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Player Event: The Dofus Experience in Essays and Interviews

By Liquid-Flame#7268 - SUBSCRIBER - November 23, 2016, 16:09:53
Hello and Happy Holy Days! I will be giving away around 1,000,000,000 kamas among participants. This event is all about your experiences in Dofus. Write essays and interview friends! This event has several tiers. There is one entry per person every tier; each person can submit once in each tier. Entrants must play on a non-restricted normal mode server (I believe that means no French servers, and no hardcore or special mode servers) and each entry must be in well-written English. Until I get the "OK" from Izmar or a Moderator, servers will be limited to those to which I have the ability to create or transfer characters -- otherwise, aside from Izmar's or a Moderator's help, I would have no means to provide the rewards to anyone outside the Zatoishwan server on which I play.

Each tier will span 2 weeks, and there will be a single on-going tier that lasts until the end of this year. The overall event starts Thanksgiving Day (November 24, 2016) and ends January 5, 2017. You may of course work on each tier in the mean time, but submissions for each tier will only be accepted during their respective two-week periods. Rewards will be distributed after the conclusion of the event; if I must distribute the rewards myself, I will need time to transfer a character to each server, which would of course be at my extra expense and take maybe a couple of extra weeks to happen depending upon Ankama Support. We'll see how things unfold.

Essays should be a maximum of about 1000 words.

Tier A (November 24, 2016 - December 8, 2016): Write an essay about the history of your main or favorite character. Optionally include one current and one historical cropped screenshot of them as a then-and-now for comparison. One entry per person, and the described character must be on the account through which you submit the essay. Each entrant who submits a well-written essay will receive 1,000,000 kamas and some candy. There will be two random drawings for the winners of Royal Dragoturkey Harnesses.

The essay should present why you chose for your main or favorite character its class and name, what your plans were for your build, how you met friends along the way and what you did together, which quests, professions, and monster fights you pursued, whether you joined or started a guild or alliance (if such existed back then) and how old your main or favorite character is and its other history. Each of these points and others can be a paragraph long if you like.

This essay is an emphasis upon the past state of Dofus and you, and should be written in the past tense. Nostalgia is welcomed; do you have any old screenshots of your gameplay to consult, for example when you visited the icy landscape of Frigost and the dense foliage of Vulkania for the first time and brought your metaphorical camera with you to take a photo shoot with your friends among the natives?

Tier B (December 8, 2016 - December 22, 2016): Write an essay about your current favorite server and about fellow players therein. Interview your friends. Describe how you and your friends like to play, how you and others previously met and currently meet players in that server, the various activities you do together, what your favorite playing styles, class combinations, and strategies are, how guilds work together in your alliance, and what your current goals are. Detail trends that your server has experienced, what you enjoy and do not enjoy about it, and anything else you want to share about your experiences therein. One entry per person. Submissions will be evaluated and the first-place winner will receive 100,000,000 kamas and two mimisymbics, the second-place winner will receive 50,000,000 kamas and one mimisymbic, and all subsequent selections will receive 10,000,000 kamas.

This essay is an emphasis upon the present state of Dofus, and regards players besides yourself, and should be written in the present tense. You can make comparisons to the past which would be written in the past tense.

Tier C (December 22, 2016 - January 5, 2017): Write an essay describing five of the best suggestions that you have which you think would help Dofus improve for the future. Detail how you came about the ideas, such as from playing a particular class, reading the forum and agreeing with what others suggested, or a sudden moment of inspiration. Describe a plan for implementing your suggestions. Explain how you think these ideas would improve the game if your plan is implemented and what direction you want Dofus to take as a result of these ideas. One entry per person; each entry will be evaluated and submitted to a lottery whereby the winner will receive 50,000,000 kamas and a fully-leveled armoured dragoturkey. All other selected entries will receive 5,000,000 kamas.

This essay is an emphasis upon the future state of Dofus, and regards the Dofus developers and future players of Dofus.

Ongoing Tier D (November 24, 2016 - December 31, 2016): Related to Tier A, and until the end of this year, take a screenshot of your main or favorite character and present an artistic hand drawing (digital or scanned) of the same character pose. At the start of the new year, we will vote upon our favorite artwork using a survey web site like Survey Monkey. At the conclusion of the event, the first place winner will receive a Crimson Dofus, the second place winner will receive a fully-leveled armoured dragoturkey, the third place winner will receive 3,000,000 kamas, and the fourth place winner will receive a mimisymbic. Non-winning entrants will receive 500,000 kamas. Entries should show both the screenshot and artistic drawing for comparison. One entry per person.

