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Ankama Special Offer, Are You Serious Right Now?

By MadSock - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - April 21, 2017, 07:00:37
I just found out that I received an email promotion yesterday that looks 100% legitimate from Ankama.

"TAKE OUT A 6-MONTH SUBSCRIPTION PACK And Leave With the Gifts for a 1-Year Pack! Wow! The Dauge pet could be yours!"

There's even a clickable button that links me to the official DOFUS subscription page for the usual 6-month pack offer, but nothing on the subscription page shows this special promotion.

At the very bottom it says, "Offer good until 11:59PM Paris Time on May 20, 2017".

I want to believe this I do, but even if it's true I won't be a customer this time. The wording makes it sound like Ankama like when they say "6-Month" instead of "MonthS" and using the American format of time, "May 20" instead of "20th of May".
I rather buy the Master Pack and take the current ongoing offer of a $10 discount.
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It is real, you should see the 1 year pack in that page if you are on the correct account that got the email, also try clearing your cache if you don't.
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Well ... well ... well ...

a) I only got this offer for one of my accounts, even if all are signed up for newsletters; why it wasn't sent to all my emails for all my accounts?
b) Do I need to use the link from email to take advantage of the offer? In this case, only for one of my accounts, that has been sent this promo offer?
c) It would be really nice if someone from Ankama could confirm this is a real Ankama offer, and not some phishing thing?

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I believe it's for accounts that haven't subscribed in a while, yes, I think the reply from Nazkan is good enough from the link in my previous post.
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I received this email on one of my accounts. Don't know which one as I have multiple accounts linked to the same email. One account dropped out of sub about the same time I received the email (maybe a day before or later). However, I can't view the offer when I log in on any of the accounts using the link, and it doesn't work when I clear my cache either.
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And I just brought the 6 Month like 2 weeks ago.... agg
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Dauge pet is a heavily outdated normie meme.

I'm not surprised though.
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