"


A sound of scrap metal resounded and made Ferdi jump. Giles remained unblinking.




The president of the Sea Council and First Lady of Sufokia clearly had neither the time, nor the desire, to bother with so many precautions. She took advantage of Giles and Ferdi McGellan having their attention diverted to venture into the submarine on her own!


"By Oktapodas! Giles, it's awful! Viktoria's entered that contraption!


"Don't panic, my friend… Everything will be just fine. Trust me…"


What would Viktoria find in this submarine? Would she come out of it alive? But most of all: Did Giles know more about it that he was letting on? One thing's for sure: he couldn't help but feel admiration for the bravery of the girl that he thought of as his own daughter… 



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