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Ankama Shop DISCOUNTS - Up to 75% on some items

By bohemia - SUBSCRIBER - January 15, 2017, 12:04:13

They're again big discounts on Ankama Shop Click here - up to 75% on some items, for 6 weeks, from January 11th till February 21st. Click here

Enjoy, those who still have some savings left after Christmas/ New Year Eve wink

I'm not sure tho if the discounts apply only for French customers, or for everyone. :unsure:

Did you ever dream of a huge pink dragoone (length: 1 meter)? Now's your chance! Click here

Or do you want to have your own DVD/ Blue ray with Dofus le film? Click here Click here ( It comes with that skinny grey cat Dofus pet, I forgot the name.)

Or do you really want to be King of the Hill on KOTHs? Nothing better than a Royal Gobbal Crown (Boufcoiffe Royale) ! Click here

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Thanks for the link! Now I need to find something that justifies the 17$ shipping rate

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Shipping rates depend on residence place, weight of pack and the chosen delivery method. Click here
Customs fees are not included in the price and remain in your charge.

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Yeah, the shipping fee is nearly as much as most merchandise themselves, not to mention additional VAT tax. I believe people living in France gets "Livraison & Retour Gratuits" which obviously means free deliveries and returns.

Where I live, I have to pay an additional of roughly 20 euros above the total basket to cover delivery + VAT.

There is apparently limitation to this discount as not all Ankama Shop merchandise get price reduction. I have been hesitant buying the Pack de Noël since November and now we see one of the gifts in that pack available as promotion right now. The Ice Dragoturkey Harness.

I can't wait until they promote the Casino HB theme and Summer HB theme with the beach look.

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Why don't they let people know when there is a promotion? I saw it mentioned here, went straight to the shop, and while I was contemplating which account to buy ogrines for, the offer seems to have vanished. It's almost as if they don't want people's money... I check the Dofus home page pretty much every day and there was absolutely no word about this.

I hope the sale on the French shop doesn't vanish soon too, because I want to check if I can have the order sent to a friend of mine who lives in shipping zone 1.

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