Submit your entries for each tier during their weeks as a reply to this forum thread.

I look forward to reading about your experiences with Dofus! biggrin 
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First Ankama intervention
I'm afraid that the moderation team and I won't be able to help distribute these prizes, but I applaud your initiative and community spirit, Liquid! I'm looking forward to reading the essays and seeing the artwork that comes out of this contest. =)
See message in context
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Wow very cool event, I'd love to read about other people's experiences as well as tell my own. One question though. Is there no maximum length? A lot of essay competitions have them for a multitude of reasons and I think if all entries were a similar length it would be easier to judge them. (not trying to hamper on peoples creative thinking! just trying to help) That being said, there is still some value in no guidelines so I suppose I'll just see what you think. Anyways I'm excited, good luck to everyone else participating!
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How about approximate maximums of 500 words for Tier A, 1000 words for Tier B, and 1000 words for Tier C?

Edit: We'll do a maximum of 1000 words for each essay. I also added an ongoing tier for the artistically skilled and talented members of the community.
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My friends are long forgotten on the servers, but I still got them on social-media... ._.
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If Tier B is 1000 words, Tier D or E would be like 4000 words. That's like the same requirement for the Extended Essay, an assignment for students studying the high school diploma program International Baccalaureate to complete within 2 years. laugh 
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Please clarify, I don't understand what you are saying here. Is the maximum of 1000 words too much? There is a tier D that I added, but no tier E yet like you're saying abstractly might exist as 4000 words, and each tier is just a mini-event during the overall essays of Dofus experiences event. I don't intend a sequential level of difficulty or involvement through the ordering of the tiers, so I'm not certain what you mean by a hypothetical Tier E being more maximum words.
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How are people supposed to submit the eases to you? Ankam mail? or do you have some other way that they should submit it to you?
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Post them in a reply to this thread. They are not intended to be kept secret.

Tier A began yesterday and continues for 2 weeks, so you have plenty of time to think about your main character's history and how you would like to describe it.
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I think this is an amazing event and thank you so much for doing one!

Cant wait to start writing my adventures!
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Rynar the young Osamodasian had crept as quietly as he could and used every bit of his woods craft skill but still the group of monsters had found him, a battle was unavoidable a battle in which either he or they would die. The terrain at least had favored him by giving him a fair distance between himself and the creatures, fate had not for the group was larger than any he had ever faced, still he was confident in his abilities and those of his summoned familiars. He started by summoning his fierce gobbal pair, one black and one white who bravely faced the horde of vicious hungry predators who wanted to rend the flesh from their bodies. The brave gobbal pair moved to defend their master as Rynar plotted his next step. As the two groups closed to melee range, Rynar summoned a mighty black wyrm and blessed it with additional power to battle the beasts. The black gobbal struck living wooden construct a huge blow which the thing simply shrugged off as if it had not happened at all, then the white gobbal struck with the same result. The mighty black wyrm waded into the fray spewing fire that bathed the wooden horror in flame, the horror shuddered and from it crawled yet another even stranger beast a large wooden barrel of rotten wood with heavy chains and large spiked steel balls hanging from it's "arms". This beast spun in a fast frightening circle spinning the spiked steel which sent them crashing into the gobbal's forcing them back and inflicting terrible wounds on them. Yet again the brave gobbal's despite the wounds waded back into the fray, striking out with horns and hooves at both beasts, the dragon added his flame to this attack and this time not only did it burn the monsters but the same flame soothed the wounds on his gobbal allies renewing their ability to fight. Rynar in the mean time had maneuvered carefully into position and raising his hands called forth his most powerful dragon fire which struck the shambling box horror burning it into cinders. Yet in this moment which should have brought a sense of hope to the young summoner, Ryan instead shuddered with dread for out of the shadows crept 3 more vile looking beasts, Rynar steeled himself and speaking a word of encouragement to his pets prepared to meet these foes with courage in his heart and fire at his finger tips, this battle had just begun!
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Hello, can you make transfers for Spiritia? If so I'm quite interested.
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No, that Brazillian server is restricted to me because I live in the USA. It might be possible if Izmar, a GM, or a Moderator agree to help with the distribution of kamas and items from my inventory to other servers.

I'd like to clarify that Tier A is an essay that says why you chose for your main or favorite character its class, its name, what your plans were for your build, how you met friends along the way and what you did together, which quests, professions, and monster fights you pursued, whether you joined or started a guild or alliance (if such existed back then) and how old your main or favorite character is and its other history. Each of these points and others can be a paragraph long if you like.

