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Best method to level up Livntens

By bilidrg January 06, 2017, 14:33:57


I'd like to know what's the best itens to feed for the cape and hat livitem to get them to lvl 20.

Also, can I force feed then or do I have to wait like pets ?
Is there some kind of exp table for them ? I couldn't find it anywhere.

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Just feed them the most high leveled item you can find that's still in your price range. The level of your item = the exp your Livinitem gets. When you Livin item almost maxes out, just get the appropriate leveled item to reach max without wasting anything.

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You don't need a experience table, it's fairly simple how it works.

Always, the experience living item gets = 1/2 of the level of the item used to feed with.
For example a level 100 item will give 50 experience points.

All living items got the same minimum feeding time limit of 12 hours.

Excessive feeding will cause the "Obese" state. When a living item is Obese, it will not grow even if you feed it after 12 hours waiting time. The "Obese" state takes exactly 3 full days for it to turn "Skinny". There is no in-between, obese can only turn skinny after the days have passed.
Use the last feeding time on your living item manage interface to estimate your next possible feeding time.

There are no exceptional special items for optimum feeding, though in general if you really want them to level up quickly you'd be advised to feed them any high level items of the same category you can spare. If you are not in a rush, most people tend to feed their living items low level items nowadays often seen used as masking item for mimisymbic, obtained from promotions/haven bag lottery/old godfathers fortune/etc.

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An exp table would help to know how much exp is needed to get to lvl 20.

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