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Spell Variants

By [lichen] - ANKAMA - November 15, 2016, 16:00:00
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ew i made all my chars omni to make use of all their spells and even bought sp scrolls now what's going to happened im gonna be forced to use a lesser set of spells and continue to spam 4 buttons of being a mono element? ew.

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No one will be forced into anything; the plan is for the variants to be optional and bring more options to the table, both for single-element players (who will have more spells available to them) and for omni-element characters (who will get to choose between different versions of a spell to use the one more suited to their needs).

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Can we get an updated* FAQ thread going for this now that it's being teased?

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Sorry, not yet. It's just being teased at the moment, it is too soon for an updated FAQ.

But one is planned and will be published in time, don't worry.

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Elemental choice, 3 spell per combat.... Hmmm.. It refers to spell that can do damage. Wait! I am xelor, I am relying on other elemental spell to put a telefrag state to my targets.

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