I updated the tier descriptions, and I emphasized the chronological nature of the contest. Tier A is about the past of your character. Tier B is about the past and present of your favorite or current server. Tier C is about how you would like the future of Dofus to be. Also, Tier A is related to you, Tier B is related to others in your server, and Tier C is related to the developers of Dofus and future players.
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I'm afraid that the moderation team and I won't be able to help distribute these prizes, but I applaud your initiative and community spirit, Liquid! I'm looking forward to reading the essays and seeing the artwork that comes out of this contest. =)
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I've never thought of any of my characters as anything more than playable avatars, writing a 500 worded essay about something like that is going to prove rather daunting, but I like a challenge so I'll try, I don't want any prize, this just seems like a fun event, I'll keep in touch.
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My main character is Thunder-Blast on the Zatoishwan server. Its name was chosen to represent the agility Iop's spell Celestial Storm which I very much enjoyed seeing among Jellix hunting teammates on Rosal prior to Dofus 2.0. Thunder-Blast was going to be an agility Iop, but at the time only strength builds were practical for that class, so I decided to play using the earth element ad nauseum and experiment around level 170 with fire and wisdom from which Cut benefitted during my Kanigloo survival adventures. I never explored agility Iop, even after I saw another Iop go agility and saw how overpowered that was, but I have settled for the earth element even after the Iop class change.

I remember and have screenshots of my adventures with dedicated Dofus-playing friends who I met through selling subscription rewards like Dragoones for discounted prices and with whom I enjoyed long Blop hunts. While players were leveling quickly, even so far as to share their accounts to level faster, I decided to exclusively play my account. Early on, I experimented with exploring the game while playing two accounts at once, as a workaround for the difficulty of finding players to group with me, even back on Rosal before I started this character in Dofus 2.0. It was much easier to make friends by being generous.

I also used multiple characters among my main account, with Thunder-Blast leading, in order to work on professions. I started by having my second account and its bank exclusive to professions, but decided to subscribe only my main account, and with the profession update, consolidated all my professions among my characters onto Thunder-Blast. I rarely play other characters besides Thunder-Blast who reached level 200 off of a piwi fight outside the Kanojedo after grinding Petrified Forest monsters. Getting from 199 to 200 was enjoyable back then as a pure wisdom Iop of fire build, although my Hail/Sleet equipment was notably underpowered, as usual.

I started a guild called "The Sentinel Alliance" whose purpose was to offer a scouting service for monster groups and resources. I started other service-related guilds in an attempt to build community on Zatoishwan, but after about 5 years had to abandon that approach and concede to joining other guilds instead. Due to politics and bad manners among certain players, it was difficult to find a pleasant guild. My pursuits related to guilds have vanished by now, and the atmosphere on Zatoishwan is more friendly nowadays anyway since most players grouped into a single alliance, which is what I had advocated before quitting back in October 2015 and returning around April 2016. So my creative guild and community-building ideas did not amount to much.

Thunder-Blast has had a long history of questing. I think I was one of the first players to reach the furthest a solo Bontarian could go in the Bonta Alignment Quests. I updated the Dofus Wiki site with lots of images and information along the way. I continue questing only casually, as this Iop has retired. My pursuits have involved a variety of multi-accounting ideas, and I continue to have Thunder-Blast lead teams of six to twenty accounts of my alts in its retirement. Some day, I might work on the Otomai Dofus quest line for an Ochre Dofus, and pursue the rest of the achievements available to this character.

Thunder-Blast in a Green Scaraleaf set back in July 2010:

Thunder-Blast during the fashion show contest in October 2014:

Thunder-Blast now:

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Big-Tuna's story begins many years ago on the Rushu server, he wasn't my first character but he definitely ended up being my favorite. He was a Sram who loved the trap mechanic and at the time, if you loved traps, you were strength. I basically screwed around until I was 80 where I switched to agility with a Royal Coco Blop set and a Gelano. It was far enough back that Con used to steal Kamas and the Kolosseum had just been introduced. This is where I met my best internet friend of all time ( at the time perhaps my best friend just in general ). We had gone up against each other in Kollo, he was a Cra, and queue friendly banter! Less so friendly than aggressive however perhaps somewhere in the middle, it was directed at everyone but we were the only two talking. That might be mean but it was quite hilarious and at the end of the fight we said our good games and parted ways, for a time.

