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By Leekichu#3585 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - February 07, 2017, 21:54:12
So I've searched for this but i can't seem to find it. Maybe its still not a feature after all these years or maybe I'm blind. I'd really like to request a way to change nicknames/forum names because as you can see, mine is clearly gibberish that I typed when I was like 12 and first made my account. While I think this should just be an allowed feature, I'd go so far as to say I'd pay for a service with ogrines were it to be made available through the shop.

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Click here
If you follow this link, you can see the idea has been brought up before, leading me to believe that no, it is not possible. You could contact support and see if they could do anything.
I do believe that there is a rule against nicknames such as yours (Something like "Names must be pronounceable words" or something like that), Ankama do change the IGN names of people with rude nicknames- so they might be able to change your nickname, but who knows
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Alrighty, thanks.
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