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Will Dofus ever go completely F2P?

By skullsnerz - SUBSCRIBER - October 17, 2016, 09:25:16

I know a lot of people will think I'm an idiot for thinking Dofus will ever go F2p, but i've played this game since 2007, pre 2.0, and I've loved this games but i've been playing off and on for a while mainly due to how few players there are in the game now. Many games have gone F2p from a B2p or P2p model before with some success and I think Dofus would be able to benefit from doing so. I know many people think the game isn't dying, and maybe it isn't, but compared to the gameplay back in the olds days, even as a f2p player, it was way more fun playing with lots of people, having lots of items to buy in the stores and everything else that goes with a larger player base. I would love to play this awesome game again and I think it needs to be revived and return to it's glory days. I loved Dofus but seeing it in it's state now, at least for the international servers, it saddens me and I hope that one day I will be able to play like i did before.

Just posting this to see what other people think, post some replies or comments on what you think. When did you start playing Dofus and how is it different from today's Dofus.

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Short answer: No.

Slightly longer answer:

There is no model that works for turning an MMORPG F2P that appeals to western audiences. Look at how much screaming there is for things being potentially "pay-to-win" any time there is a new ogrine service that is not solely cosmetic (see: class change et al.). (Side note: Pay to win models do sometimes appeal to Eastern Audiences of games, but this is also somewhat genre dependent and somewhat inconsistent)

There isn't really incentive to switch to a cosmetic model either, especially since many players are perfectly willing to subscribe and still do buy the cosmetics.

Booster options are also unlikely to appeal to existing players given the existence and effects of wisdom, prospecting, and idols on fights already, and removing the effects of these in order to promote a booster model would likely push existing players away from the game. This might not be a death sentence for the game in France where is is more heavily marketed, but it would almost certainly kill any international following.

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It is F2P for me.... I use ogrines to buy subscription so Dofus is 100% free to play for me... More accurately I "Play to Pay". I did spend about $100 USD initially to be able to do this.

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They have that experimental Wakfu F2P where you subscribe to unlock 2nd and 3rd character slots yet we will probably never know if that was a good solution or not.

Otherwise Nerd-Tease is correct. F2P or not, Ankama still have to earn their stay and migrating to F2P Pay-To-Win model at the current point would probably be devastating on many levels.

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