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A Guide To The Perfect Little Ouginak

By [Izmar] - ADMIN - February 17, 2017, 16:00:00

With a stately demeanor, fur shining, and tail proudly raised, he's getting ready to make his grand entrance to the World of Twelve. Truth be told, he's already been sticking his snout in it for a while now. And he's waiting for one thing: to leave the shadow of his kennel, and for you to put a leash around his neck. Paws off! Are you sure you know how to manage your Ouginak?


First of all, remember that embodying an Ouginak is not a decision to take lightly, and even less one to make on a whim. Think hard before starting out! It would be unfortunate if the poor animal was found abandoned on the side of a road in Astrub or Amakna when summer vacation approaches.


1st recommendation: dress up your watchdog.

Let's begin by rejecting some preconceptions: yes, Ouginaks are watchdogs with sharp fangs and bulging muscles, and no, they're not the type to sit up and beg or give their paw. However, they're also adorable creatures who know how to be very sensitive, if they want to get a bit of attention.

And so, with patience, firmness, conviction, and, now and then, a bickie, they'll agree not to devour raw the first stranger that comes along and tickles their snout.


2nd recommendation: stimulate your doggy.

The best way to keep an Ouginak from misbehaving? Give them a bone to munch on! Occupy them with activities that meet their needs. Because just like their sworn enemies the Ecaflips, Ouginaks have a taste for playtime. They particularly appreciate when you stimulate their player side by offering them tests and challenges worthy of them.

"Fetch the ball" (…from the Gobbowler after you rip off his arm) or "shake" (…the limp arm of the Peki Peki you've just massacred) are activities that will fill your Ouginak with joy!

Get off the beaten path, outdo yourself: an Ouginak likes to always go further, always become stronger, always run faster. Right up the very limit. That they still want to go beyond. An unattainable quest? We'll see about that! They'll pull it off in a single clack of their jaws!

Believe it, it's worth the while. Because what's more moving than seeing happiness and joy in the eyes of your Ouginak while he devours the little Bow Meow that he spent so much energy catching?


3rd recommendation: whisper to your doggy.

Like any canine worthy of the name, an Ouginak is particularly at home in the middle of a pack. Surround them with a few of their little canine companions and you'll get an idea of the extent of their talent.

Bradors, Bermanes, Oodles, Ointers: together, they'll paint the town red!

Sniffing out prey, relentlessly tracking it, chasing after it, roughing it up until it's exhausted – oh, Ouginaks have such fun!

However, if a Kanig or a Boowolf crosses your path, it'd be better to cross the street to avoid them! Otherwise you might find yourself wrapped up in a battle where each tribe is trying to prove themselves the supreme canine of the World of Twelve. A veritable bloodbath. Yes, having an Ouginak is messy.


4th recommendation: fawn over your little treasure.

Love, amusing activities, and a gang of friends who are full of energy: your Ouginak only needs one more thing to feel positively glowing: a lovely kennel decorated with care and love.


To do that, it's simple! A few bones from their past victims (Ouginaks are very nostalgic), and some freshly tanned Ecaflip pelts ought to do the trick!

So don't hesitate to give your Ouginak nothing but the best!

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5th Recommendation: Put everything into Strength.
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^ lol biggrin 
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Rezilia|2017-02-17 16:39:21
5th Recommendation: Put everything into Strength.
Yeah, no kidding, lol.

Earth deals a hell ton of damage from the get go, followed by Fire, then Water and Air to a much lesser and nowhere near as impressive extent. Those were my immidiate impressions at least.
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Do Ouginaks have a theme song at there class temple? As part of the bgm.
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