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Osamodas revamp: your opinion matters!

By #[Nerodos] - ADMIN - July 07, 2016, 16:30:00

You were very enthusiastic when we announced the Osamodas revamp, and most notably so about the idea of being able to fuse your character with their summons. This is why we are now asking you to contribute to the design of these transformations: take a few minutes of your time and fill out this survey

As we already announced here, the Osamodas class is getting ready to go back to school on September, and things will change! Among the items on the revamp checklist, the most important is indisputably the ability to fuse your character with its summons. May he who never dreamed to be one with his Gobball (as friends, of course) cast the first crackler stone! 

Because your opinion is essential to us, we would like for you to share with us your expectations regarding the design of this upcoming "fusion". That's why we are asking you to vote for your favourite visual among all the ones that are depicted right here:

The survey will end on July 17 at 23:59 (Paris Time), and soon afterwards we will get back to you with the results.

Thank you all for your participation, and please do not hesitate to comment on this topic to argue your choice!
First Ankama intervention

Hopefully, the revamped Osamodas will be featured in the live version of DOFUS in September, and will be featured in the Beta around the same time (though a few weeks earlier).

See message in context
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Score : 430

as for the gobball design i love the top 3, because of the color variation,, the dark-blue variety is just too much wakfu

as for the dragon transformation, i fell in love with the 3th one due the red scales in the back and hands, head and chest/tummy in a color variety that fits more in the dragon anatomy, i only wish you guys had as much as variety with the dragon design as the gobball design

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Score : 1311

I like the top-right gobball design and the leftmost dragon design.

The top-right gobball looks like he's ready to brawl, which seems to fit the image of a strong tank. The leftmost dragon looks ready to strike -- maybe the upright dragons look like they are slouching a little bit too much?

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Score : 3

I really appreciate you guys letting us vote like this. However, its kind of hard to vote, especially for the gobball one without knowing their play-style. If the gobball one is a hard hitting mother trucker then any of the side ones seem appropriate but if its more of a tactical shepard of sorts the middle one seems more suitable.

I guess I just have to vote because I'm sure you guys can't say anything for certain about their play-style yet.

I just saw that you gave us a little taste of it on the original post so I'll vote off of that, thanks xD

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Score : 157

I really love how that you allow us to choose.
For me: Middle Gobbal, i just love it. THe first gobbal looks a bit too demonish and stuff.
I like the last gobbal as well, but if i can choose, from the 2 the middke one wins, i love its "wise" look.
From the wyverns, (because those aren't dragons ^^ ) i love the first, bcs of how it stands, not sure if thats a difference. If they stand on 2 legs on purpose, then the first one for sure.
But i'd love more of a bulky type for it, specially for it's head, like with the head of the summoned dragon.

Thanks, for these and keep up the good work! smile

Oh and you didn't show us tofu design here, but it would cool to see a bit more agile standing for it smile
Just my 0.5 cent.

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Score : 589

I'm a fan of the top left Gobbal from. Strong and powerful, not hunched over.

For the Wyrm form, the left design's stance + the right design's colors would be preferred. The right two stances seem rather awkward (arms hanging limp).

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Score : 567

Will they come to live or beta in september?

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Hopefully, the revamped Osamodas will be featured in the live version of DOFUS in September, and will be featured in the Beta around the same time (though a few weeks earlier).

Score : 74

in this topic Gobball looks a lot better Click here

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Score : 5165

The gobbal looks like a buffed monkey with fur and horns IMO. The blue one is the best pick.

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Score : 1405

Gobbal #1, Dragon #3.

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Score : 23

6 and 2

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Score : 3

Gobbrawler 3
Dragonosa 1

0 -1
Score : 509

The old character description says Summoner, not Fusor. I don't like it, especially if I want to run around the world like that outside of a fight!

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Score : 8

From the gobbals I think it is essential to know what the spells do and look like. I don't think the middle one will fit as i assume that it will be somethink like a tank and with a magic staff like that it won't be as clear as with the other two.
And speaking of the dragon fusion i actually don't like it that much. it should either be a real bad ass dragon with the colour scheme of the third. But i think it is best to make the dragon something like a really cute dragon as its main use is to heal and unbewitch.

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Score : 5042

Voted! happy 

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Score : 945

Aussie Kangaroo i think were voting on a design of your fusioned osa which will only be applied during fights or when spells are cast. osa sprite will be redesigned but still quite the same as it is now. pls correct me if wrong tongue

also i too would like a cuter dragon for female osa if shes gonna fuse with it

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Score : 3

A crawling dragon form would be cool. About the color, it would be cool if the dragon form would be chameleon color with the main skin based on the osa's cloth color and the underbelly based on the osamodas skin color

Would be cool to see my golden dragonform osamodas.

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Score : 125

bottom left gobbal and the right wyrm, changes are looking great! back on this game after a 3 year break and had no intention of continuing with my osa at all, however if these changes are as good as i hope she will have to come out of retierment! biggrin

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Score : 301

Top left gobbal because that has the most intelligent expression and I like that shaman-looking art.

As far as the wyrmling goes, I voted for the second one, imo that looks the best (3rd one is good as well).

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