This is where things started to heat up. My friend, Song, and I happened to get queued on the same team in Kollo. Recognizing each other we had a very fun game together and continue to queue afterwards. Now this part I'm a bit fuzzy about, but one of us was in a guild called "White Noise" and invited the other. This was not your average guild, we weren't your average people either so it worked fantastically. Basically if you can imagine a bunch of edgy ten year olds hopped up on coke after eating an entire 1lb bag of sugar, you can get the idea of the chat on a day to day basis.

Vulkania was just released, it was my first one to visit so me and song went there and messed around, not the quests or anything but there was this swell little glitch that bumped us over 100 for the first time. By glitch I mean oversight on Ankamas part. The Venerable shells (cant remember exact name) would spawn by themselves and explode after a few turns. So me and Song along with loads of other people hopped into our wisdom sets and fought those for very good exp at the time. I may have cheated a bit but it still felt good to hit 100 for the first time.

After that we pretty much ignored events and just kollo’d every time we got on. I was now a strength sram again going from Chief Bwork set, to Moowolf set, into finally spore set. Now there was a lot of messing around, some leaching, some dungeon runs in there but the main part that you need to remember if you want to know about Big-Tuna is that he did it with his friends in his guild “White-Noise”.

Finally he had hit level 190. This is where the the good things began to come to an end. Our guild leader decided to move to wakfu, and he did, permanently. That weakened everything we had built pretty thoroughly. People began leaving the guild and song and I were pretty much the only ones left, the new leader changed the guild's name and invited people who we didn’t know. Song began playing other games besides dofus and I was kind of alone. So we both ended up taking a break from dofus.

This break lasted quite awhile and we played on and off for a time, every once in awhile making a new character for kollo at lower levels. I was playing more than song so I hit 199 before he hit 190. He had pretty much left the game at that point completely. I messed around at 199 for a time, joined different guilds had a bit of fun but not as much as I used to. I got to about 50% exp and quit the game as well to join Song in his playing of other games (we still kept in touch).

Then a few months ago, I decided to check this old game out and what do you think happened on log in? I hit 200. All that work for possibly the most anti-climactic ending the world has ever seen! I switched my gear around to something new and now I run a full agility Sram in a decent endgame set. I joined a smaller alliance with only 1 territory, but it’s much more fun helping new players than sitting in a dead chat in a high end guild.

Right now I’m having fun with this game again, perhaps it will last for awhile and I can make some new close friends! I already feel like that’s begun to happen anyways.

Click here

That's me currently, my avatar is the earliest I have of my sram which is a year or two ago. I think I may need a makeover smile 
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Brilliant idea - and very generous prizes. Just one question though: shouldn't there be an overall winner and runner up for Tier A? I have noticed that Tier B will announce winner and second-place awards, but for Tier A this doesn't seem to be the case.
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Hi everyone smile

As I found one old image of my character, I thought why not share my characters story here smile

It all started back in 2009 when a friend during class told me about this game and she wanted to play it with me. So I checked it out and made a character on Rushu, an Osa.
Named Kodadehondachtige, as my dogs' name was Koda and the name means Koda the doggylike. Then we started to play together, she guided me as she was already lvl 40 by then.
It was still version 1.27 back then, so it wasn't as easy to lvl as it's now. I had a blast playing and my character grew with me. My summons grew stronger and by the time 2.0 came out my Osa was around lvl 80. But then a whole lot happened and we ended in different classes on school and so slowly we both stopped playing Dofus. Before stopping my character looked like this:
this picture was made towards the end of 2009. I seems I used to have an Mischievous Squirrel as a pet and I remember that I fed it too much and it became obese and I didn't understand english enough to know what that meant xD So I kept feeding him. Such a bummer I seem to have lost him through the years.

I met my future girlfriend at the beginning of 2010 and I completely forgot about dofus. But when I, in the summer of 2011, saw the 2.0 collectors edition sealed for only 30 euro on I couldn't help myself and bought it. I showed it to my girlfriend and introduced her to the game, she tought the Eca's were cute, so she made an Eca and we played together for a few months. Things were all new to me and her both, as the 2.0 version improved a lot. My Osa quickly became above lvl 100 and I felt so very powerfull. But I don't know exactly why, maybe because we had exams for our final schoolyear, it just so happened that we both stopped playing at the end of 2011.

Fast forward to september 2015. I became sick and wanted to play a game where I didn't need to start a whole new game and where I didn't need to think a whole lot. So I thought, let me check if Kodadehondachtige still exists. I forgot my username tho, so I had to contact support and after they helped me get it back I was pleased to see my very first character was still there ^^
It was lvl 120 by that time and I was a bit lost. then someone recruited me for his guild and helped get back in the game. I took it slowly as I had the time. I was surpised to learn that professions were totally different and there were no Bontarian vs Brakmarian fights anymore. This was the first time I really made contact with a lot of people on the server and with everyones help I slowly climbed towards the elusive lvl 200. I did a lot of quests and got myself some dofus, even got to the last step of orche (stupid kralove opening T.T). The character grew a lot and I felt great joy when I finally had gatherd all the mats to craft an Inky ^^ and then that feeling when after only 3 tries an ap exo had landed, priceless ^^ I was finally getting there, to lvl 200. It was pretty hard for me, and when I finally got to that lvl I held a fairywork party with some guildies from a guild I had helped create. Dofus has helped me a lot this past year, to help me forget the pain. I'm grateful to all the people that helped me and my character smile It was a long run, but my main and first and favorite character hit lvl 200 after 7 years. Now with the Osa revamp it can hold his own and solo a lot, but it's always more fun to play with others ^^
Now my character looks like this:

I don't know if this was the intention, but I thought I just had to share my dofus history, and as I really only have one character that really matters to me, this is also his story (I do have one hupper that I made when I got early acces, but never really played with it, like in total 1 hour or so xD).
Thanks for bearing with me and reading my story, peace out smile


Edit: I totally forgot to mention that prior to the revamp my Osa was always full int but afterwards I made it so that it's still 1000 int but also has 500 in both agi and stre
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This is a fantastic idea, I'm loving reading these and I've been so hype to finish my schoolwork essays for the year and start doing fun essays! I just have two questions I wanted to clarify:

Is it one entry per tier, per person? Or one entry per person in the contest as a whole?
And for the screenshot+drawing, do you want the character drawn in the exact pose/activity shown in the screenshot, or is the screenshot strictly a reference for colours/class/gear/etc?
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Quick note: I love the idea and I hope more people involve themselves, it's very exciting to read where people came from and the history they've built themselves. I hope whoever reads mine enjoys my adventure smile

My adventure began late 2006 on the Shika server, the game was recommended to me by a close friend, sadly he did not stay to play for long. Dofus was my first MMORPG, the very idea that I could talk to people across the world was mind boggling but incredibly exciting. I ended up choosing a Feca as my first class, I though they were the most human like class and looked very similar to how a 13 year old me looked at the time. I had no idea of the spells, how they worked or what classes meant in the world of twelve, which I soon noticed that other classes were dealing far more damage than I was which always made me grumpy. I decided to keep my Feca because although I did not enjoy the damage, I would hear people in small guilds I were in that they would struggle with X or Y monster, whereas I would be able to do the fights fairly easily. Why? because the shields on a Feca worked slightly different back then, the calculations on how %resistances and flat resistance worked were slightly different and favoured me a lot. My build from the very get go was to build vitality because I thought if I had strong shields and lots of HP, who or what could ever kill me right? Ha...

Early levels I began to branch my social network out and reach out to guilds to join, I would be what you considered back then as a "Guild Hopper". Unfortunate term for those that decided to join lots of guilds in a very short time, how ever I never seemed to upset many people by doing this and met a lot of great people, two people I ended up meeting were brother and sister. We ended up teaming together to fight Piglets in the Porcos Territory, slowly we moved onto Sewer Rats, around level 90 was when they stopped playing and I lost touch of them. Later on in my level 100s I met a friend called Skullium, he was an Osa who began to make his own team, I spoke to him a lot but never really played with him. He was one of my best friends as time grew on and even to this very day, we speak and send Snapchat message etc.

From the levels of 113 with my Krutch/Citrus dagger set, I would then join the world of PvP and from there I was completely hooked on competitive gaming. The fact that I could be a hired hit-man and be given a target to track down and kill was every teenagers dream. I wanted to be the best and nothing but. It was also in this year that the first Goultarminator came out and it was one of the best feelings to be able to watch those fights on the wabbit island maps. Thinking that the people playing were the top of their class struck me as something I definitely wanted to strive for and for the next 7/8 years, that is exactly what I did.

I continued to play this way for a long time, up until I was even 200 in fact. It was not until 2011, June 28th, that I transferred my character to Zatoishwan where my enjoyment and memories of Dofus really flourish and come from. All of my achievements and greatest memories all originate from Zatoishwan and I'm grateful that I was given the chance to join the server so I could meet the fantastic people I now know today. Hopefully I get to talk about these memories, achievements and good friends in the next tier, I really look forward to talking all of them up.

Thanks for reading everyone, it was nice to revisit the past a little, unfortunately I do not have any old photo's of my Feca back then. However the first piece of commissioned art I ever received was this